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Hey Gamespot, what's up? Yeah, not much here either. I just wanted to post a Gamespot blog for no real reason. I miss you guys, but I'm a mod dude over there on the giant bomb, have been for a while now. I also like working out and am in the process of getting ripped to pieces.

I'm playing through Mega Man 10 at the moment and it's pissing me off, the perfect material for a playthrough! Well, that's about it. Later Gamespotters!

Vlog or Die III (video)

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I know I'm gone and all. But just in case you haven't made the jump, I completed a new Vlog or Die (episode III). You can check it and all videos from here on out at my Viddler page, (as well as Vimeo & Veoh) and of course via my Giant Bomb blog. Happy gaming.

P.S. This layout is pretty atrocious. I preferred the narrow layout that actually ran decently and displayed a fair amount of user blogs.

Dropping Bombs?

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Yeah you know...about this whole GameSpot thing.

There's that whole Giant Bomb thing now. Just letting you guys know. Why are you even reading this? GO. GET OUT. I'll see you on the other side faithful brethren.

A Phenomenon?

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So I've been FIGHTING to lose body-fat with my training and all, to lose weight and get in shape, all of that. The past week I have done absolutely nothing however, just indulging a bit. Drinking soda, beer, hanging out with friends, partying constantly. But I lose almost 6 lbs. in about 6 days. I thought I would feel bad after jumping on that scale, but it made me feel really good afterwards. Can anyone explain to me, this phenomenon?

Killed it.

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Beat MGS4. Game is amazing. Has that sort of you think it's ending, OH WAIT NO IT'S NOT! vibe, but I guess all Metal Gear's have to an extent. This one very much so though. Pretty much everything has been resolved, Just when you THINK they're done throwing out the nostalgic references to past Metal Gear games, you're blown away again. Total fan service. I called the last cut-scene in the game, before I even played the game. Not going to spoil anything though. Raiden is totally awesome and should gain everyone's respect. Many more ravings to be had, but I'll leave it at that.

Also, my bike got stolen. A bittersweet end indeed..

Metal Gear Eve

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The time is almost upon us. I go on internet hiatus today. See you after the jump!


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My new song is up at the Eternal Champion Myspace. It's called SKYFIRE. It's definitley my most focused effort yet, and also the most guitar-oriented. Tell me what you think.

Breaking News!

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Protein powder is pretty delicious. People have told me it tasted awful, but I kinda like it. Just thought I should let you know.