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Still on WoW

So I'm still playing World of Warcraft.  Despite how much I disagree with the developers of the game.  I sat down today and tried to figure out why I'm still playing?  It can't be Blizzard's choices regarding, certain classes given the nature of end game raiding.  It can't be Blizzard's choice to change the rules of end-game raiding halfway through, to allow more people to experience content (in theroy anyway).  Then I thought of all the fond memories I have with my guildmates (many of which I would call friends) all the inside jokes,  all the things we have accomplished together.  Then I thought maybe I'm not playing World of Warcraft as a game maybe its just another way to hangout with cool people that have the same interests.  Whatever the reason is, this blog is brought to you by emo-week in my guild and pure boredom.

Cheers if you actually read this