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Long time no blog - New banner!

It's been a while since I've written anything here, but I've finally reached the boredom level required to return plus I felt like bing creative and I made a new banner. Please tell me what you think and what you think needs to be changed. It's still not quite finished yet cuz if eel like somethings missing, but I decided to upload it anyway just to get some feedback. I know there's a section in the OT forum for this kind of thing (or at least there used to be, I'm to lazy to go check myself lol) but I'm pretty used to that thread being a bit harsh if you don't meet their unbelievable standards and fall in line to what a vector is supposed to look like or w/e. I just try my best to make something look pretty :), but I digress. Please let me know what you think and I'm glad to be back :D!

Also, if anyone is curious as to who the girl is, she's Karolina Dean from the marvel comic "The Runaways". Its a really good read.

Lastly, I also followed a tutorial a while back and made this:

And then i found another picture of a car and tried to do it on my own like this:

I think the first one looks better but they're both cool. Lemme know whatya think ^.^

So I'm Graduating Tomorrow!!!!

YAYAAAYAYAAYAYAAAAY!!!! i think...its kinda seems so abrupt too...*sigh* what will i do with my life? idk hopefully i'm going to college this fall or spring, the whole college process has been really complicated for me lol but hopefully i'll get accepted into Georgia State! The worst part abotu all this is leaving all my frnds behind...ppl seem to have this deleuded idea that we will all be frnds after high school, well until the last week of school this delusion stayed strong but i think everyone's realized whats gonna happen...n fact tomorrow will probably be the last day i ever see one of my frnds cuz he's going to Illinois, but i guess it's just a part of life...sorry for rambling, but wish me luck so that i don't trip walking on the stage! :D

Got Brawl!...but it messed up...But i got it again! :D

I finally got brawl yay!!!!!!! Sadly however my first copy kept screwing up (i think it was because while i was playing my neice knocked over my Wii and it got horribly scratched...but the ppl at best buy don't have to know that ;) ) Well i got another copy and its working fine so here's my friend code to share with the world...or at least you guys: 0301-9728-3873

Also i made a couple of new sigs two weeks ago:

I figured all the ppl in the picture had killer's eyes so i made that my theme and tried to make their eyes stand out. Btw the girl in the top pic has a chainsaw...its awesome, here's the original wall if anyone wants it:

Happy New Year Everyone!!!:D

Hey just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year and hope that if last year sucked 4 you that this year will be awesome! I also made this new sig:
KHCOM.jpg Sora Cosmos picture by Baas35
I was gonna change it so that it would have more depth but i don't have any way to use photosohop rite now so oh well.

I had champagne last nite 4 the first time too, at first it was nasty but after a while it tasted pretty good and i ended up finishing my brother's for him...too bad there's no more left :( oh well :) Happy New Year!!

Happy Holidays Everyone! New Wintry Profile Theme + Wallpaper For YOU! :D

Hey, figured i'd spruce up my page for December and since its Dec 1st i'd announce it.. do you like it? Well regardless i just wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday month and whatever you celebrate i hope you have fun!

Present.png Present picture by Baas35

It's like the 2nd wallpaper i ever made so it's not animepaper worthy (if you know what animepaper is) but i still like it and i hope you do too...even tho its hella bright lol.

I have internet!/I'm back/I got MP3 woot woot!!!

OMG i finally got my net back and i'm so friggin happy:D I've gone about a month and a half w/o it i think. Well, technically i should have it back next week but i'm using my brothers computer so i kinda have it back. I've been using a proxy at school but i couldn't do sure is boring without internet, it'd be better if i had a car then i'd have a little more of a life...Well regardless i'm offically back yay! And my brother bought me Madden and MP3 today so i'm hella excited. Well for anyone who cares i'm back woot yay blah!!! *excitment*

Gone for a while...

Hey, i'm gonna be gone for a while b/c i don't have any internet at home. :( So i honestly don't know how long i'm gonna be gone considering i can't get on at school. Hope ya'll don't miss me too much! I'd REALLY appreciate it if you guys rate those sigs i made below this post too...well see you whenever!:)

Beat RE4!/Level Up!/New Sigs+New Style - Criticism Requested :D!!!!

I finally beat RE4...last week or so lol i'm just posting it late lol. That game is so friggin awesome its unbelievable now all i have to do is the extras like Assignment Ada and what not. After beating the game i watched this video:

It's he-larious you should watch it if you havn't already. Its long but really funny if you've played RE4. I also leveled up a couple a days ago. Almost lvl 30:D!!! Ooh i also went to AWA "Anime Weekend Atlanta" last saturday and there was lots a swag, anime, and manga galore (i'm such a geek lol). Lastly, i've looked at a couple of new photoshop tutorials and learned some pretty cool new techiques and i really requested criticism cuz i just want to know what everyone thinks of them because its pretty different from what i usually do and i want to know if it looks good or what not, any other time it wouldn't matter as much to me. Firstly are my nintendo characters:

Aw crap...i just realized his hand is screwd up lol o well...

I did another Metaknight just to see how it would look

I did this Orihime sig cuz after watching Bleach Episode 141 i felt really bad for her (Bleach is awesome you should watch it)

i tried to make it look like a tear was running off of her left eye just in case you're wondering what that is (it looks even more like a tear if you look from far away and squint your eyes lol)

Lastly i made this Pucca sig, Pucca is a show on ToonDisney that my niece was watching and i found it hilarious so i decided to make this sig and if i hadn't of made it i never would of found out that there was even a shape tool in photoshop lol

I learned a lot making these so i just wanted to know what everyone thought about them, at first i didn't like the way they looked but when i post them here i like them better...i guess i'm just weird like tht lol. Now to start my AP Psych essay...thats due wednesday...crap...

4 weeks done...too many to go/New BannerS

So i'm about 4 weeks into school (maybe 5) and i still can't wait for it to end. But i must say it has definetly gotten better, although i somehow got stuck with a lot of..."different" teachers lol but they're cool and i made some new friends and have gotten closer to ones that i weren't so close with before. I also finally got internet back monday after not having it all last week (sucked! :P). I also made this new KH banner that i want you guy's opinions on. I did this one b/c i felt like it and b/c i never made a banner or sig b4 making regular pictures look like photos and i wanted to give it a shot. What do ya think? Comment please i'd love the feedback.

Free Image Hosting at

The quote is from KH1 and its definitly my favorite line. Here's the whole thing in case you're interested:
"We pray for our sorrows to end,
and hope that our hearts will blend.
Now I will step forward to realize this wish.
And who knows:
starting a new journey may not be so hard
or maybe it has already begun.
There are many worlds,
but they share the same sky-
one sky, one destiny."

Don't you just love i!?!?!t?:P:D The funny thing is i don't think i'll use this banner anytime soon but its always nice to have options for later on.

I also made this banner for SMR_Venom

Free Image Hosting at

Oh i figure while i'm on my facebook in the quotes section (lol i know, facebook sux) i might as well give you another quote that i love from...well i don't know where its from i think i just copied and pasted it from someone else's signature :oops:

"The world has changed. I feel it in the water. I see it in the Earth. I smell it in the air"
Wow i must really be bored lol. Well comment plz.

School started today and i'm not looking forward to my senior year...:(

Well first of all here's my Schedule:
1. Economics
2. Calulus
3. AP French
4. AP Psychology
5. Intro Graphic Communications
6. Lunch
7. Networking
8. Ap Lit/Comp

(we used to be on block schedule but they've changed it)

Sadly i barley know anyone after my 1st 4 periods...and that includes lunch and lemme tell ya there is nothing worse than being alone at lunch (i know 2 or 3 ppl but not really ppl i talk to that much). I honestly don't know how my counsuler convinced me into taking Calculus but i'm happy cuz i have 2 good frnds in that **** In Econ i only know one person but i dont really care considering i'm gonna be too tired to talk first period. I have a total ***** for french but i'm used to her so i'll be cool and i know a lot of ppl in that cl@ss. And AP Psych which is supposed to be my most looked forward to cl@ss has THE worst techer i've EVER had, he's a total a-hole who only teaches by using videos and being lazy (i had him for french and thats how he taught) and if you sneezze too loud he'd probably get on you for it. But maybe he'll be different in Psych (hopefully). 5th-7th periods are just totally sad i just hope i can make some new frnds cuz i don't really know anyone in anyone of those cl@sses (esp networking which only has 5 ppl...i'm not exagerating). But i'm not so sure how easy thats gonna be considering most Seniors aren't looking for new frnds (i don't blame them, i don't really feel like putting forth effort to make new frnds). I guess i just miss everyone i'm used to seeing and my best frnds who i don't even see in the hallway anymore...i guess i'll just have to make the best out of a bad situation ^.^ (which i guess isn't that bad, some ppl dont' even have frnds lol) oh well thanks for making it this far thru this wall'o'text (IF you made it this far anyway). I was gonna make a new Metroid sig 4 this whole Metroid month thing but i just don't feel like i have homework to start on...and to think i had planned for this to be the best year ever and i was so optimistic...well thats the rambilings of my first day of my senior year why anyone would care idk but thanks for reading/commenting if you did :D:P

EDIT: Okay i just read my Horoscope yesteday and this is what it was:

"Cancer: Unfortunately, things aren't going quite as planned. Try and make the best of the situation, because there's not much you can do about it."

I was like "What everythings fine! I hate when these things are wrong" now i read it again today and see that i must've read it too early lol tell me thats not some freaky right ***! :lol: