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Medieval 2 Darth Mod Sicily Campaign Part 1

Click here to watch the video!

This is my longest video to date, clocking in at 34:27. It is also the second video I have done that has included commentary.

I was very much inspired to make my own YouTube videos after watching battles and campaign videos made by other YouTubers like Synoptic, Angelos, and Heir of Carthage. However, the most disappointing thing about all three of them is that they upload videos rather infrequently. I wanted to make my own videos modeled after theirs, while also giving gaming fans another channel to watch while the other three are busy making their weekly/monthly video(s).

If you could provide some feedback on this video, I would appreciate it. I know that there can be some weird "bumping" sounds from the microphone heard in the video every now and then; this is from me accidentally hitting the microphone stand with my elbow. The microphone stand in of itself is pretty crazy: I unscrewed the side of my computer and laid it on my table as a base, put some textbooks on top of it to hold it down, made a microphone stand out of a coat hanger, and then recorded the audio through a Rock Band microphone. I took a picture of the set-up with my camera phone so that you can see what I'm talking about: