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no need to wait its here early

Today was not going that well for me all of my plans got canceled and I was laying on my bed watching tv when I received the call from Gamestop that my Xbox 360 was in and I could come and pick it up. I grabbed my keys and ran out the door to my car. After I got in I rushed over to Gamestop to pickup my 360 and DOA 4. As soon as I got home and hooked everything up and popped in DOA 4 and started playing I was blown away by the graphics and the smooth gameplay of DOA 4 on the 360. Now I can not wait to get my paycheck tomorrow so that I can go and buy myself a gold membership to Xbox live. Also too I can not decide which game I should get next for my 360. 

Got myself the girl of my dreams

Tonight I went out on a date with Sara and asked her to be my girlfriend and she said yes. I am so glad that she said yes she is such a cool , sweet and kind girl I wish I found her years ago...I just hope that she will not turn out like Beth.

Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

Back on Monday Hurricane Katrina hit my state Louisiana and caused major damage to New Orleans and surrounding parishes. Luckily only thing that happened to me was that my lights went out but we still had water. My room was almost hit by some branches and a tree but luckily it wasnt. I have to thank my Aunt for taking us in until we got power because we would of been in this hot house. I hope that the cities in Louisiana and also the cities in Mississippi and the other states that Katrina have destroyred to have a speedy recovery.

Xbox 360 will own all next-gen systems

After buying my Xbox around 3 years ago I was blown away by how powerful the Xbox was and how many great games they had for the Xbox. After I got over the intial shock and total amazement I got to wondering if the Xbox is this powerful I wonder how powerful the next-gen of the Xbox will be, which we all know is called the Xbox 360. Well after all the rumors started to leak out over the Internet I got even more anxious to hear about the specs released by Microsoft itself and it finally happened at E3. I also read about the specs of the Xbox 360 in OXM, the Official Xbox Magazine, and was once again blown again by the specs of the Xbox 360. I mean who would not like the 20 GB removable and upgradeable hard drive of the Xbox 360 or a CPU core which has a staggering 3.2 GHz of pure power and that is just a few of the specs that blew me away and believe me there are many more that make this the most powerful next-gen system out there. Here are some of the launch titles that Microsoft has announced for the Xbox 360 : Project Gotham 3 , Perfect Dark Zero, Gears of War, Call of Duty 2, and Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Now if this does not impress you I do not know what will.

Quote of the Month #4

"I never thought home runs were all that exciting. I still think the triple is the most exciting thing in baseball. To me, a triple is like a guy taking the ball on his 1-yard line and running 99 yards for a touchdown."
- Hank Aaron