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E3 Impressions

This was one of the better E3s I've seen in quite some time. MS did a way better job this year, but I was disappointed that no surprises were announced. I knew just a little of everything that was showcased. I would of loved a Gears teaser :) The Witcher 3 sold me along with Scalebound. I reminded me of Drakengard for the PS2 which I spent a unhealthy amount of time playing getting all the unlocks. I'd give them a solid 8.5/10

EA did a great show although i would of liked to see more gameplay footage of the sports games, but I guess Bruce Lee, smoke and guns did the trick. I'd give them a 8/10

Ubisoft was amazing. Personally, I'm psyched for ACU. It looks fantastic as usual and despite all the nay sayers, I'm curious to see how the co-op mechanics really play. I know I get side tracked quite a bit. The Crew looks great as well. 8.5/10

Sony yet again come out throwing haymakers. I will say I was shocked to see them talk about a TV show, but I give them credit for covering games, TV and Hardware. Of course we saw MGS:PP which I wanted some gameplay, but will have to settle for a awesome CGI trailer with good music. Uncharted 4 made a small, yet adequate appearance. All the exclusives and betas really made me wish I had a PS4. Plus the Far Cry 4 digital sharing was a nice touch. Overall, I'd say a 9/10 just because they showcased so much and a little of everything.

I was raised with Sony then went to MS for purely friends. If I had the money and time, I would own both next gen systems. For now, I'll live vicariously though friends and family until one day.

Long Time No See

*Blows dust off keyboard & cracks knuckles*

Hello my GS amigos, miss me? I've been so caught up in life. I've changed jobs 2 times since my last entry, my son is 18 months old now & what a handful. He definitely takes after daddy. :D I've also moved into another apartment last November & hopefully movin' to a house in late October. Still with my girl, just workin' to make ends meet. I wish I could say I'd make a comeback, but nothing is for sure these days.


On another note, I still have my 360 eventhough I haven't played in quite some time. My GT is still the same so for you frequent gamers, hit me up if you catch me on. I've also been playing Ultima Online again, Guild Wars, League of Legends, DC Universe & soon....MINECRAFT!


Last thing before I head out, THANK YOU. To all my friends that have thought about me from time to time or visited my profile to message me. I have not & will never forget you. Just super stretched these days. Check my About Me section to get my Facebook or Twitter to keep in touch. Just because we can't chit chat it up everyday on the forums doesn't me we can't find other means of communication. Again, Thank you all & to all a goodnight.


As To All Who Are Concerned...

I know I don't come around as much as I would like, but I figured I'd give reason to my GS amigos as to why I've been astray for so long.

First, I started seein' a married woman that I feel deeply in love with, as did she, but it took some time for her to tell the husband. Once he found out, he started a bunch of trouble for me at my job. So I lost my job in Feb. & was out of work for a good six months. In that time though, since they had a daughter, it turned into this huge custody battle & CPS got involved...very, very ugly.

Then, I wrecked my car due to nonesense, my apartment got robbed & then lost my apartment. I lost about $3,500 worth of items, including my Xbox & of course, the police don't do much. So I never got any of my items back, but I did find out I was going to be a dad :D. I was happy, but since I didn't have a job....the pressure was on. So I had to start the long process of job searching in a horrible economical time. So my bills piled up a bit since my girlfriend could only do so much, but I did find another job back in July.

Now I have a job that pays fairly well. Me & my girlfriend, Sally, are living in a apartment. She got the divorce we both wanted, but the custody is still going on. Now I'm just working to take care of my family & prepare for my first son, Silas Jacob Diaz, to come into this world. I will be on GS off & on, but not like the "Golden Days." My days of having legendary posts wars are done, LordRevan1 knows :D.


My New Review & Finally 16k Posts

So, as the title says, I finally did my review on Assassin's Creed. It took a while because I had reviewer's block. :lol: Anyway, feel free to let me know what you guys & gals think of it. Then I hit 16k posts today. I don't get post like I used to, but I still get quite a bit.

I'll try to do a few more reviews if I don't get called in to work, so keep an eye out for those. Thanks for everyone that helps with my posts & actually reads my blogs.


Another Game Laid To Rest

I beat Assassin's Creed today. It's a great game. The storyline is so wonderful. The graphics are amazing to match. Definitely worth the time I've spent on it. Now I'm gonna be bored again, rats! Oh well, I added another 1k to my GT.

I'm thinking of getting that Lego Indiana Jones because it looks fun. Now maybe I'll finally have time to play GTA IV. :D Well, just wanted to let everyone know that about AC. Feel free to share your thoughts on the ending or etc.


Finally, A New Sig & Avatar

Hey guys & gals. Yes, it's true, I finally have a new sig & avatar. Just thought I'd let you guys know so you could give me your thoughts. I'll post my sig here so you lazy ones won't have to go look in the forums. :D I hope you like it.


It's About Damn Time

After many, many, many, many, many trial & errors, I finally did it.


It took me forever. I made it to the second half of the song where you have to finish Lou off 3 or 4 times only to fail. My hands feel numb right now. It was crazy. I started to go berserk with anger & frustration then my fingers just caught on fire, moving as fast as the speed of light. Not literally, but it seemed that way. I'm still pumped up & just had to let everyone I know hear the good news.

Talk to guys & gals later.


Adding A Few More Reviews

If you guys & gals haven't noticed, I've been spending more & more time here at GS. So I've decided that when I finally beat Lost Odyssey, Bioshock, Dark Sector & maybe Marvel: Ultimate Alliance; I'll put up reviews for them. Then I might add a few more, if I have the time.

I'll do another blog letting you know when they're up. I can't wait to see what you guys think.


So Many Movies, So Little Time

I saw Iron Man a few hours ago & all I can say is BRAVO! Robert Downey Jr. surprised me from start to finish. When I first heard he was going to be in the movie, I didn't know what to think. I every aspect of his performance, he was hilarious & yet turned into a total badass. I'd definitely say it's the best superhero movie thus far. I'd recommend it to all of my friends. You might even see it in the form of a new sig & avatar. Then there is the game that I could play on my 360.

Now Iron Man was only the beginning. There are so many movies that are coming out this year. From good 'ol Indiana Jones, The Chronicles of Narnia, Speed Racer, The Incredible Hulk, Wanted & a few others. Those will be a great addition to my stack of movie tickets that I collect. I'm up to 143 now.

Well, I'm going to play me some Marvel on my Xbox so I'll talk to all of you guys & gals later. Let me know what your thoughts on the movie was.


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