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>:( Ughh

I'm so angry right now, I'm trying to get the final weapons in FFXIII, and the easiest way to do that is to complete a specific quest, unfortunately, the enemy I have to kill in this quest has insanely powerful magic attacks. My sentinal attracts all of the attention and thereby should save us in theory, but the proggramers made it so that you characters instinctively run towards the enemy (AKA where your sentinal is) so that you basically end up automatically running straight to your death.

3DS or Vita?

I've been having a difficult mental debate here. This christmas I'm planning on getting either a vita or a 3DS, but I can't decide, can anyone help?

Merry Frickin' Christmas everyone

I just found out that what was supposed to be an amazing holiday for gaming is about to become an amazing new year for gaming. Every incredible gameset for November(Skyrim, Uncharted 3, Arkham City,etc.) now has quite a large chance of being delayed thanks to the latest gamein the Call of Duty series. Modern Warfare 3 is set to release this November, most likely destroying any chance of the above mentioned games being released that month, and possibly December as well. Merry Chrismas :)

This form of Media is underappreciated

Today my band conductor was telling us how out of it we were. So she used the analogy that we were acting asmindlesslyas ifwe were playing video games and needed to start thinkin if we were going to be able to play an instrument. I immediately thought of multiple games, and franchises that were more complex than playing an instrument (with much thanks to the recent release of portal 2).

It's War

I've recently been playing Conker's Bad Fur Day and I'm just about to enter chapter 8: It's War. I also beat Dead Space 2 yesterday and startred SMG2.

Beat Metroid Prime

I completed the game in 14 hours with 64% item completion without a walkthrough (which was very difficult). excited to start on Echoes but i feel like it won't be as fun as 1 or corruption.

Back on WoW

After a year and a half i've finally bought another wow card and got from lvl 52 to 61 within the past 2-3 days :) im excited to buy cataclysm so i can use my new flying mount in azeroth and i've already entirely sxplored outland.

The COD problem

Everyone who buys COD games please read this. Ever since its creation it has set the standards for the modern FPS. It has evolved into something that I once considered great, but as of November 10th 2009 I have discovered the monster that Activision, Treyarch, Infinity Ward, and us, the consumers have created. Upon playing MW2 i discovered something that changed my view of the series, the creators, and FPS gaming. It was the exact same as COD 4. I completed the campaign within 2 days (only a few hours of play however) and was left shocked that even though the story was very good and the action was incredible, something was missing. It was as if the developers had simply put all their time into multiplayer gaming, which they had. I asked my friend what they thought of the game and more than half of them claimed they didn't even play the campaign, only multiplayer (of course this cannot be used as a legitimate survey as these people are only 14-15 years old). This soon led me to realize that ever since COD 4 the series had simply been decreasing improvements and the campaign for a good multiplayer experience. This has been spilling over into almost every game since COD 4 as well. One series that has been entirely destroyed in favor of a multiplayer experience that is now simply used to suck money from the pockets of unsuspecting teenagers and their parents may not sound so bad but COD has caused a revolution in gaming, a very NEGATIVE revolution. The only thing that developers focus on these days is multiplayer (save for our faithful friends at nintendo ;)). EA has even recently stated that all of their games will now include some form of multiplayer. I personally don't care for multiplayer and I know that many others agree with me. Games have gone through revolution before, from the simple little time wasting arcade games such as the beloved pac- man to a universal hobby gaming has now become a money sucking beast that is beyond saving. Game quality has simply become multiplayer andanother problem is that pricesare increasing dramatically, I find it ludicrous to pay 60$ for one game even is it is new and in HD it is unreasonable, especially for a game doesn't deliver even 7 hours of fun. I pay 7$ for a movie that can range from 1/2-3 hours and yet I am forced to pay 60$ for about 6 hours. but people will still pay, even if all the true gamers in the world stop paying for games, buying them for cheap prices off ebay or simply buying older games with reduced pricing, there will always be a market of children and teenagers who will mindlessly throw their money at game stores for another chance to shoot their friends in the new "online sensation", yet they insult those who play MMO's such as WoW for waisting their lives when they are doing the same. I would ask everyone who will read this to please boycott COD and Halo and any other game based entirely around multiplayer, stop the companies from abusing us for money even if its only a small difference maybe we can at the very least lower prices. The gaming industry has gotten out of hand, what will you do to help?

Super Mario World

Everyone I need help. Super Mario World stopped working on my Snes. I tried cleaning it and succeeded but the cartridge still doesn't work. Whenever I turn it on the nintendo logo never appears, just a white square near where it used to be, and when the actual game starts Mario never appears, just the levels and weird symbols and static-looking areas on the top half of the screen. If anyone has experienced this before and fixed it leave how to in the comments.

FFX Complete

I have finished yet another final fantasy game and am now only 3 games away from completing the entire series. FFX was by far one of the best games i've ever played and i plan on replaying it along with 7 and 9 after i finish the rest of the series.