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  • Video Virtuoso

    You are a part of the brave few willing and ready to share your YouTube channel for the betterment of GameSpot.

  • Greatest Game Sidekick Bracket Bender

    Have you seen my bracket, bro? It's straight baller! This user predicted the greatest sidekick and created a bracket. Let the bropacalypse begin!

  • Greatest Game Sidekick Pro-gaming Pre-gamer

    Keep an eye on the prize and don't forget the pre-game, bro! This user destroyed the competition in the user signature contest and proved that the pre-game is just as important as the game itself.

  • Greatest Game Sidekick Backup

    You sure you want to do this, bro? I'm with him. This user told their friends how they voted on a match-up by using our Facebook button.

  • PAX Prime Sharp Shooter

    This user managed to answer at least 10 out of the 20 tricky questions to the PAX Prime 2011 Sharp Shooter Activity!

  • Here there be Pirates!

    This emblem goes to those who shared their Best pirate themed joke with the GameSpot Community on National Talk Like a Pirate Day!

  • I Want to Play a Game

    After long hard searching these GameSpot members found all of those pesky hiding puzzle pieces.

  • Big Stories in Little Tokyo

    This emblem belongs to those who wrote about their best idea for a JRPG or blogged about their experiences and impressions of our live stream for TGS 2011. Created by the awesome mod gmax!

  • GameSpot-O-Lantern

    This emblem is for those who participated in the pumpkin carving activity for Halloween.

  • Top 10 Spookiest Characters

    Something scary is creeping under your bed... These GameSpotters blogged about their top 10 scariest video game spookies!

  • The Controller Ep. 1

    "Boot Camp"This user watched episode 1 of The Controller.

  • The Controller Ep. 2

    "Blind Eye" This user watched episode 2 of The Controller.

  • The Controller Ep. 3

    "Bombs Away" This user watched episode 3 of The Controller.

  • The Controller Ep. 4

    "Firefight" This user watched episode 4 of The Controller.

  • The Controller Ep. 5

    "Buried Alive" This user watched episode 5 of The Controller.

  • The Controller Ep. 6

    "Wired" This user watched episode 6 of The Controller.

  • The Controller - Early Bird Sign-Ups

    These users were super excited to sign up for The Controller leader board, doing so before the rest.

  • The Controller - Sign Up

    Atten.. HUT! These users got their bums into gear and signed up for The Controller Leader Board.

  • Dark and Stormy Night

    OooooooooOOOOOooooohhh These users participated in the Halloween story telling activity on Fuse.

  • Scary Book Box Art Hunt

    This emblem is for the GameSpotters who participated in the Scary Book Box Art Hunt in the Off Topic Forum. -Emblem By Chicknfeet