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Back from my long vacation...!!!!


And if any of you were wondering if i had a good time or not....i can say i had a tremendously good time!!... I dont really wanna say wat i did in China...but wat i can say is that thiers no drinking age :D, and I bought a whole bunch of stuff, and theirs lots a pretty girls...:D....:oops:

and if any of you had a problem in understanding my english, its because i've been speaking chinese for way tooo long... so srry if anybody had troubles..:oops:

by the way the Canucks are kicking A$$!!!!!!!!!!



I just wanna say im going to China for a month so I wont be on for another month or so.........


A long long long long long long long long time........

Hello, i donno how long its been since i logged onto GS...(probly 2months) but anyways i havent been one so much is because of school (wich i faild all but 2 courses :cry:) and i got a whole bunch of new games yay!!!:D And i got in lots of trouble durning the new years ...:( which prevented me in playing any sorts of games for a few days :( :(... and thats all ....

Ps.  Vancouver Canucks kicks Calgary Flames A$$$$$$$$$$ :)

its been awile....

its been like a month since i last wrote a blog... owell.. anyways lots happend during the month, the biggest is well i got hammerd...:shock: ( note if nobody gets that then dont worry about it) yeah it awsome until one part but who cares.

I got quite a bit of new games such as Sims 2 pets, KIngdom hearts (awsome) Kingdom Hearts 2 ( even more awsome), and NHL 2k7 ( awsome)....

im doing terribly bad in school now (no surprise) and well im dooomed i missed lots of days because of the flu and now that im so behind im really doomed :cry: :cry:

now to hockey Canucks are doing ok i guess lost horribly against the ducks 2 days ago that makes me mad :evil: :evil:

 oh and i almost forgot i got a new comp!! really awsome but i still feel sad :cry: for some reason....

srry for the unorganized blog... anyways have a good day!!

ps.... GO CANUCKS GO!!!

Good and bad thing(s)

well i'll start with the bad stuff.... im doing bad in school, :(:( and my moms threating me for taking away my video games :shock: :cry:... and i think thats the only bad thing..

now the good things, i got 2 new games for da ps2 and 1 game for the pc... the ps2 games are Kingdom Hearts 1&2 and for the pc its Sims 2 University (my lil sisters) and i also got a new mp3 player... its no ipod but it'll hold for now, and now.... the bestest news ever Vancouver Canucks won there opening season game against the detroit red wings YAYAYAYAYA

Have a nice day :)

Just a few more days......

Just a few more days till school starts :cry::cry:....

sorry if i havent posted in anyones blogs these past few days or soooo, i got kinda bored of GS :shock:

well thats all i guess...... 

A weird day

okay... first of all i got a new game... and it is HARVEST MOON A WONDERFUL LIFE!! yay??? damn this sucks... its for my lil sis so meh... i was gonna buy shadow of rome today but every single store that i went to, didnt have it!! :cry::cry:

then the 2nd thing is that im living at my aunts house.. Because her daughter (who i hate very very much) is gonna live at my house so i decided to live at my aunts.. but the bad thing is that i didnt bring any clothes :cry: damn!!! and i dont have much games because her son brought all his games to his freinds house so all i have is GT4 (he left it in his ps2) and starwars battlefront 2 (i brought over....)

owell atleast im livin in the city now and i can buy my games whenever i want.. and my sis is buyin me some clothes (shes living with my aunt because of university) so yeah....

and finally the 3rd thing... aboat a week ago my lil sisters freind got kidnapped along with some other kid they live in Saskatchewan... and the pedifile was there and snatched em!! but luckily 2 days later they found the kids and got the pedifile... it was ALL over the news here in Canada i think....:shock: 

DAMN IT another long blog!! srry

a long long yesterday...

well.. umm yesterday i had to go to the doctors and dentist so i had to wake up at 9:00am and thats tooo early for me :cry: whatever.. then it took 1h just to get to the doctors (because i live in a small town with NO hospital or doctors... so we have to go to the city...) and once we reached the city, we went to the dentists.. and i had to wait like 10min before they called me and my lil sis in and then they finally called us in and they started on my sis first and she was crying very very very loud because she has lots of cavities... and it took em 1h just to get to me.. but luckily they put me on the nice chair and slept for a bit... and once they got to me they said i had no cavities or anything... so they just washed my teath and some other stuff.. O' and the dentists were chinese and im chinese but they thought i cant speak chinese so they spoke english and they were horrible at english, i didnt understand a thing they told me to do..:evil::evil: i hate it when chinese ppl think i cant speak chinese :evil::evil:

well after the dentist we went to the eye doctor and i have 20/20 vision again so im happy... but my sis aint so lucky because she might get blind if she dont wair here glasses..

and i saw like 20 hummers thats a record i think..

and this blogs a record..

o and i swear me and my mom and sis walked like 20miles just for my older sis :roll: so now im tired..:cry:

and i saw Final Fantasy Advent Children at my cousins last week or so.. i wouldve posted on my other blogs but i forgot :shock: it was good...:D:D:D and i saw a really really hot chick:D

wholy damn this blogs freakin LONG!! sorry

New game...

acually i got this like a week ago while i was at my aunts.And the game is

Rome: total war!!! its awsome... too hard wanted to punch someone because i lost so many times...

and i bought Star wars Battlefront 2 for my cousin it was on sale and it was his BDay so yeah.... and what else... hmmmm

my lil sis is freakin annoying!!! :evil::evil:

well thats it bye

Im Back....

yeah... i havent been on much is because i went to my cousins house and there computers busted and i wasnt able to come on to GS or anywhere else on the internet so that wasnt fun... but anyways im back!!

wat i miss?

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