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Teh 50K

Lets get this out of the way.

Yep. Those last hundred took a lot longer than I thought they would.

Also, I've restarted my GiantBomb profile. I had one before, back when they first started up, but it was lost... somehow. Something to do with the Whiskey Media merges or something. I've also been thinking about writing some game reviews. So, I ask you, what game should I start with?

In yo forums, readin' yo posts.

In the name of lulz

If you, like me, believe laughter is the best medicine, and are feeling a little under the weather as I do, then you'll find the following at least slightly amusing. Oddly, the funniest stuff is usually found in the most serious of threads, in this case a political one.

Here's the thread, and here we go....

[QUOTE="DroidPhysX"][QUOTE="Banjo_Kongfooie"] [QUOTE="SpartanMSU"] Obama extended the the Patriot Act in 2011...and asked Congress for the extensions...you really don't know a lot about the man you worship, do you? Also, when the act was passed, an overwhelming majority of Congress voted for it. The Senate voted 98 to 1. This includes Democrats. I'm not a Republican so I don't know what that Romney comment has to do with me. Everyone in OT knows you're absolutely obsessed with Obama. Banjo_Kongfooie

As I said, why give up your own power? Bush is to blame for extending his own power for sinister personal gain and oil. I am not obsessed with Obama moreso I am obsessed with defending him against ignorance, racism, and lies spurred by hate.

Obama extended the Bush patriot act. Obama signed NDAA. Deal with it.

Yes, why give up power that you did not make the reach for. Obama is against NDAA and said he would not use it. The illuminati threatened him to sign it or he would end up like JFK.

Interesting? Intelligent? No? Someone didn't think so either....

[QUOTE="Banjo_Kongfooie"] The illuminati threatened him to sign it or he would end up like JFK. Ninja-Hippo
Never post again.

Be sure to chuckle accordingly before moving on.

P.S. One cookie to the first person who notes where I got the name of my Live account....

Only maybe somewhat not serious.


Tis' time, my friends!

Lets gets this out of the way...

Yo Dawg...

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. To recap, in case anyone's been living under a rather large rock, Battlefield 3 comes out... well, soon. Anyway, no doubt many of you have seen the trolls appearing, usually in MW3 areas, doing what trolls do best. Just to be clear, I have no negative feelings toward BF3. I'll be getting it myself. My problems arise from ignorant and immature attitudes of those who liken themselves "fans". You should know of them, if not, here's a brief look at their anatomy...


Typical stuff, really. Anyway, while I stand in the cold, waiting in line for this game, wearing my MW3 t-shirt, I realized just how much my enthusiasm for this game had been dampened by the trolls. I was seriously considering playing online with these people? Nonetheless, I'll do my best to enjoy myself despite their inane comments. See you on the Battlefield....

Yes, there's a goddamn problem....

Half-heartedly sincere,


This is absurd.

Is it just me, or is everyone getting insane amounts of MW3 news? I don't care if this is the video game equivalent to the Second Coming, there's no reason for the front page of the site, and my own update's feed, to be spammed with four hundred vids and demo's, all basically the same thing. Bloody hell.

I understand it's a big deal to some people, I myself am a fan, but it looks like Activision literally bought the site....

Farewell to a friend, a trolling friend....

As some of you might have heard, our dear comrade and friendly demon-killer spiritwave was banned the other day. Now, this might make some of you sad, but I believe Spirit would not have wanted such sadness, instead, he would have trolled like it was going out of sty|e.


Most of you reading this will know spirit solely from the Toonami union. You'll probably have met him as he gallivanted around the union proclaiming himself the Wolf Pack and actively avoiding the OT thread... Those of you who emblazon your sig spaces with his name, instead, take his mark.

The memorial thread.
Our Spirit King's final message...

Host it yourself or die horribly....

In any case, he was a dear friend, a gentlemen and a scholar, and a Spirit King.
He will be missed.


40K!!!!....and stuff



Now that that is out of my system, comic update. I haven't yet gotten the later Sandman volumes, but I started the Sinestro Corps War series. It's ace.

Sinestro Corps War

Also, it this new Mortal Kombat game making quite the impression. As always Raiden is my favorites, but Sub Zero is a close second. I've been thinking though, you know what would make a great fighting game....

Matrix Fight!

Another thing, I know many of you may loathe my profile images....due to them being pretty lackluster, but I LIEKZ THE CHARATCERZ!! So, yeah....

A little MGS humor before you go.
[spoiler] Big Boss is awesome... [/spoiler]

With sincerest regards,
~ Lotus

Sandman and bloody helicopters...

Dear readers, I'm writing this from the strange parallel world we've come to live in. This can't be reality. It's just impossible. I'm half expecting people to start drowning by staring up during the rain...

Take this for instance:

Yeah. That's a helicopter. More specifically, it's the one America left laying there in Pakistan after they swooped down and smited(sp?) Bin Laden, and no the Chinese are crawling all over it. Am I the only one that finds this odd? I mean, the public didn't even no this thing existed and on what appears to be its' maiden voyage they just leave the thing there like roadkill. Bloody hell, blow the thing up or something....

In far more exciting news, I've started reading the comic series Sandman.

Teh awesomeness

The series follows Dream of the Endless as he seeks out a number of his possessions that were lost after he was captured by a wizard....or some wonky thing... Anyway, it really is quite good. I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys comics, but be prepared to shell out a lot of pounds. It's pretty dear.

Also, just as a bonus, here's a bit of humerous truth.
[spoiler] So much truth... [/spoiler]

As always, leave a comment or invaded! :x

~ Lotus

What's this button?

Been a while since my last blog so I figured I'd see if the button even works(it does).


Not really, but one can wish right?

Not much has changed since my last blog post which was....bloody hell mid last year. America's still at war with half the world; they're good at it though so cuddos to them, Japan's patiently waiting for Godzilla to emerge from their now radioactive sea to destroy them(*crosses fingers*), and China's slowly taking over the world through lead/cadmium laced products. Isn't the world a great and wonderful place to live!?! Well, at least it's entertaining.

Anyway, in more personal news my life the past few days has been engulfed by.....can you guess?

Burning building...

...........Still no?

Soldiers shootin'...

...........Not yet?

Armored guy killin' folks...


Oh hell yeah.

I'd review it, but I haven't the attention span to do so. I will say that it is a phenomenal game and a worthy successor to the original, and on an HD tv with the right equipment it's downright gorgeous. MP's a little laggy though. Seems no one but COD developers can get dedicated servers.

I'll wrap this up with that. Not much left to right about, but with the way things have been going my next blog's title could be "Godzilla's reached the east coast!", or "Radiation poisoning, a biography.", or even better "WTF IS WITH ALL THE ZOMBIEZ OMG SOMEONE HELP!!!!11!!1!".

As always, with the best intentions. ~Lotus

Lux lucis Ortus

Yeah, I'm back. Lost interest there for a while, but even that couldn't last too long.

Looking through the boards I can see some of you have grown some. Lot more high levels and really big post counts. Very nice. I'm wondering how some of you have been. Good? Bad? Asleep? Yeah, me too.

I myself have been alright; lots of movie watching Incidentally, I think I should warn you all...

Don't scream too loud...

Yeah, it's out....and I saw it....on opening night. The movie itself wasn't near as bad, actually, as the audience...dear God the audience. I've never seen so many hormonal teenage girls in my life.

Tonight, though, I intend to watch something you all may also know about...


I'm not quite sure what to make of M. Night Shyamalan being in this...perhaps there will be aliens, or evil forest monsters, or suicide plants.

Yeah....doesn't seem to fit well. Oh well.So how about one more for the future...


I'm a bit speechless when it comes to this one. It's like all the guys are throwing a retirement party together in the form of a movie.

Anyways, back from my movie rant, I'm back. You all can post something, tell me how you've been, send me some cookies, whatever.


EDIT: 03/07/12 ~ Took last two pics out. They had... well changed. I'm not sure how, or to what, but they definitely weren't the images I originally used....

Absence... It's only temporary so no celebrating...

Well, I just learned about an hour ago that I'm going to be heading out of town. Now, you may be thinking...

If you're reading this... bite a finger off... now.

Yes, yes I know; what will you all do. I don't know but I'm sure you'll live.It's just business. I'll be gone for about a week and a half, but I should definitely be back by thefifth.

Until then, be cool and stay out of trouble my friends. ~Lotus

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