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First Blog in Two Years: Finally Tackling NInja Gaiden

Jesus Christ, it's been a long time since I last made a blog entry. Truth of the matter is I took an extended leave from Gamespot since my favorite union essentially went on an exodus from the website and Systemwars started to get dumber and dumber. Since that time, I've sold my 360 because I have less free time for gaming, and actually developed a bit of an obsession with buying Blu-Rays and watching movies. Lately though, I've gotten the itch to get back into gaming. Made a steam account because I plan to actually invest in building a Gaming Rig later this year and have gotten back into getting games for my PS3. The first games on my hit list: Ninja f***in Gaiden.


God have mercy on my soul because I plan to challenge these two titles over the summer. I keep hearing from everyone how Ninja Gaiden is the top-tier of Action Games so I'm finally going to try it out.

I Gots Me a PSTriple

God Bless College Scholarship/Financial Aid. Basically, I originally bought an Hauppauge HD PVR two weeks ago to record my video game playthroughs and DVDs on my laptop, bought the quality of video was pretty crappy due to my RAM on my Laptop. Long story short, my ram is less than 1GB, leading to poor video recording quality. The Sound was always out of sync, and the video would speed up and slow down, it was just awful. Although the simple answer was to "Upgrade my Memory", my Laptop is really on its last leg and I plan to get a new one in the fall.

So I returned it and bought a PS3 instead. Lucky for me, Gamestop had a 60GB, meaning I also got full backwards compatibility. Also bought Uncharted 2: GOTY Edition. :)

It's a New Year

First blog of the year, and my first blog since September. I've been spending less and less time on this website due to me spending more time focusing on College. Thankfully it has paid off because I managed to get Straight A's last semester, the first time since I was in Elementary. I'm officially an academic nerd again. :)

On that note, come this semester I'll be graduating with my AA Degree in History. I really love this subject. My parents feel I should go into Education with it, my friends suggest Political Science. I'm still a bit unsure myself. I plan to go directly into Grad school after I get my Bachelors degree. Most likely will get my masters in Library Sciences since I love the setting, and love working on computers and with students. Either way, my plan now is to finish my undergrad work. I still got about a year or two left depending on whether I decide to double major.

Outside of boring school stuff, I have been building up both my Video Game and DVD collection. As I've said in the past, I'm a major fan of animation, so I bought both Fantasia and Beauty and the Beast last month since Disney tends to lock these movies in their vault very quickly. Fantasia 2000 definitely needs more love. My favorite piece from the movie was easily Rasphody in Blue. It should the strife that different individuals faces during the Depression period. I love Jazz and art style really stood out. It's on Youtube, so check it out if you'd like.

On the subject of games, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep was the last game I beat in 2010. As a whole, I can easily say it's the best KH game to date. That game was actually difficult and required strategy, and felt like the perfect mix between Chain of Memories and KHII. Character wise, Ventus was definitely the most interesting. Aqua felt to tied and dependent on the other two while Terra was unforgivably thick headed. While I've been critical of a lot of the spin offs,I actually thing this game did add more to the mythos, unlike 358/2 Days. Long story short, good game. Definitely worth it if you have a PSP.

I've also spent the past week doing non-stop Speed Runs of the first Mass Effect on Hardcore and Insanity. Those were the only two achievements I did not have. For extra fun I did pure renegade on Insanity. I had a really good build (I was playing as a Vanguard) so it was not too hard. I only died twice on Insanity, once because I got surrounded by Thorian Creepers and the second time because the damn Mako died right as I was going up the ramp on the final mission. All in all, I can certainly say that the first Mass Effect is superior to the second in nearly every category. It just felt more immersive.

Been A While

I've Been Busy
Wow, it's been over two months since my last blog post...that's not good. :lol: Well, to be frank, my life has been pretty busy. I'm back in school, my older sister got married over the summer, I've been working like a dog and later quitting my part time job so I can focus entirely on school...and playing Assassin's Creed 2 and Mass Effect. So yeah, I didn't really do to much exciting stuff over the summer (outside of Call Of Duty deathmatches with my buds) but personally, this summer was more of a transition into me being a responsible adult. Yeah, I'm dropping cliche crap like that. This year, I'm going to college at home to bring my GPA up so most of my summer was spent helping out around the house and finally learning I got to prioritize my time better. That doesn't mean I didn't

So, as I said, I'm going to school locally this year so I can focus on bringing my GPA back up. Part of me miss the "campus lifestyIe" but being able to relax with my family and not have to spend money on laundry is pretty sweet. I also decided to stick it out with my History Degree. My ****s are, thankfully, not to hard. Maybe because i've been in so many History cIasses, I'm now able to study for those types of tests easily, because I was able to complete my last test in like under 20 minutes. That was a personal best for me. :P

Joshua Shepard, Baddest MOFO in Space

I'm going to put it like this, I FREAKING LOVE the Mass Effect Series. This summer, I just got addicted. I've been working on making my "Canon storyline" for Joshua Shepard. Mass Effect is just one of those games that I never get bore playing, partly because of the various ****s and playstyIes and partly because I love changing around my character. Bioware has also been getting better and better with their DLC, with Lair of the Shadow Broker being the best yet.

And That Other Stuff

Outside of my Mass Effect loving, I've also been playing Assassin's Creed 2 (which is now my favorite game of 09), Saints Row 2 (which I find to be superior to GTAIV) and of course Halo Reach. Reach in particular had a FANTASTIC campaign. If Left 4 Dead peaked my interest in FPSs, Halo Reach was the game to slap me across the face to wake me from the delusions of hating the genre. No lie, the game is just that much fun. Perhaps the only qualm I had with the campaign was Spoilers Incoming that I found one of the character's deaths to be somewhat anticlimatic

Outside of that though the Campaign was pure gold. Definitely going to tackle it on Heroic in the near future.

Could it be....I'm bored with System Wars?

It's been a good run, but I'm thinking of hanging up my "System Wars Posting" reigns after E3. Quite frankly, I just don't find the place that interesting any more. A lot of the more, how shall I say, colorfulposters like Dreams, Blackbonds, GhostMLD, hell even Bioshockownz (even if I never cared much for him) made the place interesting. Now in days it's degraded into nothing but flops and graphic kings threads. I dunno, I just feel like I've lost motivation since no matter how I post, whether I'm Pro-PS3 or Pro-360, I'll be labeled as a fanboy regardless, even if I make attempts to back up my claims.

In general, I'm gonna try to spend less time online. Last semester wasn't exactly my best performance in college; it wasn't bad, but I know I made some bone-headed mistakes that could have been avoided had I actually been focusing. This is becoming evident since I now hardly ever post blogs.

To keep this blog from being purely whining....well after the spring semester I went up to Georgia and hiked up a freakin Mountain. That was a sweet experience. I also having been dying to get a PS3 lately. As with my previous statement about the interweb, I'm not spending as much time gaming, and frankly I find it asinine to own both a PS3 and a 360 since they share so many games. So I'm now in the process of deciding whether to continue to focus on my 360 or possibly trade up for a PS3 since I'm becoming more and more entranced with their lineup and future titles. So yeah, guess I've always been a Sony-Fanboy at heart. :P

R.I.P. Spectacular Spider-Man

It's recently been confirmed by both Marvel and Sony that The Spectacular Spider-man has been cancelled in order to make way for a new animated series, Ultimate Spider-Man.Honestly, what can I say to this? I'd be lying if I said "I didn't see this coming" because SS got a shot to the foot early with it's network change in between seasons. Part of me new this would be inevitable, especially after Disney's purchase of marvel due to Sony containing the rights to the show. And finally, the third seasons were left up to how the show performed in the ratings. A lot was against it, but darn it, I was really crossing my fingers the show would pull through.

For anyone who read my end of the year blog in 2009, I did a count down of my top ten favorite animated series from the decade. Spectacular Spider-Man, despite only being out for a year and a half with 2 seasons, ranked third on my list but IMO, more than any of the Spider-Man series before it, it perfectly captured the essence of the comics. Character development, excellent voice acting, over arching story arcs, and a Spider-Man that actually had a sense of humor. I can honestly say, given the time and more seasons, it could've ran head to head with Batman: The Animated series as best Animated Super Hero show. So in this time, I'm going to mourn the lost of an excellent show. It's one thing for a show to get cancelled due to poor ratings, but it really sucks that this show was cancelled for reasons out of the hands of the producers.

R.I.P. Spectacular Spider-Man: 2008-2009

It's Official; I Have No Life

I'd like to declare a toast tonight,because I've officially reached Level 40. Between that and have over ten thousands posts I've come to the conclusion I honestly have no life. :lol:

In all seriousness, I've been going through some major thinking over what I want to do with my life this past 2 weeks. What to major in, what cIasses I need to take, whether or not I'll be attending the Publix protests or not; my mind has been racing and I've honestly been doing nothing but thinking over all this crap lately lol. For starters, I've finally decided on a major I'm going to stick with. I plan to Major in Sociology, the study of Social Behavior, and Minor in History. My reason behind this is because ever since I took a Racism in American Society course last semester I've been wanting to take a more active role in my community. No, I'm not turning into one of those people who blames all of societies faults on one race, but I know there are a lot of disadvantaged people in this country and I honestly want to have a career in helping them. So I dunno, not sure if I want to be a social worker or work in the school system. That part is still unknown to me, but I do know for sure that this is the major for me.

Other news, I dropped Calculus. Calculus can kiss both my left and right cheek. It's a horrible math course that should be abolished and the decendants of the person who create it should be dragged out into the streets and flogged. Back when I was an Engineer Major, Calculus was a required course, but since I've changed my major I ended up being stuck with it since my scholarship requires me to complete courses or else I have to pay back a portion of fees. I've decided I rather pay pack the financial aid instead of staying in thatcIass. Because of that though I'm going to be short on credits and as a result I'll be a probation with the scholarship so...I'm going to spend the fall semester at home to boost my GPA. Yeah, I'm not that easy to fall off the education wagon. Spending a semester at home won't be all bad, since I won't have buy food or laundry money. But yeah, I'm only planning this for one semester. :P

I won't touch on this next subject much since JGChamp did a far better job than I can hope to do, but recently a Union I'm a part of (GUFU) has come under heavy fire from Systemwars/Youtube Video Bloggers. Sure enough we've been accused of being "fanboys who hide behind a banner of neutrality." At least from my perspective, it's impossible to be entirely neutral and no one in the union have ever pretended to be so. Everyone has a preference, it just then becomes a matter of flamebaiting over said preference, which I can honestly say we don't do. But yeah, I'm not going to trip over this because;

One final thing, I finally watched this awesome Anime Series called Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann for the first time last week. For those who don't know what it is, it's an over-the-top mecha anime. I'm not going to go into detail describe it, since I suck at descriptions but this video should speak enough about how cool it is. Awesome Sauce Clip.

P.S. Playing Mass Effect 2 again as a Soldier. Adrenaline Rush = Win

P.P.S. = Left 4 Dead is AWESOME.

I'm 20 Today!

Well today is my 20th Birthday and I'm doing....absolutely nothing. lol, that's kinda untrue, but I do plan just to chill out today. I'm curently out on Spring Break so I'm taking this week to relax while I can. There's also a bit of family issues on my side concerning my cousin, so I'm just going to be low key with it this year. Hang out with some friends and have dinner with the fam.

Not to fret though, I ended up getting Left 4 Dead for my B-Day. After playing it I have to admit, I really like FPSs now! Anyone who's ever read my blog knows I really dislike that Genre, but man L4D is a lot of fun. Thank you Valve, for helping me shed my prejudice against FPSs. :P

Looks Like Things Are Looking Up

I haven't posted a blog lately because College has been crazy. I've been having test, after, test, after essay and with midterms coming up it doesn't look like it'll let up any time soon. Everyone once in a while though you catch a break and it seemed to finally happen for me. I'm retaking Calc I this semester, but because I have a new teacher it's almost completely new, different teaching style with emphasis on graphing instead of the equations so the first test was really a kick in the gut. Lucky for me, the rest of the class did equally poorly so my Professor is letting us all retake the test. Than and the next test will be a take home so it looks like things will go smoothly in that class from this point on.

In other news my roomy has gotten me to watch the Winter Olympics and so far I've been enjoying it. I have a new found respect for Curling, honestly I never would've imagined that I'd enjoy watching something like that. TheHalfpipe Snow Boarding competition a few days ago also blew me away. Shaun White is freakin awesome, and that Double McTwist 1260 move was just amazing. Hate to fanboy like that, but it was my first time seeing him perform so I was really impressed.

I also finished Mass Effect 2 about a week ago. Game get's top recommendations in my book. Awesome combat, good character development. Honestly, the only bad parts were the planet scanning and the final boss. I also got my first 100% completion in Achievements with Afro Samurai. Average game is average. :P