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The demo is mine!

Yup, i received my RE4 demo/Famitsu Capcom today just before going to work. But now i'm back and reaky to take on it fully! It's been a long time since i've been that much anticipating a game...i'm going to try it right now. I'll write my impressions later.

I finally beat Metal Gear Solid: TTS



I finally beat it right now, first time ever i finish it. That is simply one of the very best story i ever witnessed in a game! Fantastic from the first second to the very very last word and second. I'm happy that i'm someone who watch the ending credits and all till the end...:wink:
But now i want to beat it with the Otacon ending...maybe some other time!


Shaun of the Dead review/impressions

So i finally got to watch Shaun of the Dead last night with my best friend. I was badly hyped for that one, especially with all the great impressions/reviews it got from the press and fans alike. I was expecting something great...i saw something amazing! :D And i gotta say i'm damn lucky this movie came to a theater in here, never thought it would. And only one theater got it, actually the biggest one!

All the actors are great in there, epecially the guy playing Shaun. His best buddy also has a great role. The story from a general point is pretty cool too while light. Humor runs rampant and is great fun, the first half-hour got me laughing non-stop no joke! And it's not lame humor and stupid re-used jokes like most flicks, it's hilarious.
SOTD plays big on Romero's themes like in the way that us humans acts more as zombies than the zombies themselves who are just victims trying to survive. All what we do is the same everyday, living our small similar regular lives day after day. The kids, clercks in stores, tv channels...all the same. And the movie drags for about...0 seconds. Perfect pacing. The realisation is top-notch i found. The way it shows how Shaun and other small simple acts we always do are repetitive.
Horror fans can expect small nods to Evil Dead, Zombie, 28 days, Dawn and major references to Night and Day (of the dead...:P). There's really tons and tons. Locations, deaths, characters, ideas, ending...all ideas took somewhere else but retold all in one spectacular package. A certain name and opening song/sound too...god i love Romero and i'm not alone it seems! :wink:
So yeah, Shaun of the Dead is a Zombie flick. It's a comedy but is it really gory? Hell yeah! I can't believe this is rated 13!! The first death got everybody at the theater like "OMG, now that's sick" and it went on with dozens of Dawn/Day head shots, holes through head/body, decapitations, the classic Romero Dawn/Day ripping apart scene (excelent in here...the whole package!). Tons of zombies, tons of death!
I wasn't expecting that ending at all, really surprised me! But it's nothing new. And after that there's the fun 2 ending parts, both kinda again inspired from Romero's work. Still rocks big time!

A must see for anyone who loves either horror, zombie flicks, good comedy, gore...a great movie plain and simple! I'd like to see it again right now. But i'll wait for the DVD which i'll buy on release for sure! If anyone reading has the chance to see it, do whatever it takes to do so, you won't regret it!


Guilty Gear ownage!

I played some GGX2 tonight with my buddy. It was great and i badly whopped his ass. We did some 2P VS and he couldn't take it anymore at 15-0 for me...:lol:

That game rocks. I'm glad i bought it and finally tried GG. I knew i'd dig it though since i'm such a 2D fighters/2D games in general freak. Lots of modes, enough characters. The graphics are also great but where the game shine it's in the gameplay. GGX2 is so deep as a fighting system yet so simple to learn. Lightning fast action like i love it! 8)

RE4, GGX2 #Reload

Resident Evil 4 is my most wanted videogame ever second only to Metroid Prime 1 at the time. Thanks to Yama i heard about the Famitsu Capcom edition including a playable RE4 demo. I ordered this baby ASAP from Play-Asia. The thing shipped on Thursday 23rd. I might get it this week if not the week after. That will be godly and incredibly worth it since the game won't be here until 2005... I can't wait. But until i receive my demo i'll sadly have to stay away from most RE related stuff and especially the ERE thread.

Guilty Gear X2 #Reload. That game came out a few weeks ago but here in Canada EB's still didn't have it as of Friday 24th. That was lame because i badly wanted to play it over the weekend with my friends. I have never played a GG game before but me and my best buddy are big 2D/old-school/fighter games. We dig all SF, MvC, CvS, KoF but also the good 3D fighters. So Friday after work i deceided to go to an old place where i used to go before EB open their 4 stores in my area. And yes, they had a remaining copy of GGX2! Woohoo! :D So friday night we drank beer at a friends place and played it to death. I'm hooked, man is that game awesome! Never had so much fun with a fighter since Marvel vs Capcom 2 on DC!! I'm so happy i have it, and the game is ridiculously cheap! I'm going back at it...

Thursday shopping, and a surprise meeting with an old friend...

I went shoppinh after work with my friend because 1 it's pay day, 2 only day where shops close at 9 except friday (i won't go shopping on a friday...) and 3 tons of killer chicks at the mall on thursdays...:P

In the bus to go there we saw someone we haven't seen in like 3 years. He just went out of jail but he have to be home at 10pm every single day for a whole year not doing anything wrong if he wants to be totally free again. Poor Simon. He was one of our good friends at the time. It was cool seeing him back, felt good to see a friend again. 3 years is long, very very long. He seems to be in better shape physically and cleaner in the head now! :)

Back to shopping. First off, there was like supposed to incredibly cute chicks coming from all sides. Every meters there one sexy girl! 8) Anyway...iI first bought a new belt because my old one broke at work yesterday and that sucked bad! I bought a Levis, they're nice. I went to EB and pre-ordered Paper Mario Thousand Year Door too, that's a must! There was none of the used games i want for GBA/GC/XBOX and they still haven't received Guilty GearXX #Reload for XBOX! Damn them!! :evil: I then went to Future Shop and couldn't pass on the Star Wars Trilogy! Woohoo! There also was a hidden copy of Lady Snowblood in the racks, so i jumped on it right off! Finally after eating 2 Teen Burger's from A&W we got to the amazing place called L'Imaginaire. They sell anything than can be collected and other cool stuff like comics, Manga, (TONS of comics and manga) Anime, posters, scrolls, novels, many gadgets, cards, money pieces, small statues, get the view. My friend bought there the Devil Lady boxset and a Princess Mononoke poster. I went for a really cool scroll, a Cowboy Bebop one. I think it looks very nice and fits perfectly with my room colors.

We went back to our town and here i am after taking a good shower.

Our F1 racer is back! And the crap day...

Jacques Villeneuve will be back on track for the last 3 F1 races of this year. I can't wait to watch those races! Villeneuve was a great racer, and with his latest times he totally showed the world he still got it. He'll be there kickin' asses. I just hope he can get something safe for the whole next season with a good company. :D

As for today, same lame stuff. Wake up way too early not having enough sleep in me. Take 1 hour of bus and 20 minutes of walk and get at the job. Work my day, destroy my fingers again as most days. Get back home after another lame 1 hr bus - 20 mins walk. Back home i find out my order is not arrived yet. That piss me off, but as usual the wait is worth it. I order my music and DVD's off the net. The music i listen to isn't available in here at all and most of my movies too. Tonight i'll try beating The Twin Snakes. Maybe also finishing Berserk's 2nd DVD. I'm incredibly tired. :x

Ugh. Though night.

Holy crap. It's like 7 in the morning. I just wake up on my bed, still wearing my clothes - the ligyht still open - XBOX and tv still running...that hurts. I feel really messed up. :? My parents are gone since thursday till tomorrow. So last night 3 friends and a girl we know came home and we had some fun talking with the back sound of my home theater banging some sick beat. We drank beer and smoked some... Played some Twin Snakes, PN 03, Fable. Fable looks great, but i plyed for 10 minutes and i was kinda f***ed up. I'm here typing this, half here half lost in nowhere land.

Dr Willy's first death & The greatness of Berserk

I finally beat Megaman 1 on the GC Megaman Collection. While himself isn't much tough, his stage is pretty sick. I never used the pause trick. The giant yellow sand-like thing in the first parts of Willy's stage was by far the hardest boss to beat. Feels great to beat that sick classic, and hearing the ending tune! 8) Now i'm fully ready to take on part 2!

And i've started to watch Berserk back. Finally, i had only watched the first disc. Yesterday i checked episodes 6 and 7, they rocked. 6 was crazy and 7 slower but still great. I'm gonna tear through my boxset! :D

I just plunked down 128$ Canadian! And i feel great!

I went to EB after work today, like 1h30 ago. It was to get, of coure, my Fable copy. A kid came in and asked for the game but the clercks said sorry come back tomorrow. And there was tons of copies in view! I go see the dude and i say i got it pre-ordered. He says cool we have it for you and that i have 20% on all used games with Fable purchase! The kid saw it all go and he was like WTF? He really looked pissed off! :lol: Like EB says, "Pre-order to avoid dissapointement." :lol:

So i go check ouy the used games. Silent Hill 4 jumps at me! Awesome! I deceided to not buy it last week because i thought there's more important releases in the times so i'd wait for a used copy or price drop. Few days later, today, wham! And with 20% off on the used price which is already 20% off the new price. Talk about a 6 days wait that paid. So i continue looking for stuff. There it is, Panzer Dragoon Orta. I used to have it but my disc was scratched and had problems. I've been looking to rebuy it since around 4 months. No damn joking! :evil: I couldn not find it used or even new! Talk about ridiculous but that's the way it's been. Now i have it, and i'll never trade/sell it back, you can count on it!

So that was my purchases, all on XBOX. No used games for my Nintendo platforms...Pikmin 2, Megaman Zero, Burnout 3, Astro Boy. Not even Guilty Gear X2 #Reload nor Advance Guardian Heroes. They didn't had those 2 yet. :(

Fable, Silent Hill 4, Panzer Dragoon Orta. Woohoo! 3 great games!