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My first entry, Work, M&L...

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I just finished getting my ass kicked by the very last boss of Mario & Luigi on GBA. Well i play on my GC with my GBPlayer. All the fights for the entire game were pretty easy but the very last boss form beat me like 6 times in the last 2 days. And each time i die after a good 30 minutes fighting! Argh! :evil: I can't wait to finish it and start Castlevania HoD. I dig Castlevania. :P

Today is the last day off before going back to work. I got a 3 months contract in a industry where they make Starbucks coffee machines and i'm happy to start back. I already worked there last autumn so it's gonna be cool. I only worked 2 months in the last 4 months so i gotta get back to it! Money is always a need!

There goes my first entry in my journal. By the way i think the journal is a cool new feature. Nothing revolutionnary but still fun to use and to read other people's journals too. That's it for tonight also, i'm very tired now. I'm gonna get some air and smoke one and sleep await me!