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Liu_Sya_Xuan_De Blog

Lioness Project

by on

Hmm.. That's exactly my plan. It's starting very slowly..

It can't be helped, after all I am working by myself.. I realize that it's too late for me to start from zero to make a completely brand new project now that I have chosen medicine faculty.

So I decided to take the different path of creating my own project while running my education, may the God shows me the way.

This is still a top secret (seriously!!)

On top of the toppest, I am improving myself in editing and animating. (The manga chapters are all in my head though..)

Still, that doesn't make me a super ultra business women or whachamacallit. I have the time for a little chat or talk in the same time, practicing my ability of CSS and html.

This is the site where I am always online, for now on:

Shiolia Leo - Palace of Eternal Stardust

Shiro ShishiKyuu

I am so happy that the site allows anonymous to chat with me thus, it just makes the things easier for me have conversation with anyone.

Needless to say, I don't exactly know what relation of that to my project but OBVIOUSLY I found it fun and I did got my inspiration that way.

Also.. I have been itching to have a role play..

Well.. I have no idea precisely about RP in world wide meaning however, I'll make it SS role play on my area.

I am still hoping someone could teach me the whole thing about it so I won't mistaken its meaning anymore.. Maybe someday.. Aww, beats me?! (lol)

Ow yeah.. And the last thing.. LET'S GET DANGEROUS...


(Wat teh heck?? IDK :P )

~ Shiolia Sya Hyirlitte ~

Happy Belated New Year 2010!

by on

I just happened to stop by..

Time just passed fast. It was unnoticeable for a year..

This makes my 3rd year on GS (I think..)

As routines takes all my time away.. As the time flows, there might be a time to give in and give up. Life itself is an endless battle; It'll be over when you decide to surrender, retreat, or win it so keep the faith in your deepest heart.

Everyone can be a hero, I believe it.

I wish everyone for better future...

And.. Ah right, I experienced a lot of funny things during my offline time. One of them is about my dreams.. I have been dreaming about myself and Shion during my sleeping time several times.. When I asked my friend with an ability to read dreams.. whatchamacallit.. Those dreams meant something for my life. And it really happened! Believe it or not, I gotta say that I found myself a guardian angel. Also.. I got my inspiration to draw Shion's fanart from my dream. It's gonna be a very long story to explain so I guess that's all. Here, I will display my latest draft sketch of my dream..

Ehem, I kind of messed the wings, those should be bigger than that.. (paper problem, ehehe)

I am doing the coloring now.. I bet that's gonna be an awesome fanart.

P.S: I'll give the direct link to my chat box, come inside, send me message or notification. It does not require registration and I shall reply it ASAP. I welcome everyone.

My code name is 'Shiolia'

MySpace Anyone?

by on

Is there anyone here registering account on MySpace?
I will be staying there..The site is cool, but don't get me the wrong idea. I like it as much as and However, my current condition doesn't support me to online on both sites.
Well, I rarely have time to play games or watching tv and most time I have been spending using my notebook for browsing and searching references so...I am afraid I won't give any good contribution for the sites.

I have a chatbox, shoutbox, flash game, Gold Saints group, BGM on my profile and soon I will add quiz. As much as I can, I will make it interesting to everyone browsing my page so there won't be any regret to visit it.
So, what are you waiting for? Click on my fanart above to teleport you directly to my White Lion Temple?!!
Hahaha, just kidding...Add me there if you have MySpace account, see you later!

P.S: If you want to use my features, (such as chatbox, games, etc), you don't require any registration. just hit sign in button and write your name and you are available to chat with me, so... Buzz me anytime you want, I will reply as long as I am able.

My Channels

by on

That will be my first consideration...Raining a lot lately, Where's my umbrella???!!

The second one is about Gold Cross X Neo, I was full of it.

Since PS2 was no longer a main topic, I've decided to find other productive hobby in multimedia design...but hey! That really works!!

For my information, I got some awesome sites I am actively browsing:

My Friendster profile - Shion Fou Rafine

My Facebook profile - Shion Aries

This site is new for me, I like it already:

My Blogspot profile - Shion Sya Aiolia

This is super!!!

My Imeem profile - Shion Aiolia

...................I love me, lol!!!! :D

I enjoyed my days of drawing, sketching, listening music, programming, and webbing(not spider web okay!)

I can hear music on my profile :D

The third one is trouble..:x

It looks like Next Dimension is gonna be delayed after Zeus Chapter...Shucking news.

"Ohh...Mujun na sekai de...Yume wo seoi nagara..." - Fence of Defence

"Gomibako o tobi koeta, saki ni aru MIRAI!" - Wada Kouji

Action Figure - Zodiac Wars

by on

That's my first bought action figure...

The next probably be...

Kyoko no Shion, Kyoko no Saga, Leo Aiolia, Gold Saint Aries Shion, Aquarius Camus, Aries Mu, Appendix series Aries Mu....

I need to pick which the most priority buying is...

Oh well, that's gonna be my problem to decide.....

Evolution of The Sky Dragon

by on

Experiences makes the things different - Shion Aries -

We all have ability. The difference is how we use it. - Stevie Wonder -

The masters said..I have my own thought

"In any kind of situation, you have your own decision what you will become.."

"Everything is like a war, you have to struggle and survive in it.."

It appears to teach me how to react in certain environments, as the time flows..people occurs changes but changes is not always necessary.

For this time being, I think I have gained many lessons so..This is just about my improvement in Gamespot, believe it or not it all begins on my lackness..

User Icon Evolution

I have found many experts leading this matter which was actually could be done by anyone..My first user icon is 30x30 px jpeg, it is a picture of new officer in RoTTK X..

Then I saw many users using animated one, I wondered..I tried to encourage myself to ask anyone, only led me to give it up..I changed my search spot to other site afterward and thank goodness it bore fruit..

Now, I have my own will to make any animated user icon. I concluded that those hard time was not useless after all..Unless I wouldn't have gained this ability.

I continue to master this ability and it keeps until now:

This my first user icon, there is nothing special about it I must say

New Officer

This is my first animated gif, I downloaded this. I have made a lot of experiment using it though, I have to thank my Naoe_Kanetsugu for this :P


This is my first animated gif I made of my first video I downloaded, great improvement with less satisfaction..

Zhuge Liang and Jiang Wei

This is my first animated user icon with my username written all over it. It was made when I was great fans of DW, perfect result with ruined size..

Ma Chao 100 x 100 px

This is another result with advanced editting methode, a lot of efforts and time were needed...

Ashton Anchors, Gyoro and Ururun

This is my first framed user icon, it would be free from art hijacker yet it was harder than before, safe, perfect, wasting time

Legion of Heroes

The rest ones are my fave:

Vegitto, Dante, Kanetsugu Naoe, Mitsunari Ishida

Image Blog Evolution

Profile is not the thing which people take a view of...I realize this because everybody doesn't seem care about it..It can't be helped..Hence, I keep to make it to shrapen my ability..

One of my friend said this picture is the best one..

Chasing the Mouse

You are not kidding, are you? :P

Infinite BattleHeroes from Across Time, Allen the Exorcist, Devil Hunter Dante, Alphamon the 13th Royal Knights, Strongest Creature in the Universe, Virgo Saint Shaka

Signature Evolution

This aspect seems occuring significant changes, I must say..Since signature is the thing I have most as priority, it influences my experiences in working using PSD in the time being..

My first animated signature; this sig covering entire sig space

Normal square shape signature with transition slides.

Quatre's Theme

Guilmon and Jet as the frame's picture, this also display my relationship with my clan member

My Best Three

New frame, I gave it Zero Gravity as the title

Zero Gravity

This is my curent signature, I give Zodiac Braves as the title:

Zodiac Brave

Clan Evolution

Divine Dragon Clan, that is the name...I have 10 dragon generals under my wings but there are 4 left..

Crimson Serpent Yohann, Ryan the Raging Dragon, Kim the Fierce Dragon, Willy the Red Salamander...

Aniki, I am so glad that you are still on until now, I don't mind if you are rarely online..It's great honor for me to have you with me.. :)

Anata, You make me worrying sick, thank goodness that you still care to send me words..You are now leaving on journey, May the god protects you on your noble quest, you're going to report the things later :twisted:

Kim-Sensei, I pray for you wherever you are, please be safe, healthy, happy, and...COME BACK TO US!! :cry:

Young Dragon, I know you have been busy with your life..that's just natural for growing boys but don't forget your friends, dear. ;)

Friendship Evolution

I have three new friends who has been actively communicating with me. They are kingkilla3, jaykho213, TriEdgeFury26..I am going to have to say this; I am an inconstant person...This may sound harsh but I have stopped tracking some users for my own reason..I just hope you guys stay with me...that's all I ask for..

Next one will be coming soon:

Banner Evolution, Blog Evolution, Spirit Evolution, Mind Evolution, System Evolution, Physical Evolution..

Music Video & New Account

by on

~ 牡羊座のシオン - 牡羊座のムウ ~

I manage to upload the music video of my gold cross community..The video is a lot smaller than the original file..I know that this mv won't be attractive..As for me, this is regarding the most important matter in my life.

I have created an account on live Messenger, msn..I have bad memory so if there is any of you who wants to add me, I don't mind..My username is

The End of My Resolve - Hard Days And Nights

by on

The wind feel great today, this might be the first day after gloomy days behind..Winamp Skin, Music Video, College transfer problem, come to think of it, I even hardly got enough sleep for all the matters. Yet I don't have any regret..After all, I am the cause of all those.

I'm sad as well as happy sitting on the spot where I always have a cup of warm tea..For the reason. I don't want to write that out, it just makes me crying...I know it! I'm beginning to think that my zodiac prediction is absolutely right about my current state:

~ Leo ~
It could be that you will feel a little hard to please today; certain people, such as those who disrupt your routine, will irritate you, particularly if you feel the need for everything to be just right today. However, any plans that you have should run smoothly though!

Now I realize that there are many things I can not change no matter how hard I try. It is said that you must occur changes according to the situation and condition where you are..That's a big rubbish! From now on I will struggle for myself, survive for myself and dedicate all I have only for myself. Get the only things on my favor without caring other things, that's it! I doubt that other is gonna take a heed anyway so..WHO CARES.I'm not a kind of tame kind girl, sometimes it may be better to show my fiery side.

I'll be waiting for my guardian angels..Maybe someday..

The music video is done nicely even though it leaves me a bit disatisfaction..Well, yeah I love it either way..

My newest Winamp Skin is the one I'm talking about..Gemini Saga's Theme.I admit that Saga's theme is better than Shion's theme..Pains my heart but that is true.

I love Saga but not as much as Shion...(Heartbreaking)

I'm waiting for Saint Seiya; Next Dimension..Hopefully it's not delayed..That's all I wish for..

*If you don't know how to make good comment, that's okay. Please don't post any junk on comment box. Thus you can help me as well..

My Resolve - 2nd Theme. Freezing Cosmo, Flowing Wisdom; Aquarius Camus

by on

It's been raining a lot lately, I am anxious the bad weather will keep me away from internet for days ahead.
I was informed that the connection of the cafe where I used to sit occured terrible error, it was caused by the strong whirlwind yesterday. It could be better or worse, I still believe in windfall after all.
Despite of circumtances, I have my resolve to focus on the things I have delayed for long time so...Yes, I might cage myself in room, face my drawing bar, and stare my laptop for days.
I am very keen on finishing my fanart, music video, winamp skin, and other artwork stuff.

Before I go, I would like to display, the result I got, having answered quizes five times.

What gold saint are you?

It's out of my supposition, but I approve it in mindfulness..


Once Gold Saint of Aries, Sion is the High Priest of the Sanctuary, actually the closest man to the will of the Goddess. He was the master of Aries Mu, and taught him all the secrets of the starlight, which they both love. More than two-hundreds years of life has made him sapient and wise beyond every human imagination. And these two are certainly the greatest power a person can reach. When you know, you can reach the sky and embrace the world. If you know, the World is yours. And so the Universe, if you like, but this is left to immagination, or that natural human quality, curiosity, that allows us to never stop to chase the longing for discovering.


Shaka is the Gold Saint of Virgo, holder of the 6th Temple of the Sanctuary .We can describe him with few words: prayer, wisdom, serenity. Virgo Shaka is the Dalai Lama, the incarnation of Buddha, and though his eyes are always close, he can see more farther than anyone else. Besides, you'd better don't hope he will open his eyes..He could be arrogant maybe, but that is how he reacts where other people would just get very very angry. Shaka's heart is sweet, and rational. His striking calm and balance should make us understand that, actually, the World can change as we change our point of view.


Saga is the Gold Saint of Gemini, holder of the 3rd Temple of the Sanctuary.Truly faithful to Athena, his life is disturbed by the curse pending open his head. His evil side is separated from his good side, and this causes a kind of dissociated personality. But when is power is awake, Saga's rage is catastrophic: he can create the exploding energy of a Galaxy or deform the spacetime.He will always fight to help the rightful, even if it means fighting against himself.


Aphrodite is the Gold Saint of Pisces, holder of the 12th Temple of the Sanctuary .Charming and absolutely free-spirit, he is the incarnation of the meaning of beauty, and the double face of love. He's feminine look makes him appear weak, but you'd better to not pay attention to the appearances. His roses are fatal, and no enemy would have a chance against his "air-swimming".He seems to pay attention and care in everything he likes: his roses, for example, using them to decor his whole house. Or his look; he'd pass hours in front of the mirror, trying to look nicer. And, certainly, he likes to spend his free time with friends and enjoy their company.


Aiolia is the Gold Saint of Leo, holder of the 5th Temple of the Sanctuary. Though he suffers the loss of his fallen brother, Aiolos, Aiolia lives to make the people happy. He possess the power of the speeding sunlight, and you can still see the wisdom of his brother is his eyes, whether he likes or not. He is benevolent and friendly, and he smiles even when he's sad. Certainly, Aiolia is a great person.

What is your gold cross?

Come to me, young human. Be my Lion Soldier. Battles wait us.

I am your Destiny. Take me, reach my power and feel it income your soul. You would be Knight of The Ram.

Ah... It's the time to wake up from the eternal night and lowliness life. Who are you, Mortal, come to be Son of Aurora; The Aquarius.

What is your darkside gold saint?


You are the beautiful Pisces Aphrodite. His pretty face hid his dangerous thorns, like the rose's beautiful petals. As opposed to Deathmask's painful, brutal killings, Aphrodite killed painlessly. Even as an 'evil' person, he still showed Piscean compassion. Every rose has its thorns, but all of them smell sweet.


You are the sadistic Cancer Deathmask. He's known for his cruelty, and he does love to watch others suffer. But, in the end, he did stand with the other Gold Saints taking down the Wailing Wall. Looks like there's more than meets the eye.


You are the devious Gemini Saga. He's clever and powerful, and as the Pope he's run Sanctuary for thirteen years causing mayhem. In the end, he wasn't so evil as he killed himself rather than kill his goddess. Just goes to show that there's a little bit of good in everyone.

Which is your digimon partner?

Your digimon is Veemon

You are the owner of the Blue Digivice and also the keeper of the Digiegg of Courage, Friendship and Miracle.

What gundam pilot are you?

You are Quatre

Which sonic character are you?


You Are Sonic the Hedgehog! The speedy blue hedgehog who loves adventure!

Which sonic guy will fall in love with you?

Jet The Hawk

JET THE HAWK is the guy who would fall in love with you.Wanna see if he's the kinda guy you'd like? Well's here are two small bits of info for ya. He's 14 years of age and his personality is competitive, narcisisstic and cocky.

I can't believe my eyes :shock:

Yayay! Jet is mine! :D

Which dynasty warriors character are you?

Zhao Yun

Cao Pi

Which samurai warriors character are you?

Yukimura Sanada

Mitsuhide Akechi

Which DMC Character are you?


You are Dante! Yeah, the guy with the read coat... it looks damn good on you! You like to be the "hero". Rescue the world is your everyday job... but nobody knows. There is a girl on your side, but it don't seem to like you... (but she does).You like pizza and strawberry sundae... who dont?You are kind hearted, even if nobody cares or notice, but you!You are the only one devil who cries if he looses an important person... or if there is no pizza anymore.

I'm absolutely crazy about him! :D

Which Dynasty Warrior ruler are you?

Yuan Shao

Sun Jian

Cao Pi

Lu Bu

Cao Cao

Aww man! I'm expecting too much for Liu Bei :(

Those encourage me somehow.
I'm going to display my sixth result...Hopefully..

I finally finished with my winamp skin, and of course it's displaying my most favored characters:
See any better..
Perhaps, I should hasten the progress of my music video as well...mid march...Errrh..I hope..

My 1st Own-made Winamp Skin, Shion Aries Theme. Kotaero na Kozou-dono! :P

by on

廬山昇龍覇 - ろざんしょうりゅうは

That's just one page of Saint Seiya Hades Chapter.

Thanks to my fellow friend on orkut, I finally get the manga scan of manga series, if anyone is interested, just let me know..

I also display my first artwork of winamp skin, it's viewing my most fave character, Shion Aries. this skin is still uncompleted..But, I have confidence in it. Just say, this is a gift for all of you in valentine day. just click the picture below to download it. don't worry no virus attached;)

Guess what, I also make some new sig, those seem getting better..Well, who knows...Regardless I really appreciate everyone who has given me encouragement and comment till this far. Your opinion is my improvement:D

What do you think of the background effect? :)

I must admit, Shion looks pretty innocent on that expression :oops:

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