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If anyone has expertise on computers and wants to help

So i am in the midst of building my own gaming computer. I have read a little bit about the process and feel confidend that i could pull it off. But before plunging in and spending the money i wanted to run my ideas by some people first to save some hassle hopefully and get some good advice. I already have a few parts picked out that i feel would be a good start. I was hoping i could get some influence as to if they are compatable. Also some inside on some other essentials. Any help is greatly appreciated. 

Case- http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811119160

Harddrive- http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822236244

Monitor- http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824236288

Graphics Card- http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814121656

Power Supply- http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817153106

RAM- http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231595

Motherboard- http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131837

Processor- http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819116504


Feel Free to run me through the gauntlet.. I'm hoping for this to go without any problems. Thanks.


Just graduated BCT today. F-ing pumped. Next stop good ole arizona for more training. will post more when i get time. adios south carolina, oh how i wont miss you.

New Life

So much has changed in the past few months. Since this last post i have recently decided college wasnt my thing right now. Not really my choice i guess, but the university i was attending decided, "hey lets drop this major!?!" so then instead of changing my major or changing universities, i came to the conclusion i was gonna take a hiatus from college for a big. So next big step in life, i decided to join the army. Its been an experience to say the least. Im only about halfway done with my training, then after i get to go to my unit which i still dont know that will be yet. One downside... i havent had much time for the videogames. Its terrible, i never imagined i would have to go this long without videogames in my life, but hey its for the best i suppose. But right now im home on leave for a little while, so i figure hey lets enjoy some games. Only been back for a few days and already managed to pick up battlefield 3, dead island, rage, and duke nukem forever. All were purchased used for a pretty decent price so i have no complaints, and they arent too long so i should at least have time to finish them off before i have to head back. And what do you know christmas is tomorrow.. which means ill probably end up with a bunch more games to fill up the rest of my time here. Also have been spending alot of my newly found free time watching some movies. Last week i hit the theaters three times to catch the new sherlock holmes, breaking dawn part 1, and the sitter. I was entertained with all three choices. The sitter was pretty funny, not jonah hills best movie but i got some laughs out of it. Reminded me of the old movie Adventures of babysitting. Sherlock Holmes delivered on its hype. Easily as good as the first one if not better. Definitely worth the money. And lastly breaking dawn. I have some mixed feelings with this one. Alot of friends said it was really good before i seen it. Being a fan of the series i have read all the books and seen all the other movies, and well i guess i just was expecting a little bit more. Not to say i didnt enjoy my time at the theater, i just was left a little unsatified i suppose. oh well im expecting part 2 to deliver. Lastly i decided to finally make the plunge and sign up to be a totall access member here on gamespot. After about seven years on the site i figured ill probably get enough out of it to make it part of my expenses. If not then ill just cancel after the year, but im not too worried. Im just hoping it goes through soon, so i can get to take advantage before i head back and am away from a computer for a while. but i guess thats all i have to say for now. Hopefully i can find some time in this hectic week to hop back on here and post one last blog before i take off again. I guess we will see how the cards fall.

Merry Christmas!!

all the new stuff

so i just realized that it has been just over a year since the last blog i had posted on gamespot. i couldnt really tell you why it took this long, maybe life just got too hectic, or maybe the site became too mediocre for my taste. but here are just a few updates on the current state of my life.

  • just turned 22.. whoop
  • currently just two weeks from completing my second year of college
  • i finally took the plunge, and on approximately Nov 7th i leave to go to basic, and will start my new career as an army soldier, with the respectable MOS of Military Intelligence Analyst. (wasn't my first choice, but not alot of jobs have been open.. really wanted military intelligence systems maintainer/intergrater. but hey maybe i can reclass to that.)

All while doing all this i managed to acquire a plethora of video games.

  • bayonetta
  • homefront
  • bioshock 2
  • wolfenstein
  • assassin's creed brotherhood
  • enslaved
  • command and conquer tiberium wars
  • fallout new vegas collectors edition
  • and last but not least Final Fantasy XIII

all in all it has been a real chaotic year for me, trying to fit everything i need to do in the little amount of time alloted in my day. hopefully i can get some well deserved vacation soon.

And before i exit i wanted to run a question by everyone... im thinking of trying to run dual OS's on my computer. i have been reading about how to do it, but i wasnt sure what the best pros were for it and the most accurate cons. also while im at school i only brought my laptop, not my desktop. so would it be a good idea to dual OS on my laptop, or just wait until i get home and do it on the desktop? any input would be greatly appreciated.

21st birthday

i turned 21 today.. so far not too much going on. but when the party starts up its gonna be alot of fun. then heading to the bars later to get my drink on. tonight is gonna be an absolutely fun filled night. better get all of this out of my system, cause i have alot of school work this upcoming week.

ugh.. life...

oh life what do you have in store for me?

basically not much new with me. started the new semester of school, its been going good. i have a bunch of classes im not really into, i just have to do them to get where im going. once i pull past this semester though i get a well deserved break. other than that just been spending as little time as possible on the videogames and more time in the gym. i havent been playing too many new games cause i havent had the money to get the new ones. saving the green for FFXIII, BC2, and maybe bioshock 2 after those two. plus theres a few i have to go back and pick up.

BIG NEW, reached level 32 on here, became a Snake Eater. and on top of that i finally, after 5 years on here, reached 10k in posts. pretty big accomplishment i think. well im out gotta finish up homework. sometime this upcoming week ill post a decent blog, more desciptive, maybe important. who knows.

going back to school...

well in a few short hours i will have to start packing... i procrastinated and didnt do this. so now i get no sleep before i have to head out. im not too worried though cause i slept alot yesterday. soon i will be back in my dorm room with less time to game, but much much more stuff to do than whats here. here is a list of stuff i managed to do on my christmas break:

1.get a playstation 3

2.beat a couple games for it. (MGS4 and resistance 1) also i started on heavenly sword

3.visit a couple friends that i havent seen in a while

4. lastly, be the laziest i have ever been in my life. put a triple check next to that one.

now here is the new years resolutions:

1.get 10th prestiege on MW2 before the end of january(already 27 in 9th)

2. beat a game or two for ps3.

3.dont put videogames before school

4.start in the the gym again (havent seen one since finals week last semester) and dont put videogames before the gym.

5.get good grades

6.find a job that i like so i dont have to ever go back to my old one.

7.lastly, start a new hobby.. so far its toss up. i like computers but i dont really consider it a hobby yet considering i dont know much past just how to use them. but i would really like to learn a little bit about cars, they fascinate me and i know a little bit about them as well. hopefully ill figure something out.

The Avatar 3D

so tonight me and my girlfriend went to go see The Avatar. of course i went and saw it in 3D and i kinda liked it. it had a really good vibe to it right at the beginning. it was awesome visually, and the storyline had a little bit of everything. all in all it was a pretty good movie. nothing totally original about it, and some parts get cliche or drag out, but in the end it was fairly enjoyable. i recommend it as a rent, cause you only really need to see it once. be prepared cause the movie is 3 hours long.. the first hour and a half just cruises by... its captivating. then the rest seems to take a while.

which brings me to my next topic.. the previews for the new tim burton movie alice in wonderland.. honestly tim burton makes the most original movies you will ever see, and at the same time they happen to be incredibly ingenious and i love them all. this one seems to be right up that ally. plus it has johnny depp in it which i think happens to be a great actor. im definitely looking forward to that one. well thats about all for now. catch up with me lata...

new ps3 games

so on my trip to gamestop today i realized one thing.. the place was f-ing packed. on top of that the people there are complete idiots, but thats another story for another day. anyways i made great use of the buy 2 get 1 free used deal. here is what i got: resistance fall of man, haze, killzone 2, heavenly sword, gran turismo 5 prologue, and infamous. i think that is a fairly good start to my collection. i really wanted to get demon souls cause i heard it was good, but its still expensive. then i was also gonna snag resistance 2 but they didnt have the casing, only the game, and i dont really like buying a game like that. it doesnt really matter though i should be held over for a while, and i should have enough money put away to get both those and a couple more games when i get time in the next few months.

christmas joy..

well this year was a fairly good christmas. for christmas eve i had family over, and christmas day it was just my immediate family for dinner. i kinda enjoyed this christmas, it was a hassle like the recent ones. also on top of that i received so fairly great gifts. for starters my gf bought be a ps3 w/ mgs4, basically that was in turn an amazing gift. i have wanted those two things for quite some time now. then from my family i received money, so its perfect for me to pick up a couple more games for my ps3. and from my parents i got a sony stereo system that i really wanted pretty bad and a black xbox controller w/the plug and playkit. my other two controllers were becoming worn and i really needed a new one. plus one of my battery packs was going bad too, so this new battery pack is great.

next is my trip to gamestop tomorrow.. they are having the buy two used games get one free deal going on, which is prime for me to build a collection. im hoping to score at least three games, if im lucky upwards to four or five would work too. i guess we will see when i get there tomorrow afternoon.

lastly i have been on a serious mw2 binge.. i have finally broken into the 7th prestiege, about level 30. 100% legit too, no boosting or modding like those wannabes. at this rate if i dont get sidetracked i could break nineth or tenth before i have to go back to school on jan 10th. i guess we will see.