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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Wow, it's been so long since i made a blog entry...
Anyway, title says it all. Everybody have a good time, as much as possible/you'd hope for!
My parents bought me Megaman ZX 2, Pheonix Wright 3 and Final Fantasy XII DS. And my sister and her boyfriend bought me The Simpsons Movie on Blu-Ray plus Silent Hill Origins on PSP.
Pretty nice stuff, i'm quite happy!

Serious Collector!

Yeah! So i've had this badge since i guess about a month more or less and just realised it. Pretty cool as it's the one i wanted most. For some reason i always thought i needed some 300+ games to get it but it seems it's set at 200. Nice!

Also i don't have the Good Taste badge anymore...why's that? My average game score is still over 8 (8.2 currently). I used to have

Holidays, Games and Heroes!

First off, Merry Christmas to everybody! Happy Holidays, have some fun and whatnot. Get drunk, laid, happy, wasted, meet nice people...what please you!

On the game related side, i just got Guitar Hero 2 from my parents for X-Mas. That's awesome as i've been looking to get this game since i tried it a few months ago. Gotta go rock this right now.....

Also it's really strange but the 3 latest games i bought have the word Hero/es in it as the second and last word of the 3 titles. Gunstar heroes, Assault heroes and Guitar Hero 2. On 3 differen systems! Plus i got 2 just now and the other like yesterday...real weird!

Help/Q's for my Wii and 360 HD-DVD drive

Ok so first i got both of these bad guys last week. Yeah! I went Tuesday to buy the HD-DVD but they had just got a dozen Wii's minutes ago and only 1 left so i obviously snatched it up quickly and came back to buy the HD-DVD on Thursday.

I love both. The Wii rocks! I'm so happy i got one. Having a blast with Rayman and i'm waiting for component cables to start Zelda.
I got Sleepy Hollow on HD-DVD...mindblowing. Wow! It looks totally awesome, and my tv only does 720p!

Now on to the help i need.

First with the Wii.
1- Slot blue light. When is it supposed to be illuminated? Mine only flashes for a fraction of a second when i insert a disc and that's it. I thought it was supposed to stay blue on a certain function?
2 - Sound. Anybody having ultra bad sound? I'm talking much worse than even from my Gamecube/SNES etc. I tried it through both my home theater, my tv and a mix of both. In every cases the sound sucks badly. It distorts, pops...HELP!
3 - Wii Shop. Now it works all good but the other day it stayed stuck when i tried to log to the Wii Shop. Couldn't get back, nor shut the controller and system. Came back a few hours later and it was still stuck there. I had to remove the power cord!! What a load of crap! I tried it again a few times right after and each time i had to unplug the power cord of the Wii to get out of that loading thing. Hopefully that will never happen again but why was this?
4 - Wii Connect24. This thing means my Wii stays hot 24/7/365. Isn't this a little overusing the hardware and electricity? I'm sure my Wii enjoys cooling down after a play session, which Wii Connect24 kinda cancels...

Now for the XBOX 360 HD-DVD add-on drive.
1- Sound. At first i freaked out and almost smashed the thing to bits, but then i thought about checking the box. It confirmed me that i can get DTS sound out of it. How on earth? Everything i run in my 360 plays in Dolby Digital 5.1. Music CD's, games, movies...wathever it's encoded in (2.0, DTS, mono, DD5.1...). The Sleepy Hollow HD-DVD has a DTS soundtrack but when i played it, again my 360 converted it in DD5.1 like everything else. Yes my receiver does's a Harman-Kardon. I absolutely need to get this working right. Clearly i wouldn't have bought a HD-DVD drive that doesn't even do DTS sound...HELP!

Well that wasn't short ey? But whatever. Please people help me on these matters, in any way you can. Even suggestions are better than nothing! Thanks!

Will i get them?

That's the question right now. Will i get a PS3 tomorrow morning? Over here there's no lines anywhere so i'll get there one hour before opening and hope! I DO want to make over a thousand bucks fast and easy though, that's for sure. I mean really, why buy the damn thing for myself at this point in time? My tv does 720p so forget the Blue-Ray for now, cheaper HD-DVD will be better for the moment. Plus a totally disastrous launch lineup (except for Resistance, it's all crap and/or ports...), maybe the worst i've ever seen! People must want it ASAP just to brag having one, for sure. No other logical reason i can see.
For the Wii, let's go hoping i'll be able to arrive at the store for the opening and easily walk and grab a Wii, that would rock! Now THAT's a console worth getting on launch! :P I want my Zelda TP and Red Steel right now damnit!

The answer better be yes in both case. If i can't get a Wii on Sunday, i'll go nuts. Maybe beat someone who got, these are bad, bad, dark ideas. ROFL.

I want my Wii.
We Want Wii!!

XBOX Live friends...add me...yes, YOU!

So yeah i want to get some more friends on Live. Anyone who's in my friend list here just go ahead and add me! Or if you're simply reading my profile, get it on too. Anybody who i know or knows me or whatever!
I play all sorts...shooters, racing, action/adventure...if it's good i play!
Catch you in a game later!

*if you add me try posting a reply here so i know who you guys are!

RE ownage.

I just bought myself the Resident Evil Archives Brady book along with pre-ordering RE Deadly Silence. That book is a whoopin' 300 pages! It's really good, all Resident Evil fans should get it. It covers RE0, RE, RE2, RE3, RE CV and even some stuff about RE1.5. You get all the story stuff and detailed everything...maps, story, weapons, items, links, characters, secrets, arts. It's just too good to be true!

Hella Work and Load of Games

Damn it's been over a month since i made an entry...

I've been working for like 7 days in a row from Friday to Thursday. That's 56 hours in a week, pretty sick. Canadian Tire are switching warehouse so i worked at mounting the rackings for the new place and build some other stuff and ready the place. I'll be starting back on Monday for a week again. But it feels good to work again at least!

I received some 7 new games this week! Wheee! :P Look at these gems...

Got my taxes income, that's 700$ CND back into my pockets. That helps a great deal!
I bought my first Shaw Brothers Celestial remastered DVD, but it was a bootleg since they are Region 3...still very nice, that owns. I now need a region free DVD player at all cost! All the nice stuff that will become available to me! :D

The Community once again evolving for the better!

Cool to see the community evolved again. The Unions are a great idea to make the link between people stronger. Also we now have easy access to the most important/interesting Unions Journal's and UCB's straight from the main page. But my favorite has to be the evolution of the posting history (which is pretty much back like it used to be before the forums merged), now that's cool! Only small thing that i miss the the number of time a message have been read, that was really nice before....

Anyway, time to check out all that stuff!


Job, Purchases and Gaming

So i finally worked this week! I've been unemployed since November! I worked at the Quebec Car Show / Exposition. All the big names are there to show their new cars, prices...I worked at the Daimler-Chrysler booth. Well actually i was there to help create their booth. We were 10 guys and had to build everything from the carpet to recover with plastic, the uberly big Gran Cherokee scene to stands...everything. It was fun work, plus i got to see all the cars for free. Porsche, Ferrari, 350Z, Mustang GT. I cleaned the new Chrysler 300 myself, that's nice! :P I'm going back there on Sunday night to start undoing it all, and pack the stuff back in the crates for next year. Also the agency for which i work called me at work to say they should have something for me for April. Should be a full-time job, paying 10$ CND. A factory job, like i'm used to with them.

Yeah, i still buy a ton of stuff...I got these on the weekend...

Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution
Devil May Cry
Ghost in the Shell SAC DVD Special Edition #4
Logitech Wireless PS2 Controller.....

Castlevania Symphony of the Night original!

Also the LOTR Extended Edition Box. I already had all 3, but the last one had a deal for which you send $4 and receive the empty box. Awesome for people who already bought them separately like me, and still can have the box! Yay!

Now for the gaming part. I'm currently mostly playing my PS2 since i got it not too long ago. Feels good to have it back, now i can play all the games i want!

I bought the first Devil May Cry saturday because i bought the third whitout ever playing the others. SO i needed to play the original first. Well i started it on Sunday pm and finished it last night! 2 days, 6hours 30! It'S the first time i touched this game. Now i don't know if this is normal, but c'mon 6 HOURS 30 MIN on a first playtrough with no experience in the series!! Is the game suppossed to be that short? (well yea i switched to easy when i got the chance...)Anyway, that game frickin' rocks, i've been missing on a gem. A mix that i felt between Resident Evil and Ninja Gaiden. Of course it's from the people behing RE and NG copied it a lot....So i'm now ready for the third, i don't think the second is needed at all.

Tekken 5 is killer. I dig it! It got it all, modes-stages-characters-options-gameplay. My most played 3D fighter since Soul Calibur 1 and 2. But i think i prefer it abit than SC2...Sure it ain't as deep as VF4, but it's more enjoyable on the go, that's for sure! And the CG are kickass, oh Tekken 3 is there too! :P

Gran Turismo 4 is sucking my life. I needed that one badly, and i'm sure i'll sink hundreds of hours in it! My only gripe with the game is actually the *screen shaking* bug. But i went back last week and managed to get my copy changed! It does it less often with this one, but the default is still present. Argh! Why Sony? :evil:

Finally, Dark Cloud 2 is a really fun RPG. But damn, i've played for 23 hours and still haven't cleared Chapter 2!! There's so much stuff to do with the weapons, pictures/inventions, georama...overwhelming!

Oh i fogot, i'm playing Mega Man 2 on the GC Collection too. I have only Wood Man stage left before going to kick Willy's stage and rear. God i love those classics! Heat Man stage is a nasty b****, i always fall down! :lol: