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Probably not, they havent used dedicated servers in CoD for quite some time. Black ops 1 was the last I believe

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So I had a pleasant surprise today when I opened up 2 packages today

kmart dont give a flip

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im so pissed, my trade up through evga expired last month.

nvidia lied about the release date so they essentially fucked me over

Calm down, just sell it 2nd handed on eBay or something.

No one tried to fuck you or anything, I doubt big companies like EVGA or Nvidia care about 1 costumer.

i was calm, now im not because you suck at reading comprehension.

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im so pissed, my trade up through evga expired last month.

nvidia lied about the release date so they essentially fucked me over

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Now In no way shape or form do I claim to be an expert on the female of the species but all I do know is there are a huge number of topics created on OT by people, particularly in their late teens and early twenties who feel socially awkward, nervous or various other "negative emotions" around girls and women.


I dont understand it guys, women are attracted to the same qualities they have been attracted to since we ran around with sticks and lived in caves. Just because civilized society has introduced a new set of rules and convoluted the system somewhat doesnt make YOU inferior or unattractive to the entirety of women.

I think you would be incredibly surprised how many stunning beautiful women exist out there who are just as awkward, nerdy and fucked up as the rest of us, and they want exactly what you do, comfort, security, laughter, joy, sex.

Please dont put the pussy on a pedestal. Talk to them, interact with them and enjoy them and things start to happen!

It's a process of growing up. Some people take longer than others, not that hard to figure out.

The gym is a good tool to make yourself feel good about yourself and make you feel good in general.

Myself personally, I am no longer intimidated by any woman because I know I can have any one I want. Men tend to OCD on the beauty of a woman which causes them to compare their selves with them.

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With annoying frame rates and low quality picture on next-gen consoles, what system/console are you buying it for?

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nah im not saying its a rip off if anything it was refreshing to play zelda because it reminded me of the ps1 classic..

the people being trapped in crystals was probably the biggest similarity between the two along with other things animeguy mentioned

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This was my first Zelda game and I think I'm pretty far into it, just acquired my 4th some of the elements of this game remind you of a ps1 game Brave Fencer Musashi?

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I'm slightly confused by the goty scheduling, is GS not hosting GOTY voting this year for people's choice?

Concerned because me and a friend are betting on who will win, and we have to buy each other the game that wins :D

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Same. The game is pretty fun locally but online would have given it much more replayability.

indeed, hopefully the learn from everyones outrage