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Jeff, you will be missed :(

Jeff Gerstman got fired from GameSpot for his Kayne and Lynch review... Yea im not kidding. I really think that this is retarded as ****. I mean its a review! I played the game with friend and the score is right. Its good but its buggy as hell. Anyways, Jeff i'll miss you. I dont think I really want to watch On the Spot anymore. I already downgraded from subscriber to normal account.

this is for gamespot

Game I hope get sequels

Warcraft - No not the excellent MMORPG game, im talking about the RTS Warcraft. The Warcraft RTS series has always had great stories, gameplay and online. What would be awsome is if they added a mode where you command a hero and a small army where its open ended and there are mobs in the wild and you can do games where it goes into full RTS mode where you build buildings and units.

The Elder Scrolls - I'd hate to see the series end with Oblivion. They always have engaging stories, game worlds, graphics and gameplay. If they do make another I hope they add some kind of online co-op where you and a few people can explore the whole world together. An MMO wouldnt be as good imo tho, kinda like Diablo and Hellgate but no instances just full streamlined like Oblivion.

Age of Empires: Modern Warefare - Age of Empires with assault rifles and tanks. 'Nuff said.

World of Warcraft - No not a expansion. Maybe in 5 years Blizzard will remake WoW with better graphics and a larger world. Because right now the world is massive but in WoW lore the world is alot larger. Maybe add a few classes and races? Maybe a neutral faction with goblins and a few others I cant think of atm :lol:

Battlefield - No not a terrible remake of Battlefield 2 in the future! I want new graphics and bigger battles! I still want the modern warfare theme MAYBE a little bit in the future but nothing older than 2050.

Starwars: Battlefront - This series has always been fun another would be great :)

Grand Theft Auto 4 - On PC please :lol: :)


We played dodgeball in my weight training class today and I was a hungover worthless pos :lol: I got like 1 person and the rest of the time I was sitting on the bench cause I was a fkin banshee lol

kudos to my freind

got everyone heer some beer 8) time to get wasted and hurt my self some how with out me know till I wake up!! YEA YEA I gotta stay away from gs tho so I dont get banned :oops:

I herpies on my tongue :O

j/k :lol: Gotcha!!!! Well I just hit lvl 23 again... like the 4th time now damn mods be hatin and opressin me for the way I look. I almost have 8100 posts whoa talk about no life... not really I have a life its just I post on GS alot. Also tried a free game called WolfTeam its pretty cool, if it was a real game with better graphics and a respectable engine i'd buy it. ITs not bad for a free game infact its quite good I really like it. Im still torn between getting a DFI Lanparty 790FX AM2+ mobo or AMD Phenom X4 9600 BE first. I think I will end up getting the mobo first just due to PCI-E 2.0 and my HD 3870's being suportive of it. Hm I will also have to grab another HD 3870 some time too.... thats alot of money I think im good with 2 for now lol So yea google wolf team its free, might as well try it and if you can run CS1.6 you can run this game its not that great looking but it looks pretty spiffy when I force 24x AA ;)

Digital Paintball 2: Source Alpha 2 gets released TOMMOROW! + Join my team!

Tommorow the long awaited Digital Paintball 2: Source gets its first non-crappy release! Alpha 1 was just to show us how it was gonna be played, let me tell you it was awsome. It only had one gun and 3 maps but was terribly fun. Alpha 2 should be great. Join my team and download Alpha 2 tommorow! I will have my server up ALL day.

Link to official DPS2 site http://www.digitalpaintball.net/home.php/

Link to my teams page http://www.xfire.com/clans/pop6661

P.S: Be sure to add me on Xfire if you plan on joining the |PoP| or [ASS] Clan :) ShadowV3