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10 games im looking forward to Ps3 edition(no order

The Last of Us

FarCry 3

Assassin Creed 3

BioShock Infinite

Res Evil 5


Gta V

God Of War Ancesion

BorderLands 2

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

(Honorable Mentions)

Tekken Tag 2

Brother in Arms: Furious Four

Tomb Raider

Medal of Arms: War Fighter

Those are my 10 no order, i might of miss some games

Back 2 Gaming

Finally back gaming on the Ps3 username Bell-21- games i recently bought Uncharted 3,Skyrim,Killzone 3, Fight Night Champion,LB2, and Arkham City. Games i plan on buying street fighter x tekken, Max Payne,Assasin Creed Bro Hood and revelations, also Mass Effect 3. Add me if you planing on playing those games if not add me anyway if your having troube adding me just comment your PSN ID below.

DBZ: UT got murdered by gamespot!

I totally agree with gamespot on this rating the lack of characters in one thing but how some characters are missing transformations is ridicolous. The creators new we wanted all the characters from the series but they didnt give it to us shame on them, to even release this game without some characters that was in rb2 was a mistake they should at least added them. It would of be cool if they added some new characters like tapion,super andriod 17,baby vegeta,the supreme kai,goku gt kid form,general rildo,lord slug, would it been to much for them to add those characters!?!.To be honest this game is a joke they added some cool new stuff to the game besides that its trash rent at best, its not worth the whole amount. They release a game every year and still cant get it right since 2000 or listen to the people that buy the games. But oh well back to BT3 when they actually did it the right way anyways im out see you guys and girls later. -Legend Out-

Back to the PS3!!

Im finally coming back online for the ps3 next week friday. Ive been working alot lately 40+ hour weeks so ive have been on in awhile and my ps3 broke stepped on it by mistake. Also my birthday just went by 19 years old now feeling like an old man had a good bday to say the least. New games ive recently purchased Batman:AA, LBP 2, Uncharted Bundle, Ico and Shadow of the colossus bundle, Prince of persia:forgotten sands, dues ex, AC: brotherhood and games ive plan on buying in the next couple of weeks Rage, Batman: Arkham City, DBZ: Ultimate Tenkaichi and a couple sports games. That's is pretty much what ive been up 2 lately if you want to talk to me outside of gamespot add me on facebook if you want to add me on PSN add Bell-21- also i do plan on getting an xbox soon ill let you guys and gals know. See ya

----Legend Out>

Im Back!!

Im back, finally got my internet,phone,computer hooked up from moving woot!. Now i just need to find my remote so i can get my ps3! :)

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