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lol that's just silly. Take something that's popular and put it in a totally unrelated game. I can't imagine this drawing any ME3 to FF or the other way around.
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[QUOTE="IndianaJones414"]The ending was not bad, it was just to over complicated, and i think they put to much effort into it. The game itself was great, but to me the they have put more effort on the battle on Earth and less on the actual ending. KeredsBlaze

I didn't love the ending, but it doesn't bug me that much either, so it is left open to interpretation, big deal. This is still probably the best game I have ever played

I've finally managed to finish the game for the first time just now. I think you quote sums it up nicely Indiana, the ending isn't necessarily bad... it's just way too convoluted. I saw some new about Bioware perhaps planning to change the ending or write an alternate ending. Despite the fact that this isn't the perfect ending I had in mind I hope they don't. They made the choice to end the game like this and they should stick with it. Changing the ending would ruin any of their credibility.
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Whoa people what's up! I've been avoiding the forum the last couple of weeks until I finished the game. Needless to say I've missed quite a bit of discussion. With all the work for university it took me until finally get to the end. I already caught some light on the controversy since well... it's pretty much all over the internet ;). I can't say I am disapointed by the ending but honestly I think Bioware made in incredibly complicated ending the trilogy the way they did. Getting to the Citadel and seeing both Anderson and TIM there was quite the "WTF moment" and being presented with 3 choices only added to that. I picked the destruction option since it seemed the most logical choice, the reapers are defeated and life and go on... until a certain extent. Looking back I guess the ending is a bit too convoluted, if I where Bioware I would have sticked with just the two options (destruction or control) and wrapped it all in a slightly different package. All and all Mass Effect 3 has left me... not disapointed but rather pensive and confused. I guess I am just not completely sure what to think of it all yet. Edit: Browsing the web I actually found that the destuction ending I got is somewhat more exclusive. There's a quick flash of Shepard still alive and breathing in the end.
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I am about halfway through the game I think (15 hours played) [spoiler] Just saved the council from Kai Leng's attack [/spoiler]
I've heard nearly everyone complain about the ending. I am mildly positive about the game so far, it's good but not great (yet). I guess that is the problem with the anticipation and all the hype up ahead, at a certain point your expectations are so high that the actual game can only end up letting you down. Especially revealing the Crucible in the first mission after the prologue seemed waaaay too convenient [spoiler] Welcome to Mass Effect 3! Here are the plans for a weapon to defeat Reapers, now go on and get building! That pretty much seems to take a lot of suspense away from the plot. Like having the ace that's going to win you the game up your sleeve the entire time. [/spoiler]
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Meh, got the game installed but it's locked on Origin :(. Damn you EA. Ah well, just 2 hours left....
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EXCLUSIVE STUFF, Bioware recut the "Take Back Earth" CGI trailer with femshep. Awwwww Yeah!

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Just got an email that my CE was send today, which should mean I'll have it in the mail tomorrow :D. Two days early since I am in europe :), unfortunately I won't be home until wednesday 0_o.
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That looks fanmade by someone who has the game already. I kind of wish I hadn't watched it.

Yeah, it's just a fanmade trailer, nothing official. Watched the first few seconds but seems to heavy on spoilers.
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Can't... stop.... watching... the launch trailer! Bleh awesome.
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Awesome, so excited xD. Next week around this time I'll be in the thick of it :D.