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See the blazing Yule before us

Hope you all had a great Christmas. I had a good day spending time eating/drinking with family, and received some great gifts including a new HDTV so I can finally start with the 360 again. To kick things off my sisters bought me Black Ops so I am good to go!

I am now sat here drinking a nice glass of Old Speckled Hen (ale) waiting for New Years Eve.

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays everyone!

Television is simply automated day-dreaming

As some of you may or may not know, the television that that has accompanied me in my room for the last 3/4 years blew up. Yes, it literally made a loud BANG and stopped working. This rather traumatic event has forced me to convert my alliance to television.


I have a couple of guilty pleasures I would like to share with you. The first is a murder mystery drama called Midsomer Murders. Now, this drama is usually on a Sunday afternoon, and seems to make an appearance on various unknown channels during the day.

The show follows a detective called Tom Barnaby and his efforts to solve the numerous crimes that take place in the fictional English county of Midsomer. The fact that it takes place in ONE county and is ALWAYS in the countryside makes me wonder how the population of Midsomer is not extinct. That is another issue, though.

Not your typical murder scene...

I have no idea why I like this show. The plot is often conventional, the characters odd and the outcome often predictable. I suppose my main interest is the setting. I have a "thing", if you like, for quaint English towns. They have a sort of charm about them. It is a rather odd thing to like which is why I consider this a "guilty pleasure". Of course, the setting is usually disrupted with murder, but that does not stop Midsomer Murders been an up-beat show to watch. Strange, I know.


The second guilty pleasure I like to watch is Time Team. This show is presented by Tony Robinson (he is probably unknown to many outside of the UK) and it follows a team of archaeologists digging for three days. The main idea is always the same – Tony explains where they are and what they're looking for, they dig for three days, and on the third day comes the conclusion.

Many episodes are disappointing and end up with no exciting results. On the other hand, there have been some truly remarkable finds that could fascinate those with no interest in history. An example of a good find could be something like a whole Roman Villa. On the other hand, a bad find could quite literally be nothing.


In the past couple of months, I have also managed to catch up on a British comedy legend: Alan Partridge. I thought it was fantastic. As a fan of The Office (UK) and Extras, it catered perfectly to me. The show is full of many hilarious moments that are simply cringe worthy. As a character, Partridge is an insecure and narcissistic person. His main concerns are simply his status. Throughout the show, you will see his attempts at gaining a public profile and fame. Brilliant stuffand recommended to those who enjoy the sort of comedy that is both painful and funny.

Finally, I also managed to watch the entire first season of Heroes. I have heard a lot about it, so I was delighted when the whole series was available for viewing on Virgin's TV choice service. Unlike the above, I am sure many of you are familiar with the premise of Heroes, so I won't bother explaining it.

I really enjoyed the plot and each episode ends with a cliffhanger, which was one of the reasons why I flew threw the first season so quickly! My favourite character is Noah Bennet. He is such a mysterious figure and I enjoyed the way his character slowly developed through each episode.


For those looking to watch a new TV drama, I would highly recommend Heroes. Unfortunately, I have heard that the next two seasons are extremely disappointing and suffered due to the writers strike.


Anyone else have any favourites or guilty pleasure TV?

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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

This new has made my day!

Due for release in November. Finally I have something to look forward to after all these years. Please, let me buy you all a drink. Whatever you want. ;)


I would like to write some interesting and acceptable reason as to why I have been inactive, but sadly, I cannot. Let me just say my interest in gaming has decreased significantly in the past few months. I was partly through Mass Effect 2 (and enjoying it), when all of a sudden I turned my 360 off and never put the game in again. I have been playing a little Fifa 10 and Modern Warfare 2 here and there, but that cannot be labelled as enthusiasm, can it?

The recent speculations about a new Bethesda announcement have caused me to step up my interest yet again. It has been rumoured that potentially our good friend, Todd Howard, may be announcing a fifth Elder Scrolls game. If so...amazing. On the other hand, if I hear him utter the term "MMO"...not so amazing.

Either way, I would like to say "I'm back" or "I'm Alive". Louis-D active again? Surely, this must be a joke!

I predict 3 comments for this blog.

Ridiculously Stoked

After watching a couple of reviews, previews, trailers and listening to the odd podcast, I can now say that my excitement for Mass Effect 2 has reached its all time peak. I feel somewhat nerdy typing this, but I cannot remember the last time I felt this way about a game.

The first Mass Effect is easily one of my all time favourites. I would say the universe of Mass Effect is what drew me into the original. The character interaction and storytelling was excellent, along with the environment and soundtrack.

Admittedly, I only played through the game once as a paragon. It is a shame because I started playing through again as an evil character, but for some reason I never managed to finish it. So far, the whole importation of characters seems to be the focus of Mass Effect 2. I would like to carry my moral choices over, but not my class or appearance (my first character was a solider, and he looks a little ridiculous). The vanguard class will be my choice as it is a mix of everything, and if anyone has seen an example of the powers in Mass Effect 2, you would know what I mean.

This blog was a bit of ramble. I should go sleep.

Just a thought

OK, I don't want to alarm anyone (including myself), but I've just realised that the last game I actually 'beat' was Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. That means I've spent two months shooting fools on Fifa 10 and Modern Warfare 2 (get it, shooting...Fifa...shooting at goal..MW2...guns...shooting?)


For some reason I have lost a bit of interest and felt no need to purchase another game. The likes of Assassins Creed 2 have passed me. I had my eye on Dragon Age: Origins leading up to it's realease, and yet now it's out there I still haven't bought it.

That being said, I'm really looking forward to Mass Effect 2!

Now I need to stop playing Modern Warfare 2 online...

Happy New Year to you all. :)

Merry Christmas 2009

I know there's a ton of these Christmas blogs flying around, but I thought I should go ahead and wish you all a Merry Christmas.

Have a good one. ;)

Where have I been?

I wasn't into Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, but wow, Modern Warfare 2 is killing my game time. I haven't even completed the campaign yet because I'm just loving the multiplayer. I mainly play with my friends with sessions lasting into early hours of the morning.

I was initially planning on getting Dragon Age: Origins and I also have two Fallout 3 expansions to play through, but at the moment I can't see that happening yet.

My activity on this site has been kind of low lately. I've been working a lot this past month and have been spending less time on the good ol' internet.

Hope you're all well. ;)