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Happy Halloween!

I can't believe it's already Halloween. I'm still not sure what I'll be doing tonight, but there will be candy involved. Whether I'll be passing it out or eating it at a friend's house has yet to be determined. We bought some candy to pass out, but it turns out everyone else has other plans, and I don't really want to pass out candy this neighborhood. We didn't even get any decorations, and I have no costume. So, yeah, maybe I'll go to a friend's house.

I finished playing Dead Island a few days ago. The game wasn't very good, it reminded me of Left4Dead. It was fun for a while, but the weapons didn't last long, some of the enemies were rather ridiculously strong, and the story wasn't very great. There didn't really seem to be any reason to do the sidequests, other than for a little experience. I actually completed a mission for one of the people and they never even gave me my reward! But it was fun to hack away at zombies with my machete. Good ol' machete. I would have used the guns more often, but the price for upgrading them was outrageous! And I lost a ton of money by dying so often. Anyway, I plan on playing Red Dead Redemption next, I hear that was a good game.


I've been trying to get back into shape for a while now, I'm not really sure why, maybe because I'm so bored. Anyway, I've been running a lot. I started maybe six or seven weeks ago, and back then I couldn't even run a mile non-stop! The first mile I ran, I had a time of 12 minutes and 52 seconds. Not very good at all. The next mile I ran, I made it in 10 minutes and 37 seconds! Then I wanted to run two miles, and made it in 23 minutes and 22 seconds. The last mile I ran, I got a time of 8 minutes and 35 seconds, and yesterday I ran three miles without stopping or walking! I really tried to get a decent time when I had to run the mile in high school, but I never seemed to make it under 12 minutes, I wonder why I can do it now. It's weird though, after about the first five minutes of running I can't feel my legs anymore, and they don't even hurt afterwards. Last night, my sister showed me this hilarious video of a treadmill marathon by Tosh.0. I don't think I can ever run a marathon.

The job search isn't going so well. I've expanded to other states, yet I still haven't heard back from anywhere. I'm going to start applying to local stores and hopefully I get a job so I can start paying off my student loans. Right now I'm making a little money babysitting with my friends. I also did some work for my dad's boss, cleaning his house in Santa Cruz. Apparently no one had been there in over a year. It was a really nice house, right next to the beach, with a beautiful view of the ocean. Took the entire day to clean it though, so I didn't get to go down to the beach. Oh well, I earned a little bit of money working, and that's what I was there for.

A few weeks ago I got to play trampoline dodgeball. It was very fun, and very exhausting. We only played for an hour and afterwards, it felt weird to walk around on the ground. What wasn't so fun was the fact that one of the people that works at that place stayed with us the whole time and was always calling people out when they really weren't. He also yelled at me for kicking the ball. I also got to play disc golf for the first time in at least seven years. I wasn't very good at it though, and for some reason, every time I threw my disc, it went straight for this one guy. I felt kind of bad, but at one point I told him to just go stand by the basket to see if I could actually make it over there. Everyone laughed at that, but I was serious. We also played hot lava monster, at 1 in the Stockton. What were we thinking? Fortunately no one gave us any problems, and we only got beat up by the playground. I must've had five new bruises from that night, not to mention my arms and back were sore from swinging around on the bars. This one guy sliced his toe open, it looked really bad. That was when we stopped playing.

I haven't been playing many video games lately. Actually, I've been thinking of playing all the Parasite Eve games now that I've got 'em all. I've also really wanted to play Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy VIII again. Of course, maybe I should finish Chrono Trigger before I get back into Chrono Cross. I also have Dante's Inferno and Enslaved to play. Although, I don't really care much for the characters in Enslaved right now, so I haven't felt like playing that game. I'll have to beat it eventually, my brother said it was really good.

Last, but not least, we finally got a pool! It's the first pool my family has ever had that wasn't a radiator cleaning tank, plastic tub, or a tarp with the ends tied up. It's an actual pool! Only 15 feet wide and 42 inches deep, so I can't really do much swimming, but we have a pool! And it's going to be in the mid 90's most of the weekend and next week, perfect weather for hanging out in the pool.


So I finally had a chance to play some video games! Yesterday I played Risk Factions online with my brother and some random person. I started off exactly where I wanted to, in South America. I built up some troops and made sure my brother wouldn't get all of Africa, but in one turn he managed to wipe out all of my armies! Not just mine, but the other person's armies as well. The game was totally playing favorites. On one turn I had about 12 or 13 troops against my brother's 3, and he didn't lose a single one as he wiped out all of mine. So then we played another game and the same thing happened! I couldn't believe it. Today I decided to play a little bit of Enslaved. I only played for an hour or so, and I don't really like the characters so far. I hope it gets better.

Other than games, I'm still applying for jobs. I recently found one close to home with the Mosquito and Vector Control Association of California. I think that'd be a fun job, then again, I think most of the jobs I'm applying for would be fun. Unfortunately, I still haven't heard back from anywhere. I guess I just need to keep applying.

With my flute broken, I figured it was about time I started learning to play a new instrument. So I decided to pick up a guitar.

I couldn't seem to get any noise out of it, but it looks cool, right? I found that guitar in the gift shop at the Alabama Music Hall of Fame back in May.

Always Busy

I've had no luck so far in my job search. Of all the positions I've applied to I've only heard back from two, and I didn't get either one of 'em. The CDC was hiring a microbiologist, unfortunately I did not qualify for the position. :( I hope I find something soon, I really need a job. For now I'm helping my dad demolish the bathroom at the ranch, and we'll eventually rebuild the room. We've only run into one black widow so far, and something that must be a camel spider. It was a yellowish color with 10 legs and...a beak? I don't know, but I caught it and gave it to someone that likes bugs. The thing was also very aggressive and tried to attack the fly swatter I was using to push it into the container. When I showed the camel spider to my dad, he said he has seen those around the ranch, some a lot bigger than the one I caught! I don't like going out to the ranch anymore...

Other than working out at the ranch, I make some time to play tabletop RPGs at my cousin's house. I created a character that is like a reptile human. It's got awesome wings and a tail. My bite is my most powerful attack right now, but I'll eventually become undead and start raising undead armies of my own. I've also got a little saber tooth tiger, modeled after SaberLeomon from Digimon, as a pet. It's going to be awesome when it gets bigger! I'm also trying to make time to play video games. I borrowed Dante's Inferno from my brother, but he just kept saying how terrible the game was that I don't know if I really want to play it anymore. The game doesn't really start off that great. I also borrowed my brother's 360. Now I can finally play Alan Wake! Maybe I'll also finish Lost Odyssey, I think I was on the third disc.

Well it finally seems like spring is here. Since I've been home we've had a ton of rain and the temperatures haven't made it any higher than the mid 70s. We've also had at least five tornados touch down in northern California, all in rural areas so they didn't do much damage. Now it's sunny and in the 80s and I'm getting sunburned.

Home Sweet Home

It's been a long week, but it's good to be home. My graduation was on May 7th, after which my family helped me load all my things into my car and my dad's truck. Then we rushed to help my roommate load up some of her things and take it to a house in Brookings. After that I checked out of my apartment and hit the road. First stop was Omaha, where we dropped off my mom at the airport so she could fly back home. Then we drove on down to Alabama to visit my grandpa. It was good to see him again, I just wish we had more time to spend down there, but we were kind of in a hurry to get back to California. So we took off from my grandpa's place on May 11th. We got to see some of the tornado damage in northern Alabama (a tornado was heading right for the town my grandpa lives in, but split into two just before it got there and they went off in different directions) and some of the flooding in Memphis. We stayed at hotels in Little Rock, AR and Santa Rosa, NM, then decided to drive on through the last night. We got into California around 10 p.m. and made it to my dad's house around 6:30 a.m on May 14th. The drive from Bakersfield to Modesto seemed to take forever...actually, I don't remember most of it as I was half asleep while driving. We had to make frequent stops to get out and stretch just to stay awake. But once we hit 120 and the sun was coming up, I was wide awake. I got about 3 hours of sleep that morning, then sat around for a few hours before I was able to go to my mom's house. Two days later and I'm still exhausted. Doesn't help that I keep staying up late and getting up early. Now I need to get my desktop computer hooked up so I can apply to some more places. I hope I get a job soon.

Heads Will Roll

I was watching the news yesterday and one of the reporters was dressed in a rabbit suit visiting homes and helping with egg hunts. The kids were all happy to see the rabbit, but even more excited to hunt for eggs. Once the egg hunt was finished, the reporter took a basket from a little boy and started running around. The kid seemed to have fun chasing the reporter around.

It can't be easy running around in a suit like that, and so the reporter tripped.

What happened next must have traumatized kids all over.

That's right, he lost his head. But the horror didn't stop there. The reporter quickly scrambled to put the head back on and ended up putting it on backwards.

After a scene from the Exorcist, involving spinning heads, the reporter was back to normal in his rabbit costume.

The kid ran the other way crying.

14 Days...

Until my graduation! I picked up my cap and gown this week, so I'm all set to graduate. I'm so excited! For now I just need to study for my exams and finish my investigative report on some foreign country. I picked El Salvador, since that's where my mom is from and I figured it'd be nice to learn a little about the country. And if I can't find all the information I need I could just ask her questions to fill in the blanks. I'm kind of sad I don't have anymore labs for the semester. For our last biochem lab we counted colonies of E. coli on our plates, cleaned glassware that was covered in unknown chemicals (for extra credit), and ate chocolate chip cookies! I can't believe our instructor brought food into the lab…

Anyway, I finally finished Parasite Eve, again. I can't believe how easy the game was; even with my experience playing the game it should have taken more than nine hits to kill the final boss in the Chrysler Building. So I figured I'd play The 3rd Birthday again. After trying multiple times to get past the Reaper, I finally decided to restart the game on easy. Now, instead of taking one or two hits to kill me, it takes the Reaper four or five hits, and I still can't get past this part of the game! Every time I get to the barrier, no one is there to jump into, so I just stand around waiting and try to avoid the Reaper's attacks. I hate this game! So I decided to play Gran Turismo 5 for the first time in I don't know how long. I was running into walls all over the place and spinning out all over the track. It was crazy, and I wasn't very happy with it.

I haven't played Little Big Planet 2 in a long time, so I decided I'd play that. When I stopped playing that game I was only on the third level, now I'm at the final level and I might beat the game later today. I miss playing Little Big Planet online with my sister, we used to have so much fun with that game. Oh well, seems like everyone is really busy these days. Once I finish LBP2, I'm not sure what I'll play next. I still have to finish Resident Evil, but I just haven't felt like playing that in a while. I guess I could play F.E.A.R. 2 or Bioshock. I've had those games for a year and I still haven't taken the time to load them onto my computer.

Wow, crazy weather in St. Louis, MO! Planes were lifted off the ground by the wind, and a little bus was on the roof of a building. I hope it's not that bad when I drive through there in a couple weeks. Although, it would be kind of cool to see a tornado.

To the Successors

Well the school year is almost over, and there isn't much left for me to do. I took the exit exam last week, then called my mom and told her I failed it and wouldn't be graduating, as an April Fools' Day joke... on April 2nd. She didn't like that very much. The exam wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, and it only took 40 minutes. I finished with time to spare. Then I had the exit interview on the 5th, I think that went well. I didn't have to say much since everyone else covered everything I wanted to say. Now everyone wants to know what I'm going to do, and where I'm going to go. I wish I knew. I'm going to apply wherever I can, and hopefully get a job close to my family. I did find this nice little place in Maine that seems interesting, but I don't know if I want to go all the way over there.

I finally got a new cell phone. After three years and numerous falls, my last phone decided it wouldn't let me hear anyone during a call, unless I put them on speakerphone. That was getting annoying. I tried to get a new phone a month ago when I went to Minneapolis, since AT&T apparently doesn't have any stores close to here, but they were too busy to help me, and my friend and I were kind of in a hurry to go see our other friend. So I had to order a phone online and so far I really like my new phone. It doesn't have my games, but I can live with the demos that it came with. I miss the sound my old phone made when I got text messages though. It was like I leveled up with each message. My new phone just beeps.

I've had some time to play The 3rd Birthday. I like the combat in the game, the Overdive system is cool, but the Liberation technique kind of sucks. The graphics and music are good. My biggest problem with the game so far is Aya. She is so annoying! I hate everything about her. I hope her character changes later in the game, maybe a good punch in the face will help. I haven't made it that far in the game, I'm actually stuck in this area with a Reaper, which kills me in one or two hits. I've tried several times to make it past this point in the game, and died every time. I hate enemies you can't kill, especially when they can teleport right to you so you don't have time to run away. I'll just have to keep trying, and hopefully one of these days I'll get past the Reaper.

Lately I've been watching The X-Files, now I really want to play my old X-Files game on the original PS. I never did finish that game. My dad got really far, but saved at a point where he could go no further. It was a lot of fun, and my dad enjoyed trying to give his badge to everyone he met. Too bad that game isn't on the PSN. I'm surprised Parasite Eve 2 isn't even on the PSN yet. I guess I'll just have to wait some more. I made it to level 51 in PE. I'm going to start making my way through the Chrysler Building now, it'll be fun.

I started watching Claymore last week, and I really loved this anime. I didn't care much for the ending though. If they had made a second season, then it wouldn't be so bad, but as far as I know there isn't. Then again, it took several years before a second season of Gunslinger Girl was released. I want to know what happens next for all the characters! Oh well, I guess now I'll start watching Full Metal Panic. My sister and I started watching it years ago, but never saw more than a few episodes. It seemed like a good anime.

Parasite Eve

Well, it was nice to play Parasite Eve again, but the game seemed different somehow. I think it was way too easy. I managed to play through most of the game with some weapons and armor I picked up on Day 2. I only died three times. The first time was on Day 3 at the police station. I entered a room where I knew I'd get into a battle, and as the battle started, I was almost immediately cornered by the rat and spider, and when they touch you it does a lot of damage. So I died fairly quickly. The second time was also at the police station, when I was fighting Kerberos. I forgot that I'd changed my armor to one that doesn't automatically heal me, and then I forgot to heal myself and died. The last time was on Day 5 at the warehouse. :lol: The warehouse is difficult no matter how many times I play Parasite Eve. I beat the crab boss, and was on my way out of the place when I got into a battle with a rat and two spiders. I had almost no PE left, and no healing items. My health was already down to about 100 when the battle started, and the enemies in the warehouse can do well over 100 damage with a single attack. So I died again. But other than those three times, I just flew through the game. Even the final boss fight took less than 20 minutes. It was a bit disappointing considering how long it took me to complete the game the first time I played it.

I must admit, the dialogue in the game can be a bit annoying sometimes. Like in the museum, when Aya goes into the security office and looks at the monitors. There is clearly an image of a pregnant Eve, and Aya knew from at least two days before that Eve would try to get pregnant, that was the whole reason she went to the hospital! Yet, when Klamp confirms that Eve is pregnant, Aya sounds so shocked at the news. It's like she never actually listened to Maeda. Poor Maeda, he knew all along and everyone completely ignored him. At the same time, even Maeda could be a bit annoying. I have no use of his good luck charms, and they wasted valuable space in my inventory! I had to throw away perfectly good junk because of that useless charm. Oh well, in the end it didn't really matter. I think I only used a few medicine 4's during the final fight, so I didn't need any extra space.

Other than that, I really enjoyed Parasite Eve. The beginning of Day 3, as Aya, Daniel and Maeda take supplies from the gun shop and pharmacy, is always amusing. I can't believe Daniel would take out his gun and shoot at the door that Aya is standing right in front of! It's a good thing bullets can pass right through her, but why waste the ammo at all? I think my favorite part about the game is going through the Chrysler Building. I love a good maze! I'll probably take my time completing that though. Too bad Parasite Eve 2 wasn't released this week, it would have been nice to get a chance to play that one before The 3rd Birthday. I guess it's back to Resident Evil for now.

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