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Ah ha ha ha ha......Now what PS4 and X1 boys? How you gonna dismiss this one?

If a 3rd party game like Hyrule Warriors out scores your over hyped, under achieving Destiny, than how do you think your other titles will hold up against such upcoming Nintendo Juggernauts like Legend of Zelda, Super Smash Bros, Mario Maker, and Yoshi's Wooly World?

You guy's should hope neither M$ or Sony is foolish enough to release a game in the same week as any of the above mentioned Nintendo titles.

uhhh, you do realize Sony has an even better lineup, right?

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You should take notes on how to talk to girls

You should teach me. If your burns are as good as your pick-up lines, I will be knee-deep in pussy in the next 5 minutes.

You should show off your threads to the ladies, they won't think you're a weirdo or anything

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TC confirmed virgin

That was so good, I actually had to write it down.

You should take notes on how to talk to girls

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ps4.5 coming out later this year

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TC confirmed virgin

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they both are mans games. unlike final fantasy which is made for cute teenage girls who cant handle see blood and dark atmosphere in games.

you got em good

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Destiny PC review 9/10

PC version will still suffer from the terrible campaign.

Nah you got to go with comparison to Harry Potter like they did with Dead Rising 3.

Dead Rising 3 sucks so bad.

It's because it was ported over from an awful console

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Wrong -

Far Cry 4 will win peoples choice this year

some overrated game will win the hearts of 5 people from GS

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In no order

FF7 Crisis Core - PSP

Power Stone Collection - PSP

Pokemon Red/Fire Red - Gameboy

Defender of Texel - android/ios (before it sucked)

Super Smash Demo - 3DS

RE Revelations - 3DS

top 6 for me

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EA calling the kettle black