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Bad stuff

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Hi guys :).You know those All Time Greatest Hero Brackets and the second emblem ? So I did something wrong with my bracket and now I didn`t got emblem and my bracket is incomplete :cry:.I can`t finish it now :cry:.Now that`s now that`s bad stuff :lol:.

Now talking about better news.Yesterday I watched Game One on MTV Germany review of the new NFS game.First of all I have to say WHAT`S WITH THE GRAPHICS!? It`s just my opinion,but I want undercover back :lol:,atleast there`s a Veyron.And what`s up with all those cars flying around :lol:.The weirdest thing about that game was the cornering they said something about it,but my german isn`t good :lol:.I don`t speak german good :lol:,but I clearly heard it`s a good arcade/simulation racer,but it will be outselled by GT5 and Forza 3.I think it might be worth a rent,but the again there`s going to GT5 and Forza 3 so why waste your money.Don`t forget there`s Dirt 2 :wink:

So bye :P

I`m sick :(

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I`ve got sick this saturday :(.I`ve got a fever :cry:.I`ve been to see a doctor and he said that I have to stay at home this week,which is cool,but I`ve got 40°C that`s 104°F.Maybe it`s pig flu :lol:.Today I`m a bit better,but still weak and my head hurts :(.

Bye Guys :)


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Hi guys.Finally it`s here !!! Yes the Weekend :D.No school for 2 whole days :D.Hurray :lol:.No homework for weekend :D.I`m so happy.I`ve found this girl which I think likes me and I like her so...yeah :oops:.I`ll keep it short and sweet weekend start now go wild !!!!

Bad day :(,again :o

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Hello guys.I`m back from that HELL HOLE(school).Today I`ve received my 8 grades graduation paper(I forgot to get it last year):lol:.Today it supposed to be 6 clases,but I made it until 4th clas and then home :lol:.Today I`m going to draw something new for sirracannal :oops:.I`ll probably make 2 drawings today.Well I`ll try,`cuz my last 2 were pretty bad :cry:

See ya :D

I`m back from my first day of school this year

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Hello people :).I`m back from school hurray :D,but I have to go there tomorrow :cry:.Today we were suposed to have 5 clases.Well I had 4,because I runaway 8).I`m so bad :lol:.I met my friends and had some fun.School is really boring and the first clase this year was math.It wasn`t hard actually I found it kinda easy :o.I remembered almost everything from last year :o.I`ve uploaded a pic of myself.Yeah I know I`m ugly :cry:.When I was 10 I started to draw a lot of DBZ fan art,but I lost a lot of them so,maybe I start drawing again just for you guys,but ony if you`ll be good :evil:.

Who reported on my other pic in my images :evil: ?

Thank god I`ve only got a warning.

So should I start drawing DBZ fan art again ?

I`m not going to school today 8)

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Hello my friends :).I`m not going to school today 8).My parents said I can go or stay at home and you know what I chose :D.So yesterday I`ve lost 33% of my level for posting a little and innocent post about the polish :lol:.I`m happy about my last blog,but I was thinking that more will post :(,but whatever :D.I`m still not convinced to get a facebook account,but I liked sirracannals answer :oops: :lol:.I`m not happy that you didn`t knew my fave Anime/Manga :cry:.My favorite Anime/Manga is Naruto :),but I stopped watching/reading a year ago.Yes I like Gears of War,but I`ve only played the first one on PC and beat that mother****** on Hardcore 8).I`ve uploaded a picture of my ugly cat :lol: joke.Sorry for the quality of the pic,because my sis took this picture with her lame cellphone.I`ve uploaded my cats pic because I reseaved and answer like DOUBLE YESH :oops:I`ve been going to art school for about 4 years and I`ve uploaded one of my favorite painting that I`ve painted so check out my images :).Plese comment all those pics.I`ll probably upload a pic of myself tomorrow :).You should all upload pics of yourself :evil:,I don`t want to be alone :lol:.Don`t you guys think that every Lady Gaga video is weirder that the previous ? I find them weird and kinda scary :lol:.Do think Lady gaga is hot ? I`m not saying she`s not good looking,but I like brunettes more than blondes :oops:.

Yesterday I started watching Chappelle's show.I found it really funny and white people can dance :evil: well I can :lol:

That`s a lot of smiles :o

That`s all folks :lol: :lol: :lol:

Last day of summer :(

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Hi guys.Today is the last day of summer.Tomorrow I`ll have to go to school.I`m not going to be that active in union so leaders please don`t demote me or anything.Finally some peace and quite :lol:.I`m so not waiting for school.School is OK,but the homework,no video games,no gamespot is really horrible.Sorry for union ivitation,i just want that those union have more people.A lot of people are doing ask me something and then answers,but I`m too lazy to answer question so I`ll be asking questions here :evil:.Here I go:

1.Should I make a facebook account ?

2.If I make a facebook account would you guys be friedns with me ?

3.Should I get a 360 :P ?

4.What do you think about me ?

5.Should I get a DSi ?

6.Why you don`t like Wii ?

7.Do you think that Sega is awful ?

8.What`s your favorite game ?

9.What`s your favorite system ?

10.What`s your favorite Manga/Anime ?

11.What`s my favorite Manga/Anime ?

12.Do I like Gears of War ?

13.Should I upload a pic of myself ?

14.Should I upload a pic of my cat ?

Sorry No number 15 :(

And if you don`t know theanswer just guess and please answer every question :)


I`ve been suspended again :(

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I`ve been suspended for the 3rd time :o :cry:.I dind`t do a thing.Someone reported my AVGN pic.There wasn`t anything bad.Who could do that ?I`m a good person.Was it YOU ! YOU ! or YOU ! I want names :evil: :lol:So I haven`t been active for a day :(.Well I`ve got my new emblem for voting for videogame heroes.

And one last thing a forgot in my last blog is that MTV Germany crew :lol: took an interview from Ray Misterio and he said he wants to make a cartoon with himself something like incredibles :lol:.First Halo anime then this whats next cooking with Batista or Learning Salsa with John Cena :lol:

P.S only 4 days of summer are left :cry:

I`m back from my eye check

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Hello people.I`m back from my eye check and I DON`T NEED GLASSES!!! I was sure that I`m going to need `em.Maybe next year :lol:.My eyes are as good as last year.It`s not my fault,it`s gamespot!!! :cry:There`s way too much good stuff here :cry:.

Read this

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Hi guys.It`s Sunday,but it sucks,its raining,cold and pretty dark outside.I can`t go outside :cry:.Tomorrow I`m going to check my eyes.I`m pretty sure that I`ll have to wear glasses :(,but when you`re a gamer that`s imminent.It`s really strange that last year I didn't need `em.I was sure that I`m going to need glasses.I`m not going to wear glasses everywhere,only using PC,watching playing video games.

So how many of you wear glasses ?

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