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Hella Work and Load of Games

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Damn it's been over a month since i made an entry...

I've been working for like 7 days in a row from Friday to Thursday. That's 56 hours in a week, pretty sick. Canadian Tire are switching warehouse so i worked at mounting the rackings for the new place and build some other stuff and ready the place. I'll be starting back on Monday for a week again. But it feels good to work again at least!

I received some 7 new games this week! Wheee! :P Look at these gems...

Got my taxes income, that's 700$ CND back into my pockets. That helps a great deal!
I bought my first Shaw Brothers Celestial remastered DVD, but it was a bootleg since they are Region 3...still very nice, that owns. I now need a region free DVD player at all cost! All the nice stuff that will become available to me! :D