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Upgrading your PC

How come it is so hard to choose what to upgrade on your PC? I mean I've been so eager to buy a new upgrade but then I thought that I could've bought Windows 7 or maybe a new keyboard.

Priorities, priorities right?

New Graphics card and job!

Well after much decision and tons of reviews read and compared I decided to buy the GeForce 8500 GT for my comp as an upgrade from the older ATi x300 SE that plague my PC. So far the card is great! I'm using my 54'' HDTV as a monitor and it is 1000x better than the old gfx card. I tried the card on the WiC Beta and I can actually see everything! Even though I sold all my games that would look great with this card my new job at Chick-fil-a will pay for new ones I guess. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that I scored the job at Chick-fil-a and I start next week! I was so happy to be hired on and now I'll have some extra pocket money. Well it looks like it's gonna rain again, yesterday evening it was pouring cats and dogs so I went out with my sister and we jumped around in the rain for a few minutes since the last time we saw rain was like in October of last year!

Job at Chick-fil-a

I got interviewed today so hopefully I'll fit the part. The little extra cash can help me pay for more games and stuff like that. I really am looking forward to the games coming up and Bioshock has the top right now. GW and Tabula Rasa are close second.

Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway impressions...

I have to say that BIA HH jsut blew me away. It has grown up so much since EIB grahpically and in it's contact sensitivity it just blew my mind if you want to put it that way. I am so pumped for this game. I missed the live feed of the stage demo but when it was streamed up I watched it to my hearts content. It was a lovely experience to watch it and has raised my standards for a WWII shooter. I look at Medal of Honor Airborne today live and it jsut doesn't stack up to the greatness and grittiness of BIA.I really look forward to this game and I'm hoping that the PS3 version will be as great as the 360 or PC. Dodo out...

The 3 E3 conferences...

Out of all three Sony was by far the best and was the most awesome! Microsoft was just way to boring and was so dull I wanted to kill myself. Nintendo was okay and kept my attention until the PowerPoints rolled in and Reggie flashed his new jokes to us. The new Wii stuff looks great and sounds great but it's not my type of system still. Wii fit just looked like a toddler DDR. Sony had to be the best out of the 3 and had much improvement over last years embarrasment. Overall the conferences were well worth the extra fat and I hope to seeing the rest of E3. Ciao!

Upgraded to Total Access!

I have finally decided to upgrade to Total Access for E3. It's only 6 bucks for the month so it wasn't a total waste. Now I just have to figure out how to get my colored user name to acutally work :P

Cleaning the shelves up...

I have finally finished playing MGS:PO after owning it for around 5 months and leaving it on the shelve for about that same amount I finally accomplished my goal to beat it.

I also finished Call of Duty 3 for the PS3 but this was because I had to go on vacation and I basically lost it but found it again.

Also that was cleaned off the shelve was Avatar the Last Airbender, yeah I know it's a kids game but the show seemed to be the base of my younger brothers TV schedule.

I hope to write reviews soon for them but for now I must brave 111 degree weather! :twisted:

Hour of Victory's review

I jsut had to laugh at this! 2.0 from GS! ahahahah! Maxim gave it a 4 out of 5 which gives you the idea that you shouldn't bias your opinions on a model magazine!

25 woot!

I have offically reached level 25! A big milestone eh? :) It's been a blast have been on this website and how it wffers these great features!

StarCraft 2 Announced Finally!!!

Yeah! Finally it's released!

Here's some info to be continued as they release more!


Zealots are peerless templar warriors who have yet to achieve the uppermost ranks of the Khala. Ever eager for battle, zealots train constantly to attune themselves more closely to the Khala's disciplines and prove themselves worthy of advancement. They exemplify the unbridled ferocity of the protoss at war...

Before the loss of Aiur, veteran protoss warriors who had been crippled in battle could volunteer to continue their service by being transplanted into dragoon exoskeletons. Now, the dragoons of the past are all but gone...

Inspired by the ancient and honored dragoon walkers the dark templar have begun to build war machines of their own. The stalker is a machine controlled by the shadow-essence of a dark templar warrior, willingly fused into its metal body to protect his people...

Phase Prism
The protoss use these "phase prisms" in several ways. Their primary function is to transport protoss forces on the field of battle. Both living and inorganic subjects can be transformed into energy, and their unique energy signature imprinted into the prism's crystal lattice core...

Gateway/Warp Gate
The protoss' ability to manipulate time and space far surpasses the limited understanding of other races. A gateway is a structure capable of opening a spatial rift via which protoss forces can be warped directly from their home territories to the battlefield...