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I just dropped by to let go of some Infinite Steam...

So, I made a Steam account. :o

Will I use it? Why yes!

Will I use it often? I'm not very sure.

But just add me anyways! Zellgun1126

Quick update:

Finished: Mass Effect 2, Splinter Cell: Conviction, BioShock 2

Games I got and are still playing:

Red Dead Redemption = MIND BLASTING

Prototype = Fun, but not amazing

Rock Band = its a rock band game

Condemned 2 = I played 20 mins and stopped. I will commence with company another day :lol:

I'm also playing through BioShock 1 again because it is awesome. Oh yeah, and also because I am totally STOKED FOR


I loved BioShock 1. The story, the characters, the setting, the music, it was fantastic. BioShock 2 wasn't as great because, well you've been there before. We know what happened, we know who all these demented people are, we know how plasmids work, we know what ADAM is.

There was no epic moment of seeing a lonely lighthouse in the middle of the ocean. Or walking into the open door of the lighthouse not knowing what awaits you inside. That may be what Irrational needs to make another brilliant game. A new setting we know nothing about.

I'm happy for Irrational Games, but I'm also kind of disappointed. Is BioShock Infinite in anyway related to BioShock 1 or 2? Or did they just add the name for sales purposes. I like BioShock but I would like a new IP from them too. I guess this is both?

Other Notes:

I'm really interested in the Microsoft Game Room for I am a 90s kid and never had the chance to try Pitfall! or River Raid or Crackpots or any of those oldies. I'm curious to play them and learn about gaming roots. However those prices are way too much for a retro game such as Keystone Kapers where there is no point in the game but to get a high score. We'll see what happens.


Wanted: I am looking to get several new games for example Alan Wake, Singularity and Metro 2033. Also I would want to purchase Limbo and DeathSpank sometime on XBLA.

And of course, I want to make some purchases on Steam sometime like DEUS EXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and Kotor, etc.

Uhhh, I'm kinda sore coz I had my wisdom teeth pulled out a couple of days ago. I slept right through it tho :D

As usual, add me on the Xbox Live, PSN, Steam, Raptr : Zellgun1126

And follow me on Twitter

Anyways, see ya around.

So... Who Remembers Me?

Wassup, this will be a quickie.



Kay secondly.

School is over. I'm having final exams for the next 3 weeks. Yea so that's only one of the reasons of my return.;)


E3 IS TOMORROW. I CANNOT WAIT. I have a feeling this year's E3 would be pretty epic.

Well that is it for now. You'll hear more from me later.


Where's my Trumpets?


This is not a rereturn blog, uh if yenno what I mean. But just a quick update. Must refrain from typing too much here. So yea let's do this!

It's Spring Break and that's why I am doing this. Since the last time I blogged, I have acquired many new acquirements, I mean acquisitions. :)

Uncharted 2: Awesome game, near the end and it's starting to kinda piss me off. Find the controls a bit janky and too many men are coming on me at once!

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood (360): Western shooter, bad start, but pretty fun later on. This game exemplifies dual wielding!

BioShock 2 (PS3): I'm loving it so far! Couldn't wait to get back into Rapture and enjoying my trip as a Big Daddy!

Darksiders (360): Love the combat, interesting characters, I can see the Zelda in it ;) Fantastic deal, coz I got it for 25 BUCKS.

Mass Effect 2: Ah the game of all games. I remember playing the first one 3 times back to back lol. So yea I couldn't wait to get back into the universe. Lots of improvements, some I don't really like. Feels like the game is turning into more of a third person shooter and losing its RPGness. Started off (local but thanks to all the haters I know G4 pilots on a first name basis (DRAKE REFERENCE, ZING)) with an infiltrator, BY ACCIDENT. So I'm going to start over today as a Vanguard or soldier to unlock the assault rifle. Coz yenno I love my ARs. So yea, great game so far though, looking forward to getting closer with my team if yenno what I mean :D

Stuff I need to get:

Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Yea… lol two colons

Heavy Rain: I did lose interest in it, but not all of it.

FINAL FANTASY XIII: TOMMOROW PEOPLE TOMMOROW. Hopefully I can get it day one, coz I alrdy have a lot of games I need to finish lmao. :x

Red Dead Redemption: Sucks its delayed, but it looks orgasmic.

Splinter Cell: Conviction: oh god i think i ****

And there are three games that I am all of a sudden, stoked for !

Mafia II: It. Looks. TOO GOOD.

Just Cause 2: I spent most of Saturday jumping out of my chopper, skydiving and then trying to get back in the chopper, regain control and land it safely. I have achieved it once.

Fallout: New Vegas: Even though Obsidian is developing it, when I saw the teaser, all the memories of all my intense moments in Fallout 3 flooded my head. I want to visit that post apocalyptic world again.

Yea, anyways, life's good. :o

Anyone watched the Winter Olympics? Yea I live in Vancouver so it was intense. Downtown was packed with people from around the world. Like Stephen Colbert was doing his show downtown! It was crazy, especially after Canada kicked butt at the gold medal ice hockey game against the USA. I swear I could hear the whole country cheering. In. Tense.

Anyways that is it. Hope y'all enjoyed it and I will vamboosh into, I do not know but I'll just be gone. Talk to me on PSN or Xbox Live or Twitter, I say some funny stuff on there ;)

Just like this he said


I'll Be Back!

No More Lopur94

I just popped in to say,

Something has come up in my life and well I won't have much time to make blog posts for a while. So yea, I'm taking a break from GameSpot for a while. I won't leave forever, not gonna just abandon everyone. But I won't be on as often as I used to. And so no more blog posts for a while. Maybe until Spring or summer even. =/

I will come on once in a while, comment on other blogs, post in a couple threads. But I won't communicate much anymore on here.

I will still be gaming, or trying to at least. So you can catch me there. Zellgun1126 on both PSN and Xbox Live. I'll still be tweeting and Raptring... But yea no more blog posts. Trust me though, when I return, it will be so amazing that you might need to get revived after getting knocked unconcious by my presence. :P

On that note, I bid you


(NOTE: The title is not a reference to No More Heroes BTW, but it's pretty cool that it's similar!)

Preview of 2010, Dwarf Loving, Raptr and more!

Здравейте приятели!

^ That means "Hello my Friends" in Bulgarian translated by the very handy, trustworthy Google Translate! Trust me! I do all my Spanish homework on there! ;) And don't ask me why there's a three in the beginning, I don't write Bulgarian so I wouldn't know.

So anyways I am back here again. Yea more of me. How yummy… I don't know why I said that. C.E.S 2010 was interesting. Lots of cool products on the showfloor that we are supposed look:shock: and drool at… Sigh… Some interesting announcements like the avatar gameroom etc. But yea pretty much.

Anyways before we take a look into 2010, I need to revise the top 5 GOTY list from last blog. Yea well here's the new revised version.

5. Batman: Arkham Asylum


3. Dragon Age: Origins


2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

1. Assassin's Creed II

Yea, awesome li- WAIT, WHAT THE ***** HAPPENNED TO DEAD SPACE. And what is this Dragon Ages that seemed to have appeared out of NOWHERE on my list of awesomness? But no, why shouldn't Dragon Age: Origins BE on the list? That is the question, which will be answered, right about… wait for it… NOW. 8)

Dragon Age: Origins started out terrible for me, I had a dangerously high dosage of crazy fast paced action games, like Killzone 2 then inFamous then Uncharted and I was like on a roll and like I thought to myself that I had to like play the other games like… yea. :| So when I popped in DA: O I didn't want to do all this reading and extensive research, I just want to bust up some dudes. Thus I failed and got owned several times at various occasions on normal. And in most RPGs I actually read the manual front to back (Do you guys read your manuals?) and I didn't have the attention span for some reading… BUT that all changed RIGHT after I was finished writing the last blog. I stopped playing with my crappy, but hot human female warrior who happens to have the same hairdo as Leliana. (Really sucks, I wanted them find love but it'll be awkward now. :lol: ) and I created a elf mage guy and now I kick donkeys! :shock:


I don't really have any smartass comment for this one. You guys make one up.

Yea DA: O has grown on me a lot and I really really love the characters even though I have not met them all yet. Each character has a different personality with TERRIFIC voice acting, I actually enjoy listening to the conversations and overall just a fantastic game. Gameplay is pretty addicting although not the best but the gem of the game is the awesome characters and story. Plus there are some really tough decisions to make with really no wrong choice. Plus it's a BioWare game so there's like a trillion different endings… Which leads me… :x Nooo I can't change subject yet… But that was an awesome segue. You know what, Dragon Age: Origins = awesome game. Let's move on.

Yea well, 2009 was a pretty awesome year with awesome games and whatnot, it seems though most of the awesome games will be coming out before summer this year though. So let's take a look at what interests me this 2010! :)

Darksiders and Bayonetta came out on Jan 5 and I'll prob be borrowing Bayonetta from a friend but that game looks awesome.

Dark Void will be coming… lol… Please ignore that, uhh January 22nd! Who's excited for that? I was! But not so much anymore. Played the demo. Felt very klunky actually…

But seriously who needs Dark Void when you can buy Mass Effect 2 four days after! Gonna be awesome, can't wait for that game.

On February 9th, BioShock 2 will finally be released. I'm pretty meh about this game, but I'll pretty excited to get back into Rapture. Along with Dante's Inferno but no one really cares about that game. :lol: Just joking Visceral Games. Just joking.

Aliens vs. Predator looks interesting although anything can happen right now. And that game is supposed to be on shelves on February 16th. I won't buy this game… probably not… maybe not, well we'll see if it justifies a $70 purchase.



Now on to one of the most hardest decisions of this year. On February 23rd, two exclusive games come out. Heavy Rain, the PS3 exclusive title by Quantic Dream will finally hit stores ALONG with Splinter Cell: Conviction on the 360 and PC by Ubisoft. Now I don't think I can get both on the same day. So yea, that will be a very hard decision but we'll decide when that time comes.

EDIT: Splinter Cell: Conviction got delayed to April. Well that sucks. Well that just ruined that paragraph...

Bad Company 2 out on March 2nd, looking forward to that. Then on the 9th of March, the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XIII will be released. I have to admit though, my hype for it has died down a lot. Nonetheless I still want this game. :D

And then there is Red Dead Redemption which I am totally hyped for! This game looks pretty incredible so far and yea, mark April 27th on your calendar for Rockstar San Diego's new open world western game!

red dead

*Oh dear here, comes my wife.* "I see her Sheriff!" "Great, I'm out."

That's pretty much the big releases of the Jan to April. BUT that's not all, other notable releases this year include Metal Gear Solid: Rising, Dead Rising 2, Medal of Honor, Just Cause 2, I Am Alive, Fable III, Brink, Mafia II, Max Payne 3, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2, Halo Reach, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, YAKUZA 3eeee, some Call of Duty game, more Guitar Hero games, Green Day Rock Band and many many many more. :D

After E3 2010 though, we can all rest assured that the next half of 2010 will be MIND BLASTING. With that said, I really want to make a dwarf female and make her do Ogrhen in Dragon Age: Origins. That would blow my mind.

Yea well, I'd thought from now on I would ask YOU the READER (which is a good movie btw. Well I think, iono I haven't seen it.), a couple questions to get YOU involved!


So earlier I talked about manuals, do you guys ever read more than two pages of your game manuals? I know I do for RPGs.

Which game do you think will FLOP or DISAPOINT the most this year? For me it would be Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. My proof? Jericho. There you go. Maybe they'll surprise iono.

And last of all, would you pay money to see a two dwarves having some fun time at bedtime? I know I w- ummm, I'll let you answer that. :P


Oh god... I like where this is going...

And btw I made a Raptr account just for the heck of it. So yea if you have a Raptr account. ADD ME. Follow me on Twitter, add me on PSN (Zellgun1126) add me on Xbox Live etc.

Well have fun pepz and here's to a gaming filled 2010! CHEERS!


Put it there bro! or SIS! SISFIST! No wait that's just wrong then... sorry.

That Was a Weird Party and My EPiC GOTY 2009

First off, HAPPY 2010!!!

Yea Good Bye 2009, many awesome things happened to me in 2009, lots of important stuff, met new people, found new interests but yea, it's time to say good bye. But before I say good bye, I'd like to review my 2009 in GAMING. *applause* :D

Now I don't really like to do GOTYs because well, I don't think I play enough games from the year to do one. But I guess I might as well just cause… well iono, maybe it's just coz I got bored of playing games and feel like typing some lists. :P

Games that I have played, finished or not, this year include:

Battlefield 1943 (X360)

Brutal Legend (X360)

Assassin's Creed II (PS3)

Modern Warfare 2 (X360)

Killzone 2 (PS3)

inFamous (PS3)

Batman: Arkham Asylum (PS3)

Dead Space: Extraction (Wii)

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story (DS)

Dragon Age: Origins (PS3)

Peggle (XBLA)

Shadow Complex (XBLA)

Resident Evil 5 (X360)

Super Mario Brothers Wii (Wii)

That's pretty much it from what I can remember. Pretty crappy amirite? Now for a few categories, u know the drill, click spoilers to find out bla bla bla:

My Most Disappointed Game:

Brutal Legend (X360)


Brutal Legend isn't the worst game I've played, it's just I was expecting a lot from it and was really hyped for the release so when I played it and finished doing every repetitive sidequest, I was too lazy to go and hunt for the last song on the playlist. Probably not a game I will pick up to play again.

Runner Ups: Resident Evil 5

The Game that I thought was Crap but Later Got it and Enjoyed it Anyway:

Shadow Complex (XBLA)


Me and platformers don't mix. I've told you that right? Well yea, but then I played the demo and saw more of it and thought, I have to play this game and I did and it was awesome!

Runner Ups: Dead Space: Extraction, Peggle

My Least Favorite Game:

Resident Evil 5 (X360)


This is not a terrible game, there are some good things in this game I admit, it's just not my kind of game. I don't know why but the gameplay was way too slow, I didn't like the characters, the controls were kinda annoying and yea. It felt like a chore to finish but I never could.

The Game That I spent the Least Amount of Time Playing:

Super Mario Brothers Wii

Super mario

I played 7 minutes of it with my brother. Then I went to take a shower. lol

Runner Ups: Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story at like an hour or so

The Game I Would Take to a Deserted Island:

Modern Warfare 2 (X360)


Now I'm not saying this is my favorite game of the year. I'm just saying this game as awesome multiplayer that I could play it forever.

The Game that I had the Most Orgasms in Without the Help of Humans:

Peggle (XBLA)


The feeling you get when you hit the last orange peg after spending all your balls just pumps me up so much! Epic song choice too!

The Game That I Would Recommend to a Girl Who Doesn't Play Video Games:

Peggle (XBLA)


It's a very simple and yet very addicting game to play. Anyone can pick this game up and have a blast!

Runner-Ups: Brutal Legend, Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

The Game That I Spent the Most Time Causing Havok For No Reason:



Yea, with great power comes great responsibility… But I had to release the stress somehow!

The Game I was Determined to Play Inside Out Leaving Nothing Left Untouched:

Brutal Legend (X360)


This was the best combo I could ask for. Metal + Video Game and I waited a long @$$ time for it and I was determined to play everything it has to offer. And so I did.

My Most Hated Level:

No Russian – Modern Warfare 2 (X360)


I know it was a very important part in the story but I just felt like IW was really putting that level just to get a lot of attention and I felt it was unnecessary. They just seemed desperate to top off every from the first game. Why can't maybe you play as a security guard in the airport? Or a civilian, making it a little stealthy then you get your hands on a gun? Lots of better ways imo to play this missions but w.e. Also, playing this mission while your parents are in the room…. Ummm BAD IDEA.

The Game Took the Longest to Get Used to:

Killzone 2 (PS3)


Now it's not that this game is crap, this game is freaking awesome! But it took me a few levels to finally do some decent kills and get used to the controls! It's mostly because of the PS3 controller is really weird and the L2 and R2 just don't feel right… I miss the triggers on the 360 controller. But after a series of control changes I got the hang of it, and kicked some Helghan @$$!!!

Runner-Ups: Dead Space: Extraction, Resident Evil 5

The Most Muscularest Protagonist of Them All:

Eddie Riggs – Brutal Legend (X360)


I don't really need to explain this right?

Runner-Ups: Batman, Bane, some other muscular guys

The Most Sexiest Character: :lol:

Ophelia IN DEMON FORM!!! - Brutal Legend (X360)


Ohhhh this was so hard to choose… But I guess she was pretty damn hot and a little evil but just hot! She might be in demon form but it's okay!

Runner-Ups: Morrigan (Dragon Age: Origins) Lexine (Dead Space: Extraction) Lucy (Assassin's Creed II)

The D-bag of the Year:

Eckhardt (or as I like to call, EGGHEAD) – Dead Space: Extraction (Wii)


I don't really want to spoil anything, but he is from the beginning pretty much one of the biggest a-hole u will meet. He's annoying and a big *****!

Runner-Ups: Natko (Killzone 2), Fat Guy that you kill, can't remember his name (Assassin's Creed 2)

The Game I Most Wanted to Play but Didn't:

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (Wii)


There were a lot of games that I wanted to play this year, the ones that I wanted to play the most, I have but there are some that I didn't ever get or found the time to play. I hate scary things. But I am kinda adventurous and scary games can be fun, whether it's me playing, or for people watching me play. And this game looks really good! I am really interested in how the game asks you for personal information and then use it against you in the game. I really want to try this game sometime in 2010.

Runner-Ups: Prototype, Red Faction: Guerilla, Ghostbusters, Uncharted 2

The Oldest Game I Played in 2009:

Final Fantasy VII (PS1)


Yea, during the summer I got my hands on my old PS1 and that game was pretty much the oldest. I couldn't even use analog on my PS1 analog controller lols

Damn, now it's time for my top 5 GAME OF THE YEAR:

5. Dead Space: Extraction (Wii)

This game took a while for me to get used to, but once I did it was really fun! I love the motion controls and it just made it more fun. The shooting felt awesome with great weapons and to be honest I wasn't enjoying the game in the beginning but later on it got fun to dismember the aliens and stuff.

4. Batman: Arkham Asylum (PS3)

The perfect Batman game! From RockSteady who only made one game before (iihc) and it was good but not great. Arkham Asylum is a big interesting place with lots of secrets and places to explore. The enemies aren't really smart and there isn't much variety so far but they are great punching bags. The stealth is not at all punishing and after you wipe out a room of baddies, it feels rlly satisfying. Don't forget the awesome characters and great voice actors Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy. I haven't finished it but whatever.

3. inFAMOUS (PS3)

Man, this game is just great fun. Throw away the superhero crap, just run around with ur awesome electrical powers and it's a blast! This game is not very hard at all because of your awesome powers, this game feels great and plays great! The platforming is a little easy because you feel like a magnet is pulling you to surfaces but it's great fun. The city is well designed and the place is littered with cars, rubble and lots of civilians. The one thing I love about this game is no matter how much crap is exploding on the screen, it never lags or anything, it's really smooth and all. Plus the enemies look and feel like bad guys who you have to take down. Awesome game.

2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (X360)

This game has everything, a gripping single player campaign with some interesting characters, intense gameplay, awesome set-pieces and to back it up, an addicting multiplayer component. It is short and really not much reason to go back to singleplayer unless you want the achievements, you greedy btards. But the Spec Ops was there too to help you share your fun times with your friends! This game is great with pretty awesome set pieces, maybe some overdone parts but great game.


1. Assassin's Creed II (PS3)


This game exceeded my expectations and more. This game did a lot of things right that the first didn't and with so much more! New missions types, new enemy types, you can wield weapons, you can swim, a day and night cycle, new assassination moves, interesting characters, your own little town, stores to buy weapons, assassin tombs, 3 huge cities, a nice countryside and so much more! The story is a little predictable but it is a little interesting, the characters are more memorable and I find Ezio much more interesting than bleak old Altair. Overall this game is so far the game that I enjoyed playing the most this year.

Note: I did not finish AC2, DA:O, inFamous, Batman: Arkham Asylum but I've played quite a bit of each to get to know it enough.

That's pretty much it for now. I'll send the awards to Ubisoft and others. in a few hours. :lol:

Happy 2010 again oh and don't forget if you have PSN add Zellgun1126, follow me on Twitter, he's this really cool guy! ;) Next blog will be about what I'm looking forward to in 2010, gaming wise duhhh

*spoilers didn't work, so it wasnt as epic as it could've been

Merry Christmas and My PS3 !

You know what time it is! Why of course it's Christmas Day and I'd like to wish all my friends here a


I hope you all had a great Christmas Eve and a great Christmas day or going to have a great Christmas day wherever you are in the world. Don't forget to tell me what you got for Christmas, can't wait to hear about your awesome gifts!

Anyways, my household doesn't celebrate Christmas but heck I'm pretty happy and you can say I'm in the Christmas spirit because December 26th, 2009 is when it happens. When this house becomes a PS3 oriented house. The season of the PS3 for me starts on that day hopefully if nothing goes wrong. Yea I'm pretty excited :D

And lol if you've been following my Twitter you would've noticed that I was on a Movie Marathon to pass time this week lmao. I've watched 12 movies including Avatar and movies that I've always wanted to watch but never had time to watch. Yea good stuff.

Well this was a short one, I'll post a real blog sometime after I get my PS3 and tell you everything's going. Btw tell me you PSN ID so I can add you later on ;)

Happy Holidays :)

I got 16k Gamerscore. Big Whoopin Deal.

Youie Howie!

Yea hi people what's up and you might be wondering what my first line meant well guess what! It does not mean anything! It's just nonsense! Hooray! Yipee! :o

I don't know why, but I've been a bit happy lately. Maybe it's coz, there's only one more week of school left, then the winter break! Yea, hopefully, my Christmas break will be a Sony filled vacation… But so far not much progress on that, hopefully soon.

But today I want to talk about something that' been bugging me for a long time. It is one of the minor annoyances, for me, of the Xbox 360, well mostly it's games. One day, I was in a local EB Games with my friends doing what we young teenagers usually do, browse the M rated games and act like we know what we're doing. :P

So as we were browsing and one of my friends picked up a game, looked at it and asked me a question. What question do you think a person would ask you when one looks at a cover of a game for a few seconds. Maybe something along the lines of,

"Is this game fun?"

or "Is this game worth the money?

But that's not what he asked me. He asked me a question which sort of pissed me off.

"Does this game have easy achievements?"


Why yes, this game is very fu- WAIT WHAT did you just ask me if this game has easy achievements??? If I said yes would you go and spend your $20 on Avatar: The Burning Earth for easy achievements instead of something better like The Orange Box, Bad Company or Burnout Paradise? :x When I say that, my friends turn on me and call me an achievement whore because I have 16k gamerscore while they have 10k… Cmon, 16k gamerscore is a measly amount. I've seen people with 300k.

I own several games, which I bought for the sole purpose of enjoying, experiencing, playing, not for gamerscore. On my Xbox Live profile it says I've played 51 games and I have 16330 out of 47945. That's a freaking huge difference! My gamerscore average would be pretty low! I don't have the exact numbers coz I'm too lazy to take out my calculator. (I may be asian, but I ain't the smartest :lol: )


Another one friends asked me, "Uhh, why would you buy a game without achievements?" That's when I slapped his face in front of everyone in store for his blasphemy. I later forced him to wash his mouth and hair to get rid of that nonsense talk.

I don't have any problem with achievements, I think they are a great way to show that you've accomplished something or it's great for when you've been doing this super hard mission for hours and the sweet achievement makes you feel like you haven't wasted the last 72 hours. No, it's the problem that it's brainwashed many people who believe in one simple equation. :(

High gamerscore = HARDCORE GAMAAAA

Not really an equation but it delivers the message. When I got my 360, I didn't even know that Achievements existed! I remember playing through Assassin's Creed and I would get achievements and be like… Uhh okay… Back to the killing… But then I found out what they meant and started paying more attention to achievements.

There was a time when I would get a mini orgasm whenever the achievement sound effect comes on, but then it's just one of my friends coming online. Darn. But the last few months, I would be on the dashboard and realized I surpassed 15k gamerscore and be like wait what, since when? :|

Yea achievements, gamerscore all that are pretty much overrated. I don't like the fact that when some people buy a game, they start looking through the achievement list to see which ones they can get easily on the first playthrough. I think good achievements are those that you get when you least expect it. Such as the COD: MW2 achievement for blasting 4 people or so with a grenade launcher. I'm pretty sure most pepz who got that achievement weren't expecting it.

Well, the overhyped importance of gamerscore is one of the many reasons why I'm tired of the Xbox 360. I don't like to feel that I need to have a high gamerscore to have fun. Hopefully, trophies aren't that big of a deal on the PS3.

Well that's just a quick vent and yea.

I'm working on a Brutal Legend review, dunno when it would be finished but it's something you should headbang for! ;) Well have fun everyone. Hey that rhymes! Well sorta.


JOKES You don't have to leave!

100 Blogs Later and am I Cooler?

Hello my friends! :)

Well that was a very uncreative greeting… I'm running out of ideas so that must mean something. Like this must be my 100th BLOG!!! Yes, tommorow is going to be my 2nd year anniversary of me joining this website. It's been long and I've gone far so let's just take a breather and look at some funny and foolish things I've done in the past shall we? :P

So I joined back in December 6th, 2007 and I remember, I didn't know what I was doing lol and randomly clicking something until I found something interesting or familiar. Yes, I was very young, and foolish.

I remember my very first blog, back in Dec 10th, 2007. Yea I was young and foolish. I liead about getting SWAT 4 lol *shrugs* hey, I don't lie no more. Okay thats not completely true but think positive!

And then there was that time on Apr. 29th, 2008 when got my wonderful, great, best friend who has given me many hours of enjoyment and fun. He recently passed away and is now deceased. I will throw him out the window later. It was also when I had that weird dream which helped me decide whether I should get Oblivion or COD4 first.

Later on I shared with you my history of gaming and how I got into it and such. And then while playing Fable 1 had my first RROD experience. Note that blog may be a little overexaggerated, please read with caution. And maybe a paperbag.

Don't forget my 14th birthday where I received 5 epic games and then that sad day the 15th of November when my 360 died of RROD for realz. E 74 SUCKS.

Don't forget my old music taste blog from Dec. 10th of last year! My has it changed a heck of a lot now… And that time when I was stranded in the LA Airport last Christmas. Quite an experience. That *** was tight! :P

Yea then, I'm pretty sure most of you are up to date by now. Unless you want to see some of my E3 2009 Stage Demo Impressions. That was a blast from the PAST. My was I very young, well that was two years ago but still. I've changed quite a bit haven't I? Before I was young and foolish, biased, unsexy and barely knew anything. Well sort of. But that was 100 blogs ago, it's time to rejoice!

And some other little snippets. What the heck does snippet mean neway. Where did it come from? w.e...

My first forum post was on a topic called "Have a question in Guild Wars" which I said.

Ahhh that quest... That quest is in Pre-Searing and is for Monk proffesions. Mhenlo gives you protection skills. if she died then start over, she shouldnt be gone... must be a glitch.


See look at me! So young and yet so cocky! Hahaha! I don't even think I knew what I was talking about hahahaha! It's so funny right Hahahaha! HEY WHY YOU LAUGHING AT ME

I think the first union I joined was the Guild Wars Union. I was really into GW that time. :)

Let's take a quick look at my stats aswell! :D

My stats


Yea, well time to PARTAAAAY! Welcome to Season 2 of Lopur94's epic gaming life that everyone should be apart off! In Season 2 you will see some crazy drama, decisions, destruction, grudges, old friends, new guys, explosions and all those cool stuff!

Experience the magic, in Season 1 it was the adventures of Lopur and his Xbox 360. Will Season 2 feature a new friend?

Who knows! Stick around to find out! ;)

So yea, later pepz!

Tagged and Switching Sides


Yea well I have to some really big news about my gaming and how it might change. But before I do that I've been tagged, so let's start off this blog on a happy note.

Okay so list 10 facts about myself… And here we go.

1. I'm Asian. So if you wanna picture me in ur head. Picture a really hot asian guy. Yea that's me.

2. I have a pet cat with a lightning shaped patch on her forehead. Her name is Shazam! I had a hamster but it died :(

3. I have seen 15 summers and winters and everything else. Wait no I was born in October… 14 summers? Well I'm 15 years old so yea.

4. I'm Malaysian. It's that country between Thailand and Singapore. Yea go look it up. Fine I'll do it for you...

5. I'm Malaysian but I live in Canada currently for my dad's work. :D

6. I can speak English and I'm learning Spanish. I can barely speak Malaysian, which is the only asian language I know. I wanna learn Korean tho, sigh.

7. I'm a head banger. So I like the metal music. 'Specially the Melodic Death Metal (Black Dahlia Murder, COB FTW!) and progressive (Opeth, Mastodon m/) n other stuff. Oh also the black metal (Cradle of Filth, Skeletonwitch!) Remember bak then when I liked Yellowcard and Linkin Park! Yea, it's evolution man. It's best music bro!

8. And when I'm not listening to the blast beats and the guitar riffs, k-pop is the other awesomeness that ever graced Earth. K-pop is Korean Pop. Yea, on the other side of the spectrum. I think that's one of the few Asian characteristics about me. And I like the girl groups for obvious reasons. The boy bands just don't appeal to me. :o

9. She is my wife. Or one that I hope will be? Iono

10. Uhh whats my last one. Oh, I know how to play the alto saxophone. It's a very sexy instrument. For sexy people to play. Like me. :P

11. I just burped.

And damn it stinks! :lol:

Well recently, I came home and decided to go on a rampage in MW2 multiplayer, but of course not, Microsoft wouldn't let me. Yes I got the Red Ring of Death once again. My third time in two years and what did I do? Nothing. I didn't play since last Monday. And I only turned on my 360 to go see the new Facebook and Twitter updates but no. RROD would not permit it.

I got the one red light again. Before I had E 74. But now I had the E 73. How cruel.


So seriously, if my PlayStation 1, which I had ever since my 8th birthday, still works after all these years and my 360 dies three times in two years. What the heck? The 360 is awesome in the idea, the concept but it's just some terrible hardware and I really don't want to be disappointed again. Especially after I send it to get repaired which takes over a month.

I think it's time to get a break from Microsoft. I have played most of the best 360 exclusives that are out there already. And I think it might be time to switch sides. :|

Yes, I want a PS3 and with the PS3 Slim and the price drop, it might happen. See Sony! The price drop was the way to go! So yea, I don't want to send my 360 in, I just want to take a break from it for a while. My plan is to trade in some of my games which I won't/can't play anymore such as Modern Warfare 2, Brutal Legend and some others for a PS3.

That's what I want to do. But I'm not 100% sure at the moment. Some cons about switching sides is, I will be saying good bye to a lot of my friends. I can't finish Ninja Gaiden Black, Jade Empire. I won't be able to play Mass Effect 2 and Splinter Cell: Conviction when it comes out… And I will never get to tweet from my Xbox 360. Never.

Some pros, well I can list all the pros right here. MGS4, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Uncharted 2, inFamous, Killzone 2, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Demon Souls, Valkyria Chronicles, Heavenly Sword. I could get Batman: AA, Dragon Age: Origins, Prototype, Red Faction: Guerilla and most importantly Assassin's Creed 2. I can still play BioShock 2 when it comes out and don't forget the HEAVY RAIN. I wanna play that game so badly. :x


This is my 99th blog, what a great way to hit my 100th.

So should I ditch the Xbox 360 for now and get a PS3? I will return but not anytime soon.

So that's it for now. Zellgun1126 on the Xbox 360 will be on hiatus until when? Who knows. But it won't be anytime soon. Hopefully my parents will agree to this PS3 deal.

And maybe someday Zellgun1126 will awaken in the near future.

Maybe someday.