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Joyous New Year for 2013

Happy New Year Gamers! I truly hope that all your gaming dreams come true. On my horizon this year, GTA5, Gears of War Judgement, Splinter Cell. I'm currently playing Far Cry 3 and the Whitcher 2. Other than that, I've been balling and building/modding paintball markers. Kingboat

Christmas Day

Never been on, on christmas day; So, here's to all your gaming dreams coming true! Kingboat; hopes for the best, for each and everyone of you.

My list of things, to blame on the mother-in-law

Hurricanes. Icky bugs Chrysler Spouses mental breakdowns, biweekly Vladimir Putin Children's bad grades Plague Crowds Taxes Dogma, (all of it) Sore feet Speeding tickets Brussel Sprouts Dirty socks Vomit splatter Grand Theft Auto 4 Sony Man eating Cheetahs OWN, (Oprah Winfrey Network) Ellen And finally, when she's over for dinner and my loyal hound hath crawled under thy table and cut one, in the sternest of voices I say, thy royal pooch hath the grace to remove his self to the outer doors and do such a foul deed. I recommend that you do the same! Kingboat; Loves his mother-in-law.....but really enjoys picking on her. p.s. I tell her I love her every time I see her, though, it isn't with words, but gas.

Reasons to break up with someone.

10; The dog told you too. 9; Your BFF told you too. 8; Las Vegas. 7; They can't cook. 6; You can't cook either. 5; They are a Crazy Cat person. 4; Video games. 3; Beer/Wine is a better companion. 2; Mood swings. 1; Every time they open their mouths, you want to scratch out your eyes.

Sheng Long

It hath taken thee, two plus years to jump 2 levels. One of such rank, should be 50. Kingboat; hath spoken!


Going to try and blog a Top 10 again....once a weekish. Also, Updates from the castle!


The hecks going on around here? I can't see comments, I can't see who's posting. The unions are a complete shambles! No ones setting up game nights. I pop in twice, thrice a week....nobody is doing anything! Not our fault, but the fault of CBS! Kingboat' is pretty upset!

Do I let the "spot" delete me?

Do I? Don't I? Tiss the issue really! Spring hath opened the passes and once again my soldiers sally forth! So, Ryan the Just, Fritz, do we venture into battle once again..... or, am I an old man, dry, tired and lacking wit. Have I forgotten those battles....have I forgotten Master Chief? Have I forgotten Payne... Kingboat, is once again, ready to wage war, cross the worlds!