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Well I'm back already.

Well I came home early from camping with my friends and my parents.DID YOU KNOW WJAT WE EAT ON THA FIRST DAY OF CAMPING.Fish and my parents made some good pie but wait whats inside?mushrooms.She knows I hate them(sorry mushroom lovers.Day 2 ain't bad.My dad always go fishin and I have to wait in tha tent cause hes afraid I might get lost.
Day 3.Once I woke up I was Was I mad!:x
Day 4 ain't bad again but somehow my friends did not woke me up so they had marshmellows and smores.
Where tha Hell did they get that at and why diddn't they wake me up!
I was argueing and It was my fault.My friends woke me up 2 times but I was still sleepy.oops.:oops:
Okay If we have to go to the bathroom hoo wee!we had to Do it in the bushes.
Thats not right!
Today is tuesday.I have to go home on wensday but the reason Why we came home early is cause of storms.First we thought *Big Deal* but it rained harder.Now I am back I home ahhhhhh.
When I went on gamespot man I have lots of invites to unions.
What did I say about inviteing me?

I'll be gone for a while.

I am going camping and I won't be back till Wensday.*sigh* I hate Campin.
See'ya and peace out,

oh P.S. Stop Inviteing me to Unions its kind of annoying.

P.S.S.Get Sh1fted everybody!

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