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I watched all three Press conferences and watched almost every minute of the stage demo and the E3 game floor. but i not have get 2011 E3 emblems.

please fix

thank you


Same here.

Please help, mods/admins. Thanks! :)

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I haven't got the Achievement either and I'm sure I voted in every category. Please help.


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Well hellooooooooooooooo system wars :shock:

OK, no there is no way in helheim I can read all 3000 posts since the score went up. But after FIVE YEARS of putting up with how much GT is the undisputed king of console sim racers, and how the sheer quantity of cars makes Forza look weak, that Forza is an "arcade racer, and generally how GT was guaranteed to obliterate Forza as soon it came out, what excuses have we seen here so far?

Standards change? A whole 1.5 points in just the space of a single year? Don't think so.
And if standards do change, still going to hide behind GT3?
Going to run over to Metacritic. Not a good plan ;)
Microsoft paid poff GS? Oh yeah, that has to be it :lol:

And has Rikusaki even posted since? or is he still vanished in the OnLive forest?


Great post! :D

After all the years of hype and bashing of Forza3, it turns out that GT5 is a massive flop. :lol:

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Yup. Another victory for the great Xbox360, Turn10 and Microsoft. :D

Forza3 is awesome. It was another great decision by MS to include the game in their 2010 Holiday Bundle. :)


Forza 3 just didn't beat it the game destroyed it in terms of excellence and it took less time to make.


Prime example of how far Japanese game development has fallen.

QFT. Can't be said enough

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Nice work, Willy :)

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Depends on your age and social status, IMO.

If I were in HS or college, then I'd definitely have a Facebook acct.And if I were single too. Facebook is definitely great networking for young people.

But for me, a 29yr old married man with a kid and a house, I have little use for Facebook. My wife has offered to set up a page for me, but I've declined. I doubt I'd use it much, if at all.

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meh...the filibuster rules need to changed. I say let Congress actually filibuster rather than just threatening to like they are right now.

When America sees Congress performing an actual filibuster, it won't look good.

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It's the internet

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You need a lot of free time for a puppy.

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The best advice anyone can give you is to GET OFF GAMESPOT and do you work. :)