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Purchases # 71382!!

I went on another buying rampage on Thursday and a smaller one just today. Now i have to decrease my DVD, CD and Game buying rate by a good 90% for the next few months. I'll settle for a few DVD with good deals on them, and the games i pre-order, maybe a few ones i find cheap used. My bank account took a serious hot in the last year!! :? But it's all for the good. Here's how it went for Thursday...

New Ghost in the Shell DVD, must buy and i already have the Ninja Scroll similar box.
Clerks is a classic, great box.
Near Dark should be a great one!
I got my pre-ordered GT4, woohoo!
And i got the Tekken Art Book by pre-ordering it.
The clerks also freely gave me the XBOX Unreal Championship 2 demo because they know me. :P

And today...

That's right! I went today to get my Tekken 5, and the guys gave me a second Tekken Art Book! Talk about awesome, i'll be selling one on eBay and keeping the other one!
I bought the latest EGM issue, which comes with 4 new covers for RE4, Halo 2, MGS3 and SA i think. Actually i paid the full price mainly to have the Pal RE4 boxart, so worth it!! :wink:
Lastly, i pre-ordered Devil May Cry 3 and received an awesome Wall Scroll for it. I didn't expected to get it, because it's already out of stock on Gamestop website and EB weren't supposed to get it. But my EB received 6 of them, so i got the first!

Now i'll settle to make my next entry about GT4 and Unreal 2 mostly...

Yesterday shopping.

So i went to the mall yesterday to pre-order GT4 and Jade Empire. I also had a nice deal, $25 off if i buy $150 of DVD's. So first stop, EB. I pre-ordered the 2 named games and fell on the RE4 Strategy Guide. Couldn't pass on this, i mean it's so big and mean looking, and it includes a killer double-sided poster! I also bought a S-Video cable for my fresh new PS2 because i don't have anymore component inputs available, all being used by my DVD, GC and XBOX.

Next is HMV, the CD / DVD store. I got the Friday the 13th box finally 8), the new Christine DVD and the Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volume 2. Happy happy joy joy!!


DVD listing finally done!

Yesterday i finally deceided to create my DVD colletion on Took me like an hour to enter everything on there. It goes as 129 listings, 147 titles. Woohoo! :D So now i have it linked in my sig too. And i'll know which DVD i still have and which i sold or whatever. Hella usefull, i don't know why i waited so long to do it.

I need a sig and journal banner!

So yeah i lost my 3 or 4 sigs that i've had made for me in the past years after formatting my PC and reinstalling. I can't acces then anymore sadly. So it feels a bit empty in my posts and journal...:(

If anyone is interested in making a sig for me, here's what i'd like. Something cool about Resident Evil, Castlevania or Chrono Trigger. Old-school zombie movies and Samurai X could also be used to good for me. I'd like my username in it also.

Thanks a million time if anyone can help me!!


PS2 back in the house!!

So i went to Microplay i traded my old useless XBOX for a new shiny slim PS2 just today. Finally i have a PS2 again. I bought Dark Cloud 2 along with it. The PS2 was my first next-gen console which i bought when the GT3 bundle was there. I enjoyed GT3, TMB, FFX, BG: DA, HL and a few others but it broke on me. I sent it to Sony and when i got it back i was long decided to trade it for a GC with REmake just out and MP in a few months. So i missed all the great PS2 games since summer 2002! But now it's all over! A dozen RPG's, SH3, MGS3, GT4, DMC, VF4...all coming to me. Muahahaha!

I tried it with Dark Cloud 2 and noticed it was a bit hot in the back left area. Now i've heard of the rare overheating problems of course. But is it normal, like does everyone slim PS2's gets a bit hot?

New Emblem!

I just noticed i got a new Emblem. It's top 500 community reviewer!
That's pretty cool, considering i haven't rated/reviewed any games since many months...I have TONS of others to do soon.


Resident Evil hours.

I have a hard time realising it's coming out so soon finally! There won't be another delay, it's a fact...i'll be playing my own copy of RE4 this very week! :P

So a little something about GS review, i haven't made my prediction yet. GS review will be up tonight at 12, well 3 am for me. I'll be here at the very minute! So for the score, i await anything between 8.9 and 10. 8.9 is the very lowest i can see the game getting, and a 10 would be just as rare, but still slightly possible. Personally, i'm awaiting for this 9.5 to pop at my face. Here goes...
Gameplay 9
Graphics 10
Sound 9
Value 9
Tilt 10
Overall score : 9.5

But whatever it scores, i don't really care. Seeing under a 9 would just makes me laugh at this point...I expect a 3-5 pages of great read from GregK as usual.

Fo the game itself, it still is Tuesday. Well even there, i and most people probably won't have it in our hands before Wednesday...:evil: That's long!

I have the game pre-ordered at EB 15 driving minutes from my home, with which i should receive a making-of DVD.
And i have the Limited Edition pre-ordered on Gamestop's website. It comes with an art book, a cool cel art all in a collector's metal case. But that one probably won't arrive to me before the next week.

Do i seem hyped about RE4? Well Resident Evil is my favorite gaming series of all time along with Metroid since the very first game in both yeah, I'm stressing out to play it ASAP. In fact it is undoubtedly my most anticipated game since when i first saw Metriod Prime in 2001...

Evil Evolves January 11th.


I just won Final Fantasy III for a great price on Ebay!

I started buying and selling some stuff on Ebay since a few weeks. One of the most interesting market of Ebay is the rare SNES games.

A cart of FFIII will sell for $30-40 usually.
Complete it sells for $80-100. Complete means the box, manual, maps and game great shape.

What i won is a complete version of it. No maps but still a working/saving cart, great looking box and the manual has some wear. Well, i won it for a mere $41!! $45 shipped! That's awesome really.

I'm still unsure wether i'll resell it and make good money off it, or if i'm gonna keep it and build me a small kickass SNES games collection...:?

Anyway i'm happy about this. I'll be trying to get copies of FFII, FFIII, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Earthbound, Mario RPG and Mega Man X 2/3. Those are the hottest selling/buying/worth items.


Mechassault 2 7.9!!!!

Wow! Thanks a lot Gamespot for hyping it like the XBOX bomb of the year, giving it the award of best game at E3 and then flopping it hard as 7.9. I'm not the type to whine and care about this, and i'll still probably enjoy the game anyway. But after seeing it get best of E3 and the killer previews and hands-on you guys did, not pre-ordering it seemed like a crime to me. And now you come saying it's not on par with the first one and rate it 7.9, and even say that it's a pretty standard shooter!!! Is it that much less fun and crappier than the not final E3 version?


My PC finallly working again!

I've been whitout the Internet for the last 10 days. I don't spend that much time using it, but i check on lots of stuff quickly on an everyday basis. So those 10 days were pretty long. And i missed the GS forums a bit too. My hard drive was making a nasty noise when i tried to connect to the net. I tried everything i could for a week but i was exhausted. And i wanted to change my Internet Service Provider for quite some time so that was the prefect time. I formatted my HD and reinstalled Win98 yesterday and today the new ISP got on and everything is back to normal, and even better! :D The one good thing about this is that when i was at home, no Net means more movies and gaming time. I blazed trough Fable which is an awesome game even if too short. I'm a good way trough Silent Hill 4 and i can't stop playing Metroid Prime 2 Echoes which amaze me non-stop. I'm such a Metroid freak, nothing beats that! Except RE.....:P Also i bought Metal Slug Advance yesterday, i finally found a copy! It's KILLER! I got to the last boss in under an hour of playing. I'm pretty good at those kind of games, and i bought Metal Slug 3 for XBOX on release and played it to death. But i can't say it enough, Metal Slug Advance is a fantastic new entry in the series, you like 'em, you'll dig the Advance one.

So that's about it. Christmas tonight, big feast with my parents an sister. And after i'm going to a friend home and getting hella drunk! I got the choice between a 12 pack Labatt Blue, a red wine bottle, a 26 o. Jack Daniel or a 26 o. Southern Comfort. 8)

I'm reallyglad to be back!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!!