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I´m now a officer of the Anime/Games Zone Union!Wohhohho!!!First time i´m an oficer now!I`m so Happy but sadly on Tuesday school begins again!!:cry:


School year is over!!!!!!!!!!!!Now i have 6 weeks of fun,sleep and posting time!!!!!!!!!My average of grades is 3.0.In America it would be C .Not good but i´ts also not bad.Well,I´m in 9th grade now!!! WOoohhhhhhhhowhwohowh!!!!:) :):):):):)


Only two more weeks of school and the 8 grade ( in germany) doesn´t exist for me anymore!!!!After those 2 weeks I have 6 weeks vacation!That means sleeping,playing,posting,sleeping,playing,posting......But there are few more grades I have to finish.Though most of the german schools just have 9 or 10 grades,I have to finish 13!!!!!!!!!!! :cry: In germany it´s called gym (no, not where you´re making sports) in America it would be called High school i think.

please read this

Why does nobody write into my Journal?Could any1 please write something into it ?

:cry:Nobody likes me:cry: j/k

The RHCP fan union

I wanna make a red hot chili peppers fan union when I´m lvl.6 .So every RHCP fan please write in here so I can start this union!If you like RHCP songs it suffices!Please write in here!And if you have an idea for a better name 4 this union

Write in here!

5 more weeks of school

Only five more weeks and i´m in 9th grade.But those 5 weeks will be awful coz we´re goin´ to write a test in every subject that means 12 more tests(duh).After those weeks I´ve finally vacation (6 weeks!!!!).One thing I´m lookin forward to is sleeping till noon!

I am ruling

In my school it´s well-known that I´m really bad in math!But some months ago there was a math test in our school,which was voluntary!I took part because like this I had no History and Latin!And a few weeks ago the results of this test were published and I was on the *roll of drums* 4th PLACE of the SCHOOL !!!!!!But not only this I also was the BEST of my class and there are some students who only have the best grades!!!One of them is my mate he punched me all the time on the way back to our classroom (it´s a very long way).This was really 1 of the best days of my young life!!