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Being part of gaming history.

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GTAV is about ready to be thrust onto the masses of the world and gamers should be excited. Its a game that is very likely to show us something that hasn't been done before and we get to create the memories of taking part in gaming history. GTA isn't for everyone, but neither is Mario, Zelda, or Final Fantasy. There are games that push the boundaries and give us more then we could ever hope for, and I can't wait to see what is behind the curtain of Rockstar's newest game changer. 9/17/13 will be one of those days remembered by young and old gamers the world over. So here is to us all having an adventure like no other.

Next Gen is looking like a PS4

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E3 showed me a lot. Pretty much it boils down to Microsoft making mistakes and Sony listens to what consumers and the gaming community need. If I buy something I should own it and be able to sell, keep it, trade with a family member, and not have it check in with the internet everyday.

I was really going to give both sides a chance this time around and see who could offer what I wanted. Microsoft has some good looking games coming, but its not worth giving up my rights as a consumer. Sony really stepped up for everyone worried about losing most of the great aspects of owning a console. Microsoft killed off the original Xbox way too soon. I forgave it. Microsoft put a ton of faulty 360s onto the market with a small ass warranty, resulting in me having to go through 4 consoles in 3 years. I stepped away and moved on. New console cycle is about to launch and even after all that I still was willing to hear them out. Then they tell me I get less freedom at a greater cost, which I just need to "deal with it". No thanks. See you in 7 years, maybe but I doubt it.

Feel like I am falling behind the times.

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The older I get the further out of touch I feel for this generation of gaming. I have tried to play most of the big named titles that come out every year, but my time and effort always seem to come up short. Last year I was able to play through and beat Mass Effect 2, Red Dead Redemption, Heavy Rain, and that was about it. Yeah, I tried diving into some of the other great games available, but just couldn't stay focused long enough to finish them or even get through the first 10 hours of game play.

Titles such as Assasins Creed 2, Assasins Creed Brotherhood, Bioshock 2, Fallout New Vegas, God of War 3, and many other games were never able to hold my attention long enough to either begin or finish them. I partly blame my love for FPS games that take up too much of my time without really making progress in any sense. Black Ops and MAG took up a lot of the time available that I could have used to beat those games listed, or get started on games I missed prior to that such as Dragon Age Origins.

That's the funny thing about FPS games, they are fun to play for a lot of people but we usually miss out on other games cause we set aside days worth of gaming just so we can prestige, or get our K/D ratios up. I have had a lot of fun with Black Ops but finally I have just had to set it aside for a bit so I can get focused on taking part in some great games that are slipping through my fingers with each day passing. Once I fall behind in new releases there is little chance I will catch up to the game or ever come close to beating it.

So with 2011 here and the gaming season about to kick off once again with Dead Space 2 already dropping, I am going to try and stay in the loop this year and hopefully play more then just the big 2 or 3 games of the year. When I was a kid this wasn't a problem, too much time on my hands then but not now. So I get older and pickier with my time for games cause don't have enough to become that hardcore gamer who plays 99% of the games that came out this year. People complain about games being too short, but I thank my lucky stars for games like that these days! Maybe that means i'll actually beat it.

Finally was able to get Black Ops for the PS3

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The only reason I wasn't playing the heck out of this game 2 months ago was I promised my daughter that I wouldn't buy it since she wanted to get it for me for Christmas. After spending about 7 hours yesterday playing all the different modes and getting a feel for the game I can say this will probably be my most played game of 2011. There is so much variation in this game and I didn't even try out zombie mode yet, which I hear is fantastic. Out of all the games I didn't feel anything was unfair, and I never experienced any cheating yet which is a good sign. I do like being able to buy what I want when I want instead of waiting and waiting to unlock it.

So hope you all had a great holiday season and here is looking forward to what next year brings.

Hoping this is a happy Christmas this year!

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There really isn't a whole lot I want this year in the way of gaming, but at least I think I do almost all my shopping at Best Buy so no need to go to the stores. Yeah for me! As long as I get Black Ops (PS3), and a couple movies I am all good this year.

My neighborhood busted out the Christmas decorations last week so they are pretty psyched this year too. Forget Thanksgiving, its all about Christmas!

Just bought a Retro NES and two games!

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Went to a game store I have never heard of today in the big city. I wasn't going to stop in but I saw "SNES, Genesis, and NES!" painted in the window so I figured it would be fun to reminisce about the good old days of Nintendo glory. I walk in expecting to see a bunch of games and maybe an old SNES for sale, but they had brand new Retro systems that could play all three of the old system's games. They all came with two controllers and I just couldn't pass on this. $40 later i walked out with a new retro system, TMNT Nes, and Jackal Nes. I am pretty pumped because it has been yearssssss since I played the old Nintendo library of games. I am now on a mission to beat all the old games that have been regretful I didn't beat in my youth. Game On Mother F#$ker! Game ON!

In St. Louis for 2 weeks, trying to stay busy.

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So here I am in a suburb right outside St. Louis trying to find to do and keep from burning to death from the 100 degree heat outside. Its weird here cause if your indoors anywhere you go you are freezing to death and once you walk outside you could fry eggs on the sidewalk.

Since I only have a laptop with me video games are not an option to pass the time and I can only walk through Best Buy so many times before i get bored. Oh, I did get to use the new 3D television there and see what the big deal was. Yes, the technology does work but it doesn't really justify spending three grand on a new tv and glasses. I can live with out this tech and probably won't dive in until it gets a realistic price point and finds a way to use it without the glasses.

Before I left home I was about half way through Heavy Rain, and just started Bioshock 2 so there is something to do once I return. Both games were a blast so far and can't wait to finish them. The only other game I might buy this summer is Mafia 2 and then just wait for October so I canpick up a new basketball game and maybe a shooter if Medal of Honor turns out to be a legit good game, if not just wait till Nov. for Call of Duty.

A short list of movies that will affect me forever!

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After getting bored a recently I started digging through the old movie collection. It consists of mostly comedies and then some action and horror to round it out. After a few minutes I wondered which movies had the biggest impact on my life or any real impact at all. I came to the conclusion that these movies did the most damage or had the most effect.

1. Jaws - This movie I must have view like over a hundred times between the ages of 6-14. It made me scared to get into any type of water where I couldn't see the bottom. To this day I love to scuba dive but always get a weird feeling that something is lurking outside my line of sight. The famous musical theme didn't help much either as it gets stuck in your head.

2. Poltergeist - This movie is on the list for one reason. That damn toy clown! It looked freaky as hell then and it would have never been in my toy collection ever. I could handle everything in that movie but the clown dragging the boy under the bed scene. Luckily I grew out of that fear in a few years but it was still one of the worst fears I had at the time.

3. Pee Wee's Big Adventure - For some odd reason I couldn't take my eyes off the guy once he burst onto the scene. He was so weird and humorous, but childlike at the same time. I think a lot of kids went through that Pee Wee Herman faze in the 80's but even to this day that movie is still entertaining as hell. I think that is mostly thanks to Tim Burton being the director, cause Pee Wee's next movie really didn't have the same dark humor and wasn't as appealing.

4. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom - I know that Raiders is a far better movie over all, but this movie is just whata 10 year old boy loves to see. Indy punching out the bad guys, being chased by asian gangsters, and almost having his heart ripped out of his chest. This movie had it all for a child who didn't care if the plot was oscar worthy. This was my 80's adventure flick of choice.

5. The Shining - I know now that Stephen King didn't like the movie due to Jack N. being to damn intense and disturbed from the beginning, but that is what made it stick in my mind as one of the best horror movies I had ever seen. He is so damn evil and the fact that he probably does exist in some suburban town out there makes it even more horrifying. Growing up I spent a lot of time in big empty school buildings, offices and stores while my parents did the janitorial work there. So I would wander around until I couldn't force myself to explore the deeper and darker parts of the buildings. Hearing footsteps in a hallway when no one but myself is even in that wing of the school still brings back some not so fun memories.

PS3 Finally in my grasp!

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Had to drive an hour and a half out of my way to pick one up, but it was worth it. Picked up Demon's Souls and Little Big Planet so I would have some variety. Meant to get a FPS game too, but I guess I'll just pick up Killzone 2 later this week or something. Now if I can just keep the kid off of it long enough to get started on Demon's Souls that would be nice.

Goodbye Microsoft, Hello Sony.

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I have recently decided to trade in my 360 and get a PS3. There are multiple factors why I have chosen to do so, and I'll break it down as simple as I can.

Reasons for leaving the 360:

  1. 6 consoles have broke on me, and now my 7th is starting to go just after 1 year (and that is playing all games off the hard drive)
  2. Xbox Live is about to expire and there are rumors that the price is going up $10 soon.
  3. Spent too much time and money sending off for repairs. Especially, the E-74 Error that was not covered in the warranty. If this happens in the auto sales industry they call the car a "lemon", and that is what the 360 has shaped up to be.

Reasons for getting the PS3:

  1. Price. For $299 I get a video game console that already has built in wireless, a blu-ray player, and free on-line gaming. All this for $299.
  2. Won't have to worry about replacing my console every 9-12 months.
  3. They have a lot of great PS3 exclusives. I can also get most of them cheaply since they have already been out for over a year. Uncharted, MSG4, MLB: The Show, Demon Souls, Little Big Planet, Heavy Rain, and so on.
  4. Flat out quality. Sony has always had a pretty good rep for making products that last and do their jobs well. At this point in my life I don't need more hassle, just dependable products.

This doesn't mean I will become a PS3 fanboy or anything like that. There are things I thought Microsoft did well, like Xbox Live was easy to use and worked well. Controllers were nice, and they had some good exclusive games (Mass Effect 1 and 2). Unfortunately, they just didn't take of the customers the right way from the beginning and still seem to have issues today. I'll take my good 360 memories with me and try to forget about the headaches.

+ 360 Moments : Playing Oblivion for the first time and seeing how beautiful the world looked. Taking a chance on Bioshock even though I had never heard of it (One of the best games ever). All Night Rainbow 6 Vegas shootouts with friends. Playing COD4 and being amazed how fun and realistic it was. Had a blast with ME2, but won't be able to beat the final installment in ME3.

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