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Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes cut-scenes

I had only played half of the original PS game. And i didn't remembered the cut-scenes much. They blew me away in TTS!! Totally kickass! The Cyborg corridor scene...:shock: I just got back to the game after a few months whitout playing it. I was near the end of disc 1 so i finished it. I beat the hind and killed Sniper Wolf in disc 2 just minutes ago. The cut-scene when Snake kills Sniper and the other one after when she die...amazing. That was a really great moment. Very moving! And there's still some meat for me...:D


I once again watched my favorite horror flick. The great Suspiria, 1977, from the great Dario Argento. Gotta love it...

***** for this baby!


Party, World Cup

Last night it finally went for the partying option. I ended up real drunk!! We were over 100 at a friends house, it was wicked! He's doing a party on a big cruising boat and needs a few thousands $ for this week so he does lots of stuff. He made a car wash, last night everyone brought empty beer bottles and he made a hotdog fest at around 1am. I hope it will work for him, 'cause that party will be the greatest! A hundreds of friends with chicks on a boat for a whole day, partying!

Last night Canada won 4-3. The beer price keep going down thanks to their wins! :D It was a great game, Luongo is a kickass goal! Canada winning on 9/11 and they had a 9/11 patch on their shirts too. Lemieux finally scored! Yay! But Sakic stays the greatest hockey player...:wink:

Ahh, weekend!

Last night was Friday. Great. I went to a friends place and got fuct'up with the homies. We drank like hell and ordered pizza at 2 am. Damn i felt asleep 30 minutes after eating!! That was too much. I wake up at 5:30 completely lost and i went back home to sleep more comfortably. :P We again watched the theatrical cut of Dawn of the Dead, it's just too good! I'm in love with the 4 DVD Ultimate Edition i bought the week, it rocks! Today was slow, we drank beer talking arounf my friends '82 Monte Carlo. That's a badass car!

I don't know what i'll do tonight yet, probably the same thing as last night though. I'm tired and probably won't go partying much.

Good shopping and the death of my fingers thanks 2 work!

I started working back Tuesday. I work in a factory, we make coffe machines (Starbucks, Avalon...). Crap, my fingers are already badly hurt! Cuts,'s all there! Yay! Ninja Gaiden hurts! :D But it's cool, i needed to work for both money and well, it was actually getting boring not working for a month. And i work with my best friend so i'll stay there for as long as i can!

I went shopping tonight after work. I stopped at EB and tried Burnout 3 on XBOX. Wow, another one i need. But i'll wait for a used copy for that one. I almost bought Silent Hill 4 but same thing. A few weeks after games releases they always get used copys in! I went to HMW and spent 100$ CND. I bought the Die Hard Trilogy for the ridiculously low price of 50$ CND!! It was 85 before!

My other purchase was long awaited. The Dawn of the Dead Ultimate Edition. Yes goddamn i finally have that gem! 4 discs: US Theatrical Cut, Extended Cut, Euro Cut and the 2 killer documentary. The box is big and mean. Love the colors and arts used, feels real gritty. There's a small comic book included too. It looks gory, i'll have to check that! I can't think of any cooler boxset for a single movie! 8)

On to the next GBA game...and work.

I just finished Mario & Luigi Superstar Sagaon GBA. First off, Intelligent Systems are gods. All they make is a hit, surefire. *bows to their talent* The last boss wasn't that hard actually, for the ending it was cool but i'd have liked it a little longer! :P It's a great game. Tons of jabs at all my beloved Mario games. Songs, any possible mario Bros cliché, need to talk. It rocked me off. Now i'm so damn hyped for Paper Mario 2! 8)

So i'll be starting Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance as my next GBA game. I already did Aria of Sorrow which is still my favorite GBA game to date! I dig all Castlevania games. I know HoD is the worst on GBA but it'll still be great.

Back to work tomorrrow morning. Woohoo! So i got to sleep now. I wake up in 5 hours! :o

Missing forumites

I was thinking about forumites that either post like once a month or completely dissapeared that i thought were cool. There was JoKeR, CubePro, VeniYanWarrior, Eternal_Pheonix...all regulars and good guys. They dissapeared from one day to another. Life goes...but everybody ends up coming back to the GS forums! :twisted:

My first entry, Work, M&L...

I just finished getting my ass kicked by the very last boss of Mario & Luigi on GBA. Well i play on my GC with my GBPlayer. All the fights for the entire game were pretty easy but the very last boss form beat me like 6 times in the last 2 days. And each time i die after a good 30 minutes fighting! Argh! :evil: I can't wait to finish it and start Castlevania HoD. I dig Castlevania. :P

Today is the last day off before going back to work. I got a 3 months contract in a industry where they make Starbucks coffee machines and i'm happy to start back. I already worked there last autumn so it's gonna be cool. I only worked 2 months in the last 4 months so i gotta get back to it! Money is always a need!

There goes my first entry in my journal. By the way i think the journal is a cool new feature. Nothing revolutionnary but still fun to use and to read other people's journals too. That's it for tonight also, i'm very tired now. I'm gonna get some air and smoke one and sleep await me!