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HaloCharts.com Tournament

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I got talked into playing in a Halo 3 tournament put together by Firestream at HaloCharts. I am no that competetive but it should be fun. Check out the site, it is really cool with alot of HALO3 stats.

another stab at it......

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Just repurchased Gears of War, hoping to play a bit of multiplayer, see how it is. Since the Halo3 online isn't working out in my favour. Check out my Halocharts.com page and see my stats for yourself. I got obliterated last night something fierce. I love the game, I really do, but with so many cheaters and second account boosters its hard to accomplish anything. Maybe it is because I played with my friend who is a lot better than me, and I ranked up to quickly to get any good at it. who knows. I will still play both but I think my Halo days are at an end.

Cold Storage

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So as you can see I am a fan of Halo........,.. Cold storage is the new map, and I am a bit disappointed, it seems a bit small for team slayer. I think it would be a great LW map though. They should offer more free maps like this more often I think it will keep the fan base streaming along with them.

Halo 3......and anger

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So yesterday started out fairly good, I didn't ply as well as I hoped but it was ok............ then I started to suck really bad. My K/D in ranked fell to a .69 which is horrible. I really held back my team and I hate doing that. I changed my button layout to something I like but I just couldn't get ahead of anyone. I don't know why I am so bad at this game, I am fairly good at all the other games that I play. I am not in it for achievments but I want to be good at what I do. Any help or tips are appreciated...........

Halo3 H2H

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So I decided to not quit Halo3 online. I am switching to Bumper Jumper which is kinda helpful, not so used to it yet so I still fumble. I am trying to learn to use the BR a lot better as well as snipe. If you go to Halocharts.com and search my gamertag of Halbarand you can see my stats and all that, I am not happy with it yet except my sticky percentage. I played a game of H2H where I was down by 8 then came back to tie it up at 9. the other guy was really good and I am glad that he wasn't a jerk or anything. I have only played three times and I like it so far. I may play again in a bit.

The whole online thing is still kinda wacky, lots of boosters and laggers but I guess that is what people with severe complexes of "better than you syndrome" are down with. Second accounters arent so bad most of the time, unless they are the butt darts thatlose to upper ranks and can't stand it.

So thanks to jww047 for changing my mind.

Movie Madness 11

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Aliens VS. Predator Requiem.

This movie does not need a large description, it is Aliens Vs. Predator.......... Wow............ the Hybrid in this film is not at all the badass that I was expecting.

So the movie starts out on a predator starship transporting aliens, low and behold it has the dead body of a predator from the previous AVP film, the one impregnated by the Queen, and it gives birth to a hybrid. It just happens to run amok in the vessel causing it to land on Earth, shocker there, and begin to run amok in the USA. From there it becomes very predictable and linear. Kill here, there, and give birth to more aliens. A Predator who seems to be at home receives a call to go to Earth to take care of the problem and does so in dramatic fashion. But why destroy the evidence, the Predators in full strength could pummel the human race....bar none.

That is about as much as I saw from the movie, it is way to dark to actually watch without straining your eyeballs out of socket. Seriously, they didn't need that much atmosphere, having it brighter would have made it more enjoyable, that and good actors.

The story was ok, I expected much more from the Hybrid and didn't get it. They left a lot to be desired thats for sure. I don't recommend this because you just can't see it very well, and the actors were junk. the best I can say about it is that it is over.

I really eat butt at Halo3

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So I came to realize that I am the worst Halo3 player on the face of the planet. I feel like I am a disappointment to most of my friends and teammates. Most of the time I get raped by the other team. while I am somewhat proficient with sticky grenades, there is only so many times I can do that and not feel cheap.

I think I am going to give that game up. seriously, it makes me feel bad that my team gets dragged down because of me. I have my games where I am good and play very well, and then I suck the very next game. I wish I was better at games but I am not and it isn't cool. I try hard to do the right thing when I am playing with a friend who is very good, but I always get killed, I have even left my teammate without backup on occasion and thats even worse.

I think it may be goodbye to Halo3, unless I get better at it quickly but I doubt that.

Alone in the Dark

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this game looks exciting.....just saw the trailer for the first time and I think I may need this game.

Wonderful Dilema

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So I find myself playing RPG games once again......I am a huge fan of the FF series, all the way back to FF on NES. I don't see it as a reason to purchase a console anymore, especially if it is the only game on the system that I am going to play.

Blue Dragon is a game by the main guy behind the FF series................ and I find myself liking it better than the FF series. The characters aren't as negative, especially Shu, he isn't gonna quit. I find a lot of the same things in both games, but I find Blue Dragon a bit easier to navigate. FFVIII was my FAV FF game by the way and that system was a pain to get used to. So that is my rant, I found a game better than FF, though no one else will agree to it ever, I care not. Blue Dragon is a great game especially coming from the man who created FF, and the man behind Dragon Ball Z, and one of the greatest composers in gaming music. Now If I can get them to remake Vagrant Story........

Games, games, games

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So I go into gamestop to buy a new headset, the skull candy one that I got for the 360 didn't work, or the mic didn't anyways....... and I start looking around at things and I pick up a plantronics headset, kinda bugs my ear but it works. I also pick up a copy of blue dragon............ I hate going shopping alone cause I impulse buy a lot of stuff. I go to work today and see that they finally have copies of Bioshock..............and my impulse hits but is averted by a coworker............ Why are there so many games out that I really want and have no money for???????