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Will i get them?

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That's the question right now. Will i get a PS3 tomorrow morning? Over here there's no lines anywhere so i'll get there one hour before opening and hope! I DO want to make over a thousand bucks fast and easy though, that's for sure. I mean really, why buy the damn thing for myself at this point in time? My tv does 720p so forget the Blue-Ray for now, cheaper HD-DVD will be better for the moment. Plus a totally disastrous launch lineup (except for Resistance, it's all crap and/or ports...), maybe the worst i've ever seen! People must want it ASAP just to brag having one, for sure. No other logical reason i can see.
For the Wii, let's go hoping i'll be able to arrive at the store for the opening and easily walk and grab a Wii, that would rock! Now THAT's a console worth getting on launch! :P I want my Zelda TP and Red Steel right now damnit!

The answer better be yes in both case. If i can't get a Wii on Sunday, i'll go nuts. Maybe beat someone who got, these are bad, bad, dark ideas. ROFL.

I want my Wii.
We Want Wii!!