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Been Awhile

Well it has been a long time since I have done one of these so... I said what the hell.

I bought a 32" Panasonic LCD HDTV and an Xbox 360 Elite since my last post and it is pretty much my love child... Games look amazing on the PS3 and the 360 on this TV and I could not be happier. I got a couple of new games since my last post as well...


  • COD4
  • GH:III
  • Halo3


  • Assassins Creed

These games are great and I am pretty much addicted to them all not to mention I have been brushing up on the old Starcraft skills in my spare time when I am not programming. I am also waiting on games I got for 10 dollars a piece to come in which are all 360 games (DOAU, PGR3, and MotoGp06) so... that should be fun...

Anyway I got to get back to this program

see you all soon peace out!


Added a bit to the old collection...

After getting a PS3 I decided to dip into the account to splurge on some old but missed PS2 titles that i missed because i chose Xbox over Ps2 last generation.
I added:
Resistance Fall of Man (PS3)
NHL:2k7 (PS3)
Final Fantasy XII (PS2)

I thought they were all relatively good choices :P

I got a PS3

Well it has been a long time coming and a lot of phone calls made but I finally have a PS3. I got Resistance and another controller that added up to be a lil over $800 for everything. Well worth it I must say... It is just an overall good system.. next my money goes toward a 360 :P

The New Golden Axe

Even though I have been shafted in getting a PS3 before they sold out... I still have been looking at promising games coming out for the new system. When I saw Golden Axe it automatically took me back to my SEGA days... ohhh those were the days... I remember playing golden axe when I was younger and it was by far my favorite game for the genesis. When I saw that they were remaking this game the first thing I thought was what an excellent move. Then I thought wow I hope they do this right because this quite possibly could be the greatest PS3 game to date so far. Then it occurred too me that if they do a bad job they will make a bad name for the whole series... which would be awful. I for one can't wait to learn more about this game and to see it in action!!

I Rocked The Vote!

I sent the letter to the senetors about the game bill. I think that is complete bulls*** so I wanted my voice to be heard. It should not be up to the game retailers to tell kids they can not buy that game. That is deffinantly up to the parents! I am 17 almost 18 and the bill really does not consern me but it will for the younger generation and I think that is just wrong.
If you agree "ROCK YOUR VOTE!"