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Random Land # 1

I got my GameCube component cable from Nintendo just this morning. I had to hook and un-hook lots of wires because it now goes through my receiver to my tv and there's lots of wires and stuff. But now it's all set (GC - XBOX - DVD all component hooked) and i only tried it with Tales of Symphonia and the colors, lighting and clarity are all much better. And ToS is not even a Progressive Scan GC game...

I need my damn papers from my last few jobs with the agency! I asked for them last friday and i'm still waiting! :evil: I have to go to the governement with my paper to receive money until i find a new job. Which will probably only go to the beginning of January. At least i'll still be making some money. And i'll be able to enjoy some good gaming time and my finally 100% complete Home Theater.

Tales of Symhponia rocks so damn hard!! It's been a long since i played a RPG that i enjoyed so much. Not counting GBA RPG's and the Mario RPG games, it actually goes back to FFVII. Now that's a long time. Though Skies of Arcadia Legends was killer, i still prefer ToS. I'm so badly hooked on the combat system, i never try to not get in a fight. I'm already over 1000 battles in not yet 50 hours... And i really like the story and specially the characters, even though it's shock-full of clichés.

Now for some Halo 2 impressions. Gameplay and all , it's pretty much similar to the first. More fun with the vehicles. The campain is THE major let-down, with it's not so good story, lame ending and missions getting more boring at the 6th one. Also the texturing problems in the cut-scenes. Bungie should have put more time and polish in the Campain. Oh i forgot, it's also shorter than Halo, we beat it in 2 days. For XBOX Live, me nor any of my friends have it. But we have System Link just at my neighbor's home. And we play every week night since the game release. It never gets boring playing some Slayer and King of the Hill with friends.

I can't wait for the release of Shaun of the Dead on DVD. I saw it with my best buddy and we had a blast, now all our fiends are hyped for it since they saw the trailer and the Dawn of the Dead remake.

So that's it for now. Phew, it's not often that i write something that long whitout being forced. And it was good. I'll try putting more meat in my future posts, reply's and journal entry. I used to be a pretty good writer at school, always in the top 3 of the class. But nowadays the only writing i do is on the Internet, and it's all in English. My main language is Canadian French...

Now that's it, for real.

My new TV

I finally bought a new tv last week. I got a 34" Widescreen Toshiba HDTV. Here's a pic...

So now i have my DVD, XBOX and GC all hooked up with component. Well the GC cable should arrive by tomorrow...Totally kick ass! 8) And i got a pretty good deal on it. Woohoo!

Crystal rules, and quality alcohol.

I got myself one of those this weekend, really kickass.

It came with the crystal controller of course. And Fable plus Crimson Skies which i'm both gonna sell back (already have Fable). So all in all it's a better deal than a regular XBOX and i needed to change my current one. It's my 3rd XBOX, and the best working one yet! Finally!!

Also bought me some good alcohol at the SAQ Depot (alcohol warehouse kinda). It's cheaper than regular SAQ stores. I got a 26 ounces of Jack Daniel Whisky and a 26 ounces of Southern Comfort. Also grabbed me a red wine bottle, Castillo de Liria. :D The Holidays are gonna be nice...

Latest victories...

Ninja Gaiden and minutes ago, Castlevania Harmony of Dissonnance.

I finished Ninja Gaiden last weekend. First off, i think NG is the very best game on XBOX to this day. Technically near perfect. Good lenght and alright story. Gameplay, now that shines. The game is very challenging, but not too frustrating though it can get at times. I mastered it quick and the game ended up being an easy trip for me. I boosted the wood sword as quick as can be, so i had the Unlabored Flawlessness on stage 8!! So damn powerful. As is the cas ewith that type of game, i have to collect all i can. So i beat the game with all weapons and magics, and all of them upgraded max. I got all 50 scarabs and unlocked the original ninja Gaiden. I also collected all existing Life of Gods and Thousands, so max possible health i had. *****

I started Castlevania HoD as soon as NG was over. And it's already beaten so it took me onw week. Great game but i played the better Aria of Sorrow before it. Anyway... The quest is one of the longer Castlevania quests because of the 2 castles. I was mad to discovber those tons of collectible furnitures i gathered ended up as useless things. I checked the 3 endings. The difficulty wasn't well balanced there IMO. I had heard HoD was he easyest of the 3. At first it was too though (for maybe 1 hour) but from there it's already too easy. Forst 10% too hard, rest too easy. That was sad. I enjoyed the story/graphics/music but found them all better in Aria of Sorrow. Juste was cool, and after all...he's a Belmont! Dracula sucks in this episode though...
But i so enjoy killing those Dracula's friends with some nice Castlevania's soundtracks and environements, and with all those items/secrets and stuff. The GBA Castlevania games rocks big time! Konami better not stop making them...

Now i can finally fully dedicate myself to Tales of Symphonia. A game i bought on release day and was anticipating since over a year before it's release...

Holy Crap!! It's white everywhere!!

I hate the winter, and the snow. I don't practice any winter sports and i can support cold. Basically i hate all about it. Well when i got to sleep last night it had begun to snow like crazy and i wake up to see that it's all white everywhere. A good 10 centimeters has fallen, talk about a nasty first snow. But the first times are cool, because it's still not much cold and there's not much annoying snow and ice.

It's beatiful though. It reminded me of how nice that looked. When it snows in December specially, go in the looks reallly amazing.

And i'm here typing that, as i'm late for work. :? But it's ok, i just called to say i'd be there for 5:00.

Finally got my Good Taste Icon!

I was wondering when i would finally receive it. My game collection currently consist of most of the great GBA/GC/XBOX games, with an average GS score of 8.6 and an average user score of 8.9. So i knew that was much enough to receive Good Taste, i've seen people with an average GS score of under 8 getting Good Taste... So all i needed was to reach either a given number of games or a given collection value. My yesterday addition made me receive it, Dead or Alive Ultimate. I guess it's not the 42 games that made it, but i think i broke the $1500 limit with that game so that might be it.

Anyway, i just think it's cool. I never had anything other than the basic/complete icon and the friendly/popular icon.

But now my Good Taste is fully recognized! Muahahaha!

Problems for work...

Damn bus system! The drivers again went on strike. So it's inknown when the regular bus schedule will be back. :evil: How am i supposed to go to work tomorrow? I hope to find someone who will be able to drive me up to work for the week, if not i'll be in trouble...

That sucks!

Donley Konga is a wicked game!

My buddy bought Donkey Konga last friday and he brought at a friends place tonight. We all played it and everybody was instantly addicted. This was a surprise to everyone, as most everybody thought it would be lame. Well it's a fact that there's many crappy songs but overall it's great fun. A surprise hit i'd say. The DK bongos rocks! :P I won't buy Donkey Konga but i'll sure get me some bongos when the time for Donkey Kong Jungle Beat comes! :D

Buying hot streak!

I went to the mall again today before work. My Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door was waiting to be picked up by me. :D I can't wait to play it. I so damn loved last year's Mario & Luigi SS, and PM 2 looks much cooler. I hope it'll be as fun as M&L, i really laughed tons of times while playing it.

I also found a copy of the second DVD from the Ghost in the Shell series, the Special Edition of course. :P It was a very good deal! But i haven't even watched the first DVD yet, i'm currently into my Berserk box. God i love the series, it's AWESOME!

They were still out of the Friday the 13th box everywhere! :evil:

Friday shopping

I went to the mall friday before work. I got my XBOX Mortal Kombat Deception Kollector's Edition. It kicks ass! The game rocks, but i plan to play it tonight in depth for the first time. I'm glad i pre-ordered the Kollector's, for the extra 10 bucks i get a nice Scorpion cover, the extra disc loaded with cool stuff and a metal card. 8)

I also went there to buy the Friday the 13th boxset but they didn't have any left. :( And i was also looking for the second DVD Special Edition of the Ghost in the Shell series, sadly one 1 place had it and it was way too much expensive. So i'll go get both next week along with Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door!

I also bought a big Cowboy Bebop wall scroll!