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Post E3 and my first car

Another year means another E3. I haven't seen any announcements that left my jaw on the floor but there were some great games at the show. I managed to catch all the press conferences; I guess I liked EA's best if only for all the games they showed. Wii U looks like an interesting new platform, Nintendo games generally aren't my thing but I can imagine the potential with the Wii U. Here are my top 3 games at this year's E3: #1 Mass Effect 3  As most of you know I am a major Mass Effect fan so I am obviously looking forward to this game. We got a fair amount of info on the 3th part of this trilogy during E3 and it looks like the game is shaping up nicely. Combat seems a lot more diverse with Shepard having more abilities to use and a new melee attack in the form of the omniblade. I am glad they decided to push back the release date to give the game all the attention it needs. I'd hate to see them rush this game just for a favorable release date. #2 Skyrim  The Elder Scrolls is another RPG series that I really enjoy and it looks like Skyrim is about to become the best chapter yet. Dualwielding weapons and spells, better combat and another huge world to explore. I love how the Elders Scrolls series allows you to mold your own hero and always leaves some stuff open to your imagination to really make each game your own adventure.

#3 Tomb Raider  I am slightly skeptical about the next Tomb Raider game. The trailer and gameplay we've seen at E3 look really great but the game does seem totally different from the previous games in the series. I know they're going for a reboot but they do seem to throw a lot of "canon" out of the window. Nevertheless I am really looking forward to see how the game turns out. An honorable mention goes out to Far Cry 3, I really enjoyed the first game (didn't like the 2nd) and FC3 definitely looks promising.

Come September I'll start at the university of Nijmegen to study English language and culture. School will take some getting used to after working full-time for the past year but I am quite excited to go. Since it's a 50 kilometer drive to the university and I can't really be bothered with public transportation anymore I decided to buy my first car. After looking around for a while I bought this Peugot 206, needless to say I am quite happy ;)


I've been getting back into Photoshop lately, I really love making graphics although I usually lack the creativity to be really good at it. I've tried my hand at some union banners again and I am quite happy with the way they turned out.

The Battlefield Union:  The Dragon Age Universe:  I still need quite a bit of practise so I'll be taking requests for union/profile banners on a first come first serve basis. If you'd like one let me know via a comment or pm.

Resistance is Futile

I've done it again, I couldn't resist... Yes I bought Cataclysm. I had not played World of Warcraft for 1,5 years, a fact that I was actually quite proud off. After Wrath of the lich king I figured I was quite done with the game and moved on. When Cataclysm was announced I wasn't really interested either. I figured I was done with World of Warcraft, a grand total of 4 years well spend but in the past now.

When Cataclysm was released two weeks ago some form of curiosity started bubbling up inside me again. I ended up checking out some of the websites, reading some of the reviews and slowly a twitch of longing returned. It wasn't until one of my best friends announced he had bought the game that I really started considering the option. Most of my friends aren't really interested in computer games so when it comes to gaming with friends he's the only one I turn to. I think I've spend the past two days considering my options to finally arrive at the conclusion that with no other interesting games being released in the too-near future, playing Cataclysm with my buddy would actually be a great deal of fun. I doubt I'll be going all out with it but perhaps it will keep me entertained until Dragon Age 2 arrives in march next year.

So here I am again, I caught the WoW bug. Damn you Blizzard, damn you! ;)

And we're back!

Hey Everyone! It's been a while since you last saw me around here. I've been so busy with school and work that I haven't had the time to interact with the various GS communities I've joined in the past year. My apologies go out to the people over at the ME:U whom I've kinda left without saying a word, glad to see you guys are still chatting away :).

Fortunately things have cooled down a bit and I've got enough spare time again to hang around on gamespot again, hope to see you all around! ;)

Starcraft 2 Beta Impressions

It took me ages to get this blog posted. I usually work out my message in word first and then copy it to the GS website. Unfortunately it keeps giving me errors saying my HTML is formatted incorrectly. Yes yes I looked it up on google already but none of the solutions I found there worked. Anyways here know a solution to this problem? On to the main course:

I finally found myself lucky enough to obtain a Starcraft 2 beta key and I've been playing the beta for close to three weeks now. Now I'll be honest with you, despite being a huge RTS fan I've never played the original Starcraft. At the time I was playing other RTS games and when I first learned about SC the game seemed way too old to still be enjoyable. With that said, I am no major Starcraft fan. I know the original game was (and for some people still is) extremely popular. With one of the most dedicated fan bases ready to barbeque people alive for talking trash about their favorite game ;). The fact is that I have been enjoying the beta so far. With limited prior knowledge the game has been quite a surprise for me. Although the game is still in a beta stage the amount of polish that went into it is jaw-dropping. Blizzards philosophy: "It's done when it's done", still serves them well and has really allowed them to produce games with a level of quality that is hard to find anywhere else in the industry. From the game menu to music and even the tiniest user interface detail, the game looks slick and runs smooth.

The graphics for Starcraft 2 are great and Blizzard once again manages to produce their signature style of cartoony yet serious graphics. The way graphics scale is even more impressive. Whether I run the game on maximum settings on my home pc, or minimum ones on my 2 year old laptop it's smooth sailing all the way.

Even on an older gpu SC2 looks good. Gameplay-wise the game is also solid. Blizzard stuck with the tried and true method, which is honestly understandable albeit maybe a bit disappointing. A lot of units and building where taken from the original game to such an extent that even their stats are identical. Nothing in the formula is really revitalizing either, and even though it still works fine the whole idea does feel somewhat dated. Besides the incredible polish I guess you'd just expect a bit more from a game that has been in production for 8 years. Blizzard's system deserves a special mention. With stats tracking, matchmaking, automated ladders and much more it's really an amazing system. However it's probably also the only thing in the beta that currently isn't working correctly yet. Depending on their skill level players are put in either copper, bronze, silver, gold or platinum leagues. As a player in the silver league 9 out 10 fight are against players from higher league's whom are obviously more skilled. It's annoying while it would seem there are enough similarly skilled opponents in your own league. Of course it's a beta and I am confident Blizzard will be tying up these loose ends.

The Zerg are also back, make sure you bring your bug repellant. Starcraft 2 is shaping up to be a great RTS game. Solid and highly competitive, it's doesn't have the epic flair some fans use to describe it but I am sure it will be a huge hit nonetheless. Starcraft 2 will be released on July the 27th and is already available for pre-order.

A Few Interesting Lectures

I've been thinking about a topic for a new editorial for a while but I can't seem to find the time to sit down and start writing. While researching some topics I came across this youtube channel which has some really interesting lectures about game related topics. Now I hear you thinking but don't worry, these aren't your average boring school lectures. Each of them lasts about 10 minutes and presents a really interesting view on the topic at hand.

Video games and Female Audience Video games and Learning Video games and Sex Be sure to check them out and share your thoughts :)

Bioware Bazaar

As most of you know Bioware has had a countdown on their websites for the past several days. The entire community has been waiting on the edge of their seats, what could it be? A new IP, Dragon Age 2, a Mass Effect 2 expansion?

The countdown expired well over an hour ago revealing the "Bioware Bazaar". "Ok so wth is it?", you might wonder just as I did. Reading a bit further it turned out to be contest to, and I quote: "show our appreciation of fan support and to celebrate the 15th anniversary of BioWare".

The competition has fans gather tokens to use in an auction with all kinds of Bioware prizes. Pretty neat I though, the whole countdown may have been a bit too much but well can't blame them for smart marketing. Reading a few lines however we find out the the whole contest is open to only the US, excluding two states. Asia? Never heard of it... Europe? I though we had dissmissed that claim... Australia? what's that... Canada? No since EA took over we /careface the country we're based in... I am normally not one for ranting around but the riculousity of the situation pretty much asks for it. Bioware managed to get their entire community on the edge of their seats to slap them into the face with some half arsed contest that's open to a few American states. 0_o. One batch of community chaos coming right up.

Wicked Sick

Guess what! I just got level 30 here on Gamespot. I've had this account since 2004 already, but I've only been actively using it since a year or so.

No serious stuff today, just random ramblings ;). Sitting here at the moment sipping some coffee, went out with a friend last night and got home way too late. Now I am stuck with a headache and it's not even the hangover kind :S.

Any of you guys listen to Evanescence? Amy posted a video on Twitter of her playing part of a new song for the next album. It sounds really amazing, can't wait to hear the entire song. The mysterious countdown on the Bioware websites should expire tomorrow. I am curious as to what they'll be announcing. My best guess is still that it will have something to do with the rumors about a new IP. Yesterday I finally bought all my motorbike clothing. It looks awesome and I get wait to finish lessons in April and finally get on my Bike. I'll probably post some pictures just to be showing off ;).

So now that i've got that off my chest it's time to do some prep for work and get some much needed gaming done after that ;)

Dragon Age 2 Rumors

It's been a while since I blogged anything. There are some rumors going around about the possible announcement of Dragon Age 2. Gamespot already posted a news item depicting a small flyer that came with the Awakening review box.  I wouldn't be surprised if they would indeed be announcing Dragon Age 2 shortly after the release of the Awakening expansion. With EA calling the shots and the huge success Dragon Age has had they wouldn't say no to a sequel.

I personally think it's a bit fast releasing a sequel less then 1,5 year after the original. Then again knowing Bioware they wouldn't start any project unless they were really up to the challenge. What about you guys, excited for the Awakening release next week? And do you think we'll indeed be seeing a Dragon Age 2 early 2011?

Now playing: Spellforce

Spellforce is one of those games not a lot of people know. It's a bit underrated and often overlooked. I bought the game at its original release date in 2004 but somehow lost my copy. I downloaded the Platinum edition (original game + 2 expansions) last week which was available quite cheap at

(The cover of Spellforce, epic sideboob anyone? ;))

Spellforce is an blend of RTS and RPG. Back in 2004 it was heavily advertised as "revolutionary". These days quite a few RTS games have minor RPG influences. Spellforce never received any critical acclaim which was somewhat understandable. In fact the game was loaded with bugs, glitches and rough edges on its release date. Developer Phenomic never patched out any major flaws and today the game still has numerous flaws and rough edges.

The thing is, I really love Spellforce despite all its bugs and flaws it has an undeniable charm. Both the RTS and RPG aspects work moderately well but combined with the story end up being amazing. In the premise of the story you are a Rune Warrior, an immortal hero bound to a runestone called forth to serve as protector of the world of Eo. The game's story unfolds as fairly typical high fantasy with a jaw dropping conclusion. The amount of content in Spellforce and both of its expansions is quite staggering combined you'd be able to spend around a 100 hours into it.

If you like RTS and RPG games you should definitely give it a try. Additionally has quite a few amazing classics available for download if you have a few spare bucks lying around.
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