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New Games Coming Out Soon

Well first of all To all those in The Modern Gamers Union, sorry about not being on lately, started new job and a second job, so I work alot lol. But, I have a little time off now for my part time job, so I Hope to be on more.

There's alot of new games coming out in next few months. Exciting times. First off I want to Start off with one game am interested in coming out for PC and Wii. Spore, this game looks really good, I mean for an E.A game, I know Maxis is developing it, but so far it looks very good. Second game is new Star Wars Clone Wars for Wii, looks like a great multiplayer game and about time too lol. And last one for Wii am interested in is the New Wii Sports Resort, this game is going to be a much needed follow up to Wii Sports.

Now the X360 has some good games coming out soon. I am interested in New Fable game, good really good, first one was too short, this one better be longer lol. And what about Force Unleashed, New Star Wars game, about time lol. And last one that is multi-platform, that am looking forward too is Guitar Hero: World Tour, this game looks so much better then Rock Band, woot.

Sorry to all those PS3 fans, am not a PS3 fan, so I really dont keep up with the games, but I do know that a New Ratchet and Clank is coming out, as Well as GOD of War 3 and the new FFXIII. These games look good, too bad I really dont like Sony lol. Well These are a few games coming to a system near you soon, so keep an eye out.

Guitar Hero 3 Wii rocks

I went to walmart tonight and got this game, it was the last one. I have never played GH ever, but I knew this was a must get game with a Cult following. I must say this is a great game, I have been playing on easy to get the hang of it. So for all u Wii owners go get it now lol

List of Wii games I am Getting Within the Next 6 Months

October 07: Legend of Sypro: The Eternal Night

November 07: Super Mario Galaxy, Mario and Sonic at the Olympics, Lego Star Wars: Complete Online,

Need for Speed: Prostreet, Links Crossbow Training with Wii Zapper

December 07: Nights: Journey of Dreams

January 08: Sonic Riders: Gravity Zero

Feb 08: Super Smash Brothers Brawl

March 08: Mario Kart Wii

This is my list of Games I am going to get. I have a few more I am going to get for 08 like Final Fantasy. CB and Soul Calibar Legends and Star Wars Force Unleashed, and lastly the new Mario Baseball game looks cool, might pick up a few more titles in 08 but these games should keep me busy for 08 lol.

Two New Emblems Woot

Am now Neighborly and am a Tagger Dabbler lol what ever that means. First song like Mr. Lanz Neigbhorhood lol. Just kidding, but wow feels good to be moving up, Now I should focus on moving up my level should be level 18 but took some time off. Well thanks again

Another Wii Yay

Well as I told you All my Wife got rid of my Wii in August due to my playing it too much, and not spending time with her lol. Well I finally got another one after searching for the last month. And it happened to be at the same place I got my last one lol. At Target, this Target is located in Old People USA lol. So I called Target and the guy told me that that Same Wii had been there for 2 weeks lol. So I got there and there was 6 of them in, they had just got there shippment in. So good news for me, and this time am keeping it. Long Live the Wii.

Hello Everyone

Just checking in, so what happening latey. Well my wife and I bought a Scottish Terrier. He cost a fortune lol. Well been busy latey, not much time to be on latey. Started a new job. But things are going really well. Well thanks again for all ur support and keep up the good job with the Union. Two months good work.

Greetings Everyone

Its been a while since I last posted, on here. Things are going back to normal, my wife and me are putting the divorce on hold, things are going better. Her mom passed way a few weeks ago. But, life goes on, she has been very strong though. Not much else going on lately working hard, dont have a lot of time to get on the computer lately, but maybe soon again. Too all my friends in the Unions thanks for not giving up on me, will be active again soon. Plan to get X360 soon. So that will be great. Well thanks again for all ur support, look forward to getting active again.

First Emblems Ever Woot

So I finally got to watch Live Feed on Gamespot, it was great, I watched Nintendo's. Mario Kart Wii looks great. Cant wait. I tuned into Sony's Live one too, played it live but didnt watch it, was too tired, but still got an emblem. These are my first two, thanks gamespot, you rock, and long live the Wii and Nintendo
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