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I'm Back!

I have returned to gamespot, My laptop is temporarily working but I am getting it fixed soon so I hope to be on A lot more. The Dreamer, Lord "Zhou Yu" Cal

Bleh! School

So I have been off gamespot and will be for more time because of school. After this weekend I should have more time though. Prom is this weekend and I have been trying to turn $0 into a couple hundred legally. It is mass hard. After this weeknd though My schedule slows down so i should be back on. Sorry to my union and everyone, although my union has really grown in my absence. I hope to return and be the good leader I wanted to be! Ciao all! Daniel "Zhou Yu" Floresca Supreme Commander of the Dynasty Warriors Dynasty (Union)


Greetings fellow gamers. I am Daniel Calixto Floresca. I have been rather inactive on Gamespot lately but now I have time to be on it. Just messing with the journal and such. Sayonara!! Daniel Calixto Floresca