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This needs to be addressed.

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I was looking up Google the other day and I found something very interesting. Apparently Activision received an eye watering amount of revenue last year:

$1.4 billion

Now, one could assume that I'm just jealous since Activision is probably the most popular publisher out there. Call Of Duty is bringing them in inhumane amounts of income, coupled with World Of Warcraft expansions and several other titles. And in contrast to my beliefs, people are getting sick of them. That's right, the Activision fanbase is losing its temper against the publishers they used to always spend their time praising. Following the release of Modern Warfare 2 (which was a very good game but was a notable cheap reproduction in comparison to Call Of Duty 4) the fans have started to see the light. Activision doesn't care about you.

That's right. Modern Warfare 2 brought in millions of dollars worth of revenue for Activision and their fans are now getting sick of their reproductive attempts at gaming. Here's what I have to say:

It's about time you lightened up!

I'm dead serious. Ever since Infinity Ward brought in the "revolutionary" multiplayer to Call Of Duty 4, Activision got the impression that reproducing the formula with a couple of new additions would bring in a lot of money. I laughed at the idea, thinking that people can't be this bloody idiotic. World At War came out and was essentially Call Of Duty 4 in a different setting with a few tweaks here and there. $50 for that? Yeah right. I bought the game second hand for €20 three months after it came out. I was baffled. Activision followed through and reproduced everything that made Call Of Duty 4 good. The interesting plot, excellent multiplayer and challenging gameplay moments. All covered up with touch of WWII. The only thing that World At War improved was the visuals and that the single player was a tad longer. Ridiculous. I'm surprised that people on my Xbox Live friend's list still play this game and buy the DLC.

They had potential, until they realised that their customers were a pack of lapdogs.

They had potential, until they realised their customers were a bunch of lapdogs.

Then Modern Warfare 2 graced our systems, coupled with an insultingly short single player and the same great multiplayer. Why did I think this game was good? Because Spec Ops was insane fun and the multiplayer had the same feel as Call Of Duty 4. So, at least Infinity Ward mostly puts effort into their games. Mostly. Sadly, Treyarch copies their formulas and edits them slightly to make them look like a different game. It's not that World At War was bad, but it was nowhere near as good as Treyarch's superior predecessor, Call Of Duty 3. Then the Modern Warfare 2 DLC is released to the public followed by an outbreak of warnings to ignore it. Why? Activision charged $15 for three recycled maps from COD4 and 2 new maps that happened to be very badly designed. Why pay $15 for a rush job? 2 million idiots thought it was a smooth idea and now I'm hearing them complaining about how Activision is going downhill. Guys, it took you almost two years to realize that. After World At War, I knew that something was up at Activision. Treyarch would never put such mediocre effort into their games. It took World At War, Modern Warfare 2, a lawsuit against Brutal Legend's developers and two Infinity Ward employees AS WELL as a rip off DLC map pack for you guys to realize that Activision is getting greedy? Pure and utter fail.

But now I hear people are sick of Activision. Sick of their lawsuits, reproducing titles and poor efforts at DLC and getting rid of the only company they had that had expertise at shooting games? So what are you doing? Are you still playing Call Of Duty? Are you still buying their DLC? Are you planning on getting Black Ops to see if Treyarch have started to make good games again? *Sigh*

Here's one way to stop Activision. Here is one simple and logical way to force Activision into submission and to make them make some decent games and actually start listening to their fans for a change. Do you want to see this simple method that it took you so long to decode? Has it something to do with not buying their games? Why yes, yes it does.

You see this game? Don't freaking buy it.