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free stuff on this site thats legit

so i found out of this site that by clicking on these links to sign up for random crap and such which you dont even need to put in legit infololyou can get points to actually get stuff. and i have been getting alot of points while im sitting around bored and i actually have gotten a 1600 point ms card which is awesome!

i get more points for referring people and i get a portion of the points my referrals get so if anybody wants to give this site a shot and have something to do in there down time be my guest. if you have any questions about it message me or comment on this blog i know a good amount of info for the site. click on the link to get started

Red Faction online problems

im wondering if anybody is having problems with this game online and its connection. It seems like after the demo for me they gave up on servers because randomly in a match i will disconnect i dont know when in a match but 9 times outta 10 i get disconnecting because im destroying everyone. i dont get disconnected when my team is sucking bawlz. so if anyone is having problems like disconnecting every match your playing in then post some comments so im not alone and make me feel sort of better about wasting money on a game that doesnt work right online. OR if you know why it does this that would be great news too and no its not my ip address or router i fiddled around with it for hours and i got my NAT to open and makes my connection better but still disconnects and its only red faction too all my other games like cod or fear or even queers of war work fine and im starting to regret talking highly about this games online in my last rant because even though queers has laggy online and host powers like superman atleast i can finish a damn match.

Gears of War 2

It is god awful still dont know why people play it really. game online is just horid people magically shooting through walls and geting headshots and shooting me in the foot and popping off my head like its rock em sock em robots. With such a big company like epic you would think to spend money on the game instead of commercials and crap. Campaign is stupid too small squad running around splitting into groups of too because every army has the plan to split into groups of 2 with 4 people against a army and if one dies you gotta restart. and now with the update smoke grenades are just there to make smoke for 2 seconds that you can see right through and doesnt help. Gears 1 is much better but online for both can be way better if cliffy b!tch stops jerking off to Yo Gabba Gabba. And then you got people knocking you down with a shotgun shot from like 23 1/3 football fields away after you hit them in the babytoe with a damn boomshot. Theres also the whole i plant a grenade they walk past and i die yet they are closer and theres alot more BS where that came from. According to the epic fail game company getting killed from a dude that just shot the ground because he likes bending over is fun oh and dont forget the 503,642,179,981,580 glitches in the game. Hopfully one day they make an update that actually fixes the game so i can actually play online instead of starting to search for a game and then walk to canada make a sandwich, come back to the US, kill cliffy for taking it in the rear and making $h!t games, spend life in prison, come back as a little italian boy in another life, and come back just to find 3 players,

Thank you for time and reading my rant that just says pretty much what everyone knows already about the game

so ill end on this note.........Get Red Faction Guerilla because blowing up walls and beating up people with a sledgehammer is fun so take notes epic

street fighter rd 2 bull$h!t

so basically i entered the street fighter tournament and won the 1st round tournament. so i get to the 1st round of the 2nd round tournament and lose due to the dude pressing the XBOX button on the controller right when i was doin my ultra so he unpauses and punches me causing me to lose the match (a 1st to 3 match me 2 rounds him 2 rounds ) so im all like wtf thats illegal and the rules online clearly say any thing like that is prohibited and they didnt do anything and said i lost so i totally got screwed over and just told the dude off. So yea gotta love retarded refs for gamestop tournaments.

New Blog!?!? omg

its been awhile since i posted a new blog up about something so ive come back to post a new one on my day staying home from school. I got Street fighter 4 the day it came out and i must say the game is amazing, its so fluid and i rarely have laggy matches online. I also got a ps3 for xmas with little big planet and metal gear solid 4 which mgs4 can possibly be if not the greatest current console game out now. And i also just saw Jimmy Eat World last night in New York at Terminal 5 on there Clarity 10th anniversary tour in which they play the whole album. and they did it perfectly. and i got a pic from Jim Adkins (singer/guitarist) so my friend charles kinda hates me for that one lol. I also recently downloaded the ratchet and clank demo on the ps3 and loved it so i had to jack the 1st R&C game from my bro and beat it which i never did lol. And soon after beating it i ran out and got Going Commando and havent played it much since the day i got it due to sf4 coming out the next day. So once i get off of my sf4 addiction ill prob head back to that or if RE5 comes when the addiction ends then ill will hop on that. Idk when there will be another blog post probably in another like 2 years again when im all old and wise but i do hop on and view messages and such so post comments or whatever and ill be checking around.

Seriously..... HELP!!!!!

hey i got 10700 kills in gears and im tired of trying and dont want all of my time tryingto get this achievement go to waste. Can anyone help me with this? i dont care how i get it i deserve the achievement now so i dont care if i have to glitch it so if anyone wants to help me with it just send me a message i will greatly appreciate it.

Heavy Weapon

i just heavy weapon on the xbox live arcade like a couple days ago and yea the game is awesome. i do need help with getting the massive destruction achievement so if anybody knows a good place to do it then tell me cause yea i cant find any good spots to do it and when i count tosee if theres 12 enemies i die so like yea i need assistance or hints.

LEvEL 21!!!

i haven been doing anything on gamespot for a while so i am getting back into the mood by posting a blog about me getting to level 21 even though it happen awhile ago.

All That Remains show!!!!

yo yesterday i went to see All That Remains at The Crazy Donkey on Long Island and they totally kicked my a$$! I got everyone's signature on my ticket, talked to all of them and got Oli Herbert's pick (Guitarist)! And for all you Guitar Hero 2 fans YES THEY DID PLAY SIX!!! They had a badass setlist and these emo kids were their that i knew and hated and i was like you guys are F**king gay (to their faces) thinking that they know Oli and $hit so i was the badass one to give him a handshake and talk to him a while they were like "yo you were great" and walked away so i get to go up to them in school and brag to those little fa*gots that i got a pick and all the signatures which they even saw me get the pick too.My friend's band "Dead Barbra" played with them as well you guys could search for them on myspace and check them out. The show was so brutal and i'm taking a day off from school! (YES!!) so till next time PEACE