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Job, Purchases and Gaming

So i finally worked this week! I've been unemployed since November! I worked at the Quebec Car Show / Exposition. All the big names are there to show their new cars, prices...I worked at the Daimler-Chrysler booth. Well actually i was there to help create their booth. We were 10 guys and had to build everything from the carpet to recover with plastic, the uberly big Gran Cherokee scene to stands...everything. It was fun work, plus i got to see all the cars for free. Porsche, Ferrari, 350Z, Mustang GT. I cleaned the new Chrysler 300 myself, that's nice! :P I'm going back there on Sunday night to start undoing it all, and pack the stuff back in the crates for next year. Also the agency for which i work called me at work to say they should have something for me for April. Should be a full-time job, paying 10$ CND. A factory job, like i'm used to with them.

Yeah, i still buy a ton of stuff...I got these on the weekend...

Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution
Devil May Cry
Ghost in the Shell SAC DVD Special Edition #4
Logitech Wireless PS2 Controller.....

Castlevania Symphony of the Night original!

Also the LOTR Extended Edition Box. I already had all 3, but the last one had a deal for which you send $4 and receive the empty box. Awesome for people who already bought them separately like me, and still can have the box! Yay!

Now for the gaming part. I'm currently mostly playing my PS2 since i got it not too long ago. Feels good to have it back, now i can play all the games i want!

I bought the first Devil May Cry saturday because i bought the third whitout ever playing the others. SO i needed to play the original first. Well i started it on Sunday pm and finished it last night! 2 days, 6hours 30! It'S the first time i touched this game. Now i don't know if this is normal, but c'mon 6 HOURS 30 MIN on a first playtrough with no experience in the series!! Is the game suppossed to be that short? (well yea i switched to easy when i got the chance...)Anyway, that game frickin' rocks, i've been missing on a gem. A mix that i felt between Resident Evil and Ninja Gaiden. Of course it's from the people behing RE and NG copied it a lot....So i'm now ready for the third, i don't think the second is needed at all.

Tekken 5 is killer. I dig it! It got it all, modes-stages-characters-options-gameplay. My most played 3D fighter since Soul Calibur 1 and 2. But i think i prefer it abit than SC2...Sure it ain't as deep as VF4, but it's more enjoyable on the go, that's for sure! And the CG are kickass, oh Tekken 3 is there too! :P

Gran Turismo 4 is sucking my life. I needed that one badly, and i'm sure i'll sink hundreds of hours in it! My only gripe with the game is actually the *screen shaking* bug. But i went back last week and managed to get my copy changed! It does it less often with this one, but the default is still present. Argh! Why Sony? :evil:

Finally, Dark Cloud 2 is a really fun RPG. But damn, i've played for 23 hours and still haven't cleared Chapter 2!! There's so much stuff to do with the weapons, pictures/inventions, georama...overwhelming!

Oh i fogot, i'm playing Mega Man 2 on the GC Collection too. I have only Wood Man stage left before going to kick Willy's stage and rear. God i love those classics! Heat Man stage is a nasty b****, i always fall down! :lol: