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Looking for a good blog to read?

In the relatively short time that I've been on here, I've found some pretty good blogs. I'd like to recommend some:

Soulreavercross She's one of the moderators here at GS. Very nice profile, good read.

RK-Mara Very helpfull person, writes really well.

deiviuxs Frequently upgraded blog. Uses loads of pictures too. And the occasional video.

SM2099 Good blog, many personal things lately. Guess that might be an acquired taste.

JustPlainLucas You need to check out the "everybody votes channel" updates. They're quite interesting some times

Well, this definitively isn't a complete list, but these are some of the ones that come to mind just now. There are other people out there who are very helpful as well, and have nice blogs to read. Feel free to check my list of tracked blogs!

UPDATE: I want to add canana as well. He writes great stuff about games.
UPDATE: For all your GS related statistics needs: fastesttruck