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music and games

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i think when u play call of duty most def listen to hard music or my band of choice tooL or slipknot or korn or more or thrash grind core....maybe some hardcore rap i dont really listen to rick ross or @chainz or music from i for got the bands name on guilty gear classic like rock w.e doesnt matter....

games and relationships 2

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if u and your gf or bf argued and didnt wanna talk and u two played the game how do u feel afterwards is a cure ?

games in relationships

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how do u feel if your gf or bf continued your game from your saving point an beat it for u?

gamer chix

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have u ever lost to a gamer chix?...and girls and games sweet thats a bonus for a girl to come over and and join in a match of any game of choice i once had a stripper chic i brought around the bros and that had a game of madden goin she won every game wish i had money on her that nite what was even sexier was watching her kill off everyone in call of duty lmao FN sweet!!!

the game world

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its coo that games and systems came a long way and got a lot better and we will always have are classics but in HD pretty sweet

who would be ?

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what game character would u be and why that character ?

im new but old

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to all and im new here and i dont really have games but some do to the fact a crazy ex gf thru my ps3 out the window so from what i have so far dont judge me for my stats and that doesnt mean im not a gamer i just missed out on alot but thanx to being here i have a great chance to catch up on coo new games or games i like and questions to other ppl wit more things to know to fill me in .

to my fellow gamers

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what is a good game to take your mind away from things to make u feel redeemed?....