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thank you for your response drifting..that stinks...oh well i guess ill just switch profiles that seemed to have worked..its annoying but it's better than getting up to pull memory cards in and out

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OK so I have a question that I hope anyone would be gracious enough to answer for me;

I currently have 2 memory cards inserted into my xbox 360 USB ports...there are 2 more in the back...so my question is...can I..or is there any way to have the XBOX 360 read more than 2 memory cards at once..for example..can i plug in 4 cards..will it read all 4 when I goto the "storage menu"?

Or how about a multi reader? Would I then be able to have 3+ memory cards inserted into my xbox and would it read each one individually or is the max the 360 can read 2 at a time?

I hope I am being clear in my explanation of my query...any help on this topic would be GREATLY appreciated and I thank you in advance.

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OMG people are not buying a game because it MAY not have 1 or 2 things from a previous game???!!! oh no what ever will i do? oh i know..... play mine that i preordered the day it was available and wait till you stop being stupid and finally get it, then kill you in MP......... constantly!!!!!!!



hah this is funny ill give it to ya!

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no purchase...its basically impossible to evade now...sadly, ill pass on this game...i was so upset i had to make a thread about this in case anyone enjoyed WFC like me...this game is much worse. 

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holy crap i was reading online and it appears you CANNOT perform barrel rolls or side-jumps...very disappointing..i will not be purchasing this. 

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no double jump is awful



i could not perform barrell rolls in jet mode nor could i jump sideways while in car mode...any one else experience this?


tell you right now..if i cant barrel roll or sidejump in my car, i ain't getting it!

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im a level 40 and have been playing on and off since mid-may and i rarely have trouble finding games

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dual wield an automatic gun and you win from med-close range most of the time

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9 times out of 10 you die very quickly anyway -

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hard mode is very difficult but I find it more enjoyable this way.

I like your comparison to one room small armies...thats actually a very good way to put it.

you really have to work the bullet-time on hard to have any chance.

the one downside of hard is that it kinda changes the game in a sense...meaning you spend a lot of time in cover or moving from cover to cover. this takes away from the game being 'max payne' due to how careful you must be. I can't remember spending any time in cover in max payne 1 or 2..bullet time was your cover.

also the biggest annoyance is there is no auto save like 1 or 2 which also slows down the gameplay as you have to be EXTRA careful not to get picked by that last straggler when you're on empty and have to restart THE ENTIRE ROOFTOP!! ARGHH!!

oh ya and how can i forget -- you have to be extra careful where and when you use bullet time otherwise you are boned -- i know this same principal applied in previous paynes but its extra sensitive this time, more realistic i suppose but i often found myself jumping neck first into walls only to realize the game has changed! John Mirra -- get it he was in the john talkin in the mirror!

this game..gotta hand it to rockstar...no one makes a game like em...the production values are through the roof...max payne deserved this treatment and as a fan of the first 2 this, thus far -- only on act III -- is excellent.

It's like playing a Tony Scott film.