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Every Land Unit from Vanilla Total War Shogun 2

Click here to watch the video!

I wanted to make a shorter video for a change. Even though I enjoy making videos with commentary, it takes a long time to edit, render, and upload such videos. Additionally, I think a lot of people see the half-hour time frame that the video encompasses and that turns them away from watching it.

I would have liked for this video to include DLC and naval units, but

  1. I don't own all of the game's DLC
  2. I didn't want to make the video too long
  3. I completely forgot that boats even existed

I think my next video will be a showcasing of the naval units. followed by RotS units, and then finally the FotS units. I should have the navy video up by tomorrow.

Medieval 2 Darth Mod Sicily Campaign Part 2

Click here to watch the video!

The Sicily campaign continues. I'm not entirely sure what the end goal of the campaign should be, as I'm not very knowledgeable on Sicilian history. Perhaps I should try to recreate the Roman Empire?

I think my next goal after establishing a stronghold on the Italian peninsula is to go after territory in Africa, and then start a war with the Egyptians. I have no doubt that the Pope is going to call a crusade soon, so I should start preparing for that. After I wipe out the Muslims in the East, I think I'll wrap around the Mediterranean and wipe out the Byzantines and Venice. After that, who knows?

Medieval 2 Darth Mod Sicily Campaign Part 1

Click here to watch the video!

This is my longest video to date, clocking in at 34:27. It is also the second video I have done that has included commentary.

I was very much inspired to make my own YouTube videos after watching battles and campaign videos made by other YouTubers like Synoptic, Angelos, and Heir of Carthage. However, the most disappointing thing about all three of them is that they upload videos rather infrequently. I wanted to make my own videos modeled after theirs, while also giving gaming fans another channel to watch while the other three are busy making their weekly/monthly video(s).

If you could provide some feedback on this video, I would appreciate it. I know that there can be some weird "bumping" sounds from the microphone heard in the video every now and then; this is from me accidentally hitting the microphone stand with my elbow. The microphone stand in of itself is pretty crazy: I unscrewed the side of my computer and laid it on my table as a base, put some textbooks on top of it to hold it down, made a microphone stand out of a coat hanger, and then recorded the audio through a Rock Band microphone. I took a picture of the set-up with my camera phone so that you can see what I'm talking about:


Heavy Cavalry vs. Peasants in Medieval 2

Click here to watch the video!

This is my second test of the Blu-Ray format render settings, and I began the upload to YouTube at the same time as my video "Peasants vs. Longbowmen". I probably wouldn't have uploaded the video if I had know the motion of the horses would detract from the picture quality. However, like "Peasants vs. Longbowmen", this video is still good fun to watch.

Peasants vs. Longbowmen in Medieval 2

Click here to watch the video!

This video is secretly my first test using Blu-Ray format rendering. The video quality didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. It seems that when there is too much motion being displayed on the video, the picture quality gets very blurry. Though the quality wasn't what I wanted, the video in of itself is still fun to watch.

Sinking the Battleship in Crysis

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Crysis had its good moments, this being one of them. The story must have been written by a kindergartener, and the second half of the game was absolute crap, but the beginning of the game, when youre basically left alone on an island full of hostile North Koreans, is something I have very fond memories of. Theres nothing quite like setting the nano suit to Maximum Strength and hurling a turtle at an unsuspecting guard on duty. I wrote a review for Crysis a long time ago, in which I gave it five out of five stars. I think much of my praise for the game would still hold up today.

Sheva's Brilliant A.I.

Click here to watch the video!

I have not written a review for Resident Evil 5 yet, but its because Im afraid that the only thing Ill be able to think of when I go to write it is I HATE SHEVA I HATE SHEVA I HATE SHEVA I HATE SHEVA. The gameplay is fun, the story is alright, and its got good replayability, but good God Almighty does Sheva try to ruin it all at every moment with her terrible A.I. Shes so frustratingly stupid, and yet I persevered and completed the game about three whole times. Im currently in the process of making a Resident Evil 5 movie, which will include all of the games cutscenes combined with various bits of gameplay. Look out for that in the near future.

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