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I've decided to buy the 3DS XL next month since i've found a good deal, so i'll get rid of the 3DS. I have a bunch of physical games with progress in them, and a bunch of downloades ones too (3DS Ware, Classics). Don't want to loose anything obviously.

Now, i know Nintendo isn't friendly with this and i'm not sure about how it'll go for the 3DS/XL.
I mean with Wii, if you want to change console (model, color...whatever reason), you're downright f*****. You cannot transfer downloaded games. I guess you can switch games saves, but still, downloaded games kills it.
With Vita, you can technically switch systems and keep your memory card. Downloads can be redownloaded too. And the system can be backed up. Almost all good, except that you cannot precisely manage your saved date, which might be a problem. And the games that can ONLY save on the actual cart...Vita is mostly good except for these last 2 hiccups.
Then PS3 and 360. You can redownload anything. You can copy saves, physically or even digitally now. And backup/transfer data of hard drives. So these 2 makes a system switch a simple, problem free thing.

So, how about the 3DS? Can i buy a 3DS XL and keep all i have?
Game all physical 3DS games save on the game card and only there? Does it depend on the data type?
Can downloaded games be re-downloaded on the XL? Or do they have to be transfered with the memory card? Can they at all?
As for the unit itself, is there anything important that is stored in the system itself?

Thanks for any help!

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Yeah i know that but that's just what i'm saying. I don't want to zoom/stretch them (thus loosing areas of it or distorting it). The ones on PSN are just fine. I mean random wallpapers i search from Google. The exact resolution so they fit the PS3 exactly...?

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So i grabbed a bunch ofwallpapers and transfer them to my PS3 with my Memory Stick. But most are not fitting the perfect size with the PS3. What exact resolution of wallpapers should i get so i don't have to stretch them or leave black bars on the sides? If it matters i'm in widescreen 1080p...

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Thanks for your opinions on this. Anyone else wants to chime in?

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So i'm looking to complete my collections of these 3 series. I hve access to most versions except Saturn, Dreamcast and PC.

Basically i'm buying on DS/PSP/GC/PS2/XBOX/Wii/PS3/360. I'm ok for the current-gen stuff mostly so i want to know for the last gen titles.

Heads-up: i can buy from eBay so availability is not a concern, though price of course is, depending. I run PS1/2 on my 60GB PS3 upconverted at 1080p. XBOX games needs to run on 360. GC goes on the Wii with component.Also, i hate Greatest Hits/Platinum releases.

Resident Evil:
Am fine with 1 on GC+DS (maybe Wii). 0 on GC (maybe Wii). 4 on Wii. 5 on PS3. So i need some help for RE 2, 3 Nemesis and Code Veronica.
2 and 3 are either PS1 of GC...are the higher priced GC ones worth it anymore or should i just go with the OG PS1 releases? And for Code Veronica, i can go either PS2 or GC. I'd like the most complete and best quality X version of CV...which one is it?

Silent Hill:
Fine with 1 on PS1 (maybe a version of the upcoming remake), 3 on PS2. Left are 2, 4, Origins and 5 Homecoming. For 2 there's PS2 and XBOX. I'd like the expanded release, but i'd also like to have it whitout it being a Greatest Hits/Platinum there such a release? What's the differences (packaging and content)for the 3 or 4 PS2/XBOX releases? As for 4, i guess they're the same so it's a preference only? I own both right now, but since it looks slightly better on XBOX and is worth less, i'll probably keep this one and sell my PS2 copy...good idea? Now Origins...i own it on PSP but never played. How does the PS2 version fares against the PSP one, which one should i play and own? I have nothing against a portable Silent Hill, especially with the lack of portable horror so i'd like this one, but if it's just better on PS2 then i'd go there of course. For 5 Homecoming i guess it's again only preferences. Think i'll play it on 360 for achievements, then decide which one i want to own in my collection. Good idea?

Fatal Frame:
These i barely played. 1 is much cheaper on XBOX than on it only because of the PS2 collector's market/rarity of is it better on PS2? I guess i'm fine with it on XBOX if it's just as good. As for 2, it seems to be ano-brainer to go for the XBOX one. It's cheaper and an expanded superior release...right one to get, right?Already have it anyway...And for 3 it's PS2, of course.

I think that mostly covers it. All opinions would help me greatly, thanks!

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Well, been a while Buck!!

On topic, this is a no bainer. Old-school hip-hop all the way. The new stuff is really lame, mostly. The only new rap i can handle is either some Wu related stuff (always good), some Chicano Rap (got bored wiht it but lots of awesome stuff really)and some Japanese rap (i dunno, some game/anime songs are rap and somewhat cool).

Otherwise, Enter the 36th Chambers remains the best rap album ever, sure. ;)

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Out of those choices it's obvious Gurren Lagann would crush the others. I dig EVA, but in the long run (or even short) TTGL would seriously crush any of those. Very easily. It's the size of the Galaxy. It could sneeze close to an EVA and make it dissapear. Gundam aren't even in this league. Only Gunbuster could hold it against TTGL.

OR, you could have put GaoGaiGar in here too. Genesic GaoGaiGar if you prefer. That does damage.

So the ultimate trifecta of Mecha deathmatch should be Gunbuster, TTGL and GaoGaiGar. Out of those, again, i easily vote for TTGL. Gundams and EVA's would not want to bematched with these 3 for the sake of their own survival...;)

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Need help with those 2.

I tried to play LittleBigPlanet for the first time the other day but it prompted me to Update to 1.04. Tied to but it alwats lock at 2%! Then it gives me an error. I cna play the game but have to refuse the update everytime so it sucks. Plus i do want the update!! So what's the deal with this?

Next is the new PS3 Bluetooth Headset. I had the Warhawk Jabra mic working fine with my old PS3. Then my PS3 died so i sent it for repair and during that time i traded the Jabra mic for the New Official PS3 Bluetooth Headset that was packaged with Socom. Now it turns out SOny sent me a new PS3. Doesn't matter. So i'm trying to sync the Headset but it's scanning indefinitely (i've let it scan for nearly an hour once and it never found anything). Why's that? How do i get it properly synched, working and all?

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Thanks! Now i just need to know if the movie is 480p DVD or 1080p BD.
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Yeah so i just have a question about the Collector's Edition of Stranglehold on PS3.

I know it comes with the movie Hard Boiled on the Blu-Ray disc. What i wonder is if the movie is in 480p DVD format or in 1080p Blu-Ray format? I'm sure it's only 480p since having both 1080p movie and game on the disc would probably impossible but still, having some hope is good. So i'd like a confirmation. Also are the special features included or is it just the movie barebones?

Thank to all providing info! :)