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Fallout 3

ok so ive just completed fallout 3 in 16 hours 30min and i must say its an absolutly brilliant gamebut i have a few complaints as always i was soooooo so so so so so so sooooo pissed i beat the game sooooooo soon a 15-16 hour game made my bethesda? what? are you seriouse? OMG! Elderscroles took me 75+ plus to beat!!!!! and Oblivian? forget about it ill never beat that game :S so yah a bit of a disapointment beating this game in 16 hours.....BUT! im told there are expantions comming out soon 2 i think

i dont get the ending fawkes you absolute *** he can survive high radiation but i must go and get killed cause he refuses? yet hes deeply sorry and would like to help me after i saved him.

i would of liked the main story to be longer i was expecting to pour atleast 25-30 hours into the main story line, after 'dad' dies it feels very rushed everything just sort of happens.

the levels im not entirely sure how important the level system is in this apart from a few key areas like security and um i would like to say sneak but that turned out to be pretty pointless most of the time(i finished the game at level 10).

i found that while going around indoors that the super mutants would run up to you and attack even if they where a few rooms away and there was no way they could of seen you(hence my sneak comment) this made mines a completly useless bit of kit except for one area in the game when you set fawkes free, first thing i did was plant mines outside all the cell doors.

i tested out a few dialog options using a quick save and they dont seem to change the story in any way the characters simply respond differently to you then carry on regardless of what you told them.

why do have to die at the end couldnt fawkes save you? it would of been difficult to just let you continue and finish some of the side quests i had lined up to do after the main story. overall the ending was pretty poor but the rest was brill.

overall i found the game to be Wasome! i was enthralled in the story line all the way through and loved every moment of it, the game certaintly serves to get 'game of the year' unlike that POS far cry 2. The only area the game lacks is in the graphical elemnts, super mutants are very rough around the edges (you can see this on fawkes) and several of the textures appear to be flat although they were obviously meant to have buttons and things on them as seen on most of the buttons for doors.

over all 9.0/10 only cause the game was so dam short! GO BUY IT you wont be disapointed!

a few new games

so yah today tuesday lol i picked up a few new games at the local EB fist off i fianly got the new fallout game now i know its been out for a little bit , but ive been putting off buying cause i have so many games on the go already and all i need as another 60 hour + bethesda take up all my time, i also picked up Red Alert 3! it looks pretty cool liek ther other comand and conqure games but im not sure of the story plot of this one , it propaly followes the perviose ones :S still looks good though ill play through them in the next few days and tell ya'll what i think :D

Hitman Blood Money

ohhh number 47 will you ever die?

once again the hitman is back kicking ass and takeing names this time around you play though a gritty story plot involveing "blood money" lol youll have o play the game to figure that one out , but nothing special about this one boys and girls its the same old sneaking around tring not to kill any one , but its typical hitman playing a mission like 20 times going through it trying not to get caught and doing everything to perfection *sigh* if youve played the series you know what im talking about....

but in all fairness Hitman Blood money was a hit with me now i have to admit im a hough fan of the series especialy the socond one, wich goes with out saying it seems they Eidos ( the company who made the game) has stepped there game up a bit with cleaning up there graphics and a more smoth game play and interface , no more stumbeling around tring to get exactly behind a person to stick them with a needle or use the wire on them also upgrades are added this time not only to your weapons but to other items as well, body armor, faster lock pick, small heath kits ect....

so over all Hitman Blood money is a hit check it out its definatly worth playing


New Year New Games

so first off Happy new year right......

lol yah so here comes the new year and a bunch of new games, so far nothing has really caught my eye as far as new games go, i guess im most excited for is the Sims 3 yah yah yah i know the Sims shut up, but from what ive read and sceen about the game it looks simply amazing i mean common on remember the first Sims lol enough said now im not going to go into great detail about the Sims 3 all im going ot say is it look amazing!

so what else , i picked up a few games this weekend and yes one of them was that stupid two worlds game......( read my previouse blog) i picked up the Comand and conqure games for the x box 360 Tiberium wars and Kanes wrath i must say for a RTS on the concel they managed to pull it off now of course i dont own a computer that can play games ( thanks Mac...) so i have to buy everything for my x box including RTS games i guess ill do a mini review in another blog lol yah like any one reads this :S hmmm what else oh and i also picked up the new hitman blood money now i know they are a little older games for the x box 360 but keep in mind i just got my x box like 2 weeks ago again the new hotman was a hit :D woot!so all and all for the most part i was pleased with thte games i picked up, im still planning on picking up the new Fallout game as well as Call of dutity 5 both ive played before and both are wasome!

Two Worlds!

lol ok ok i just had to wright a mini review of this game sorry

where to start well ok at the begining i supose, first thinsg first i just have to say i loved the into and title music it was very lovely to listen to while i wrote this review :)

once you start up the game the first thing you do is make your char....well of course i wanted to make a female char for my self but of course there wasnt that option with left me scratching my head, " umm you know girls play video games right?" so yah any ways you have to play as this guy for the whole game wich for me kinda took away from the game a little sure you get to costumize him at the bigging with limited options.....grrrr that was inoying

for such a masive game i was expection a little more with not only game play with was clunky and at times uninspiring trust me youll know what im talking about if you played it....but also the last visual presentation i mean common for a quest game i was expectin a much more interactive invierment and a more wide veritity of monsters and creatures to battle as well as lack of missions , i mean there where tons of side quests with are just plane boring as well as take up much of your time also distraction you from the main quest leaving you wanding about the world just grinding and leveling up...been there done that....( Elder scroles series) not to mention a rather crummy story plot it again really takes away from any game a weak story plot = weak game im sorry ( not true lost planet lol awsome game crap story plot, wait am i talking to my self???)

the geame just over all was rather disapointing i must admit, there just wants enough there to keep me hooked like other RPG's or MMOPRG's over all id give two worlds a 3/10 sorry guys :(


so yah here i am now on game spot woot! i know right? so yah i guess i joined thi site to really wrigh revies on a few games ive played and just tell it how it is but i guess that has to wait till you get a level 3 status? huh? well what ever im sure there is plantity to do in the mean time right?

i usualy check out this site for game reviews mostly like before i buy a game i juts like to read up on it , for the most part i can tell if a games going to be good or bad from just what ive heard through the grape vine ( EB staff) though on the odd chance i dont check out a review on a perticular game i want it usualy turns out to be crap :( and gawd i hate calliing games crap cause i know alot of hard work and time goes into makkeing them so i usualy try and remain bised when doing reviews or what not, for example i picked up and game for the X box 360 called two worlds now i have to admit i didnt read the review on it and of course all my guy friends havent heard anything about it go figure right? but who knows it might have been a sleep gamenow i was told its like Oblivian and thats another thing i hate to do is compair a game to another far superior game so i though what the hell why not only 15 buck lets go! yah lets just say i didnt get my 15 bucks worth thank god i didnt buy it new at the time for like 60 Dollars or what ever it went for , leason learned :S i dont have to give a review on this on sorry guys thumbs down :( way down Yarg!