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Happy Thanksgiving!

Now, Thanksgiving isn't all about stuffing your face with food it's about giving thanks What are you Thankful for?

Me? oh well... The Wii!

Super Mario Galaxy tomorrow!

I preorderd it so I can't wait I'll get a little coin with Mario on it! yay!

P.S. I have a Mario Toothbrush oh and any negative comments i'm reporting

you to the authorities!!!

Dang i haven't been posting here are some things for Brawl

* Characters will have entrances like Mario will come from a pipe and Sonic just jumps out of nowhere.

* The Fire Emblem theme it's a pretty cool theme it will play in Castle Siege

* a video of Fox crash landing while Diddy Kong fights Rayquaza and Fox helps Diddy

* Items from the older games will appear such as the Beam Sword, Super Mushroom, and Bob-omb

* you can grab and throw, noting special, really

* Gray FoxGray Fox from Metal Gear will appear as an Assist Trophies

* Lucas' Special moves he has the same moves as Ness he's being replaced!!

* A Metroid area called Norfair where Samus fought Ridley

And that's all I hope Pac-Man will be in Brawl! C M M M M

From Now on...

I will tell you about the update of Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Here's whar's here so far


Mario, Link, Kirby, Pikachu, Samus, Fox, DK, Yoshi, Zelda, Bowser, Peach, Ice Climbers,

Pit, Wario, 0 Suit Samus, Meta Knight, Snake, Diddy Kong, Poke' Trainer, Ike,

Lucas, Sonic, and King Dedede

Assist Trophies

Andross, Lyn, Hammer Bro, Nintendog, Dr. Wright, Samurai Goroh, Devil,

Knuckle Joe, Mr. Resseti, Excitebike, and Little Mac


Gooey Bomb, Smoke Ball, Poke' Ball, Assist Trophy, Cracker Launcher, Crates,

Barrels, Banana Peel, Superspicy Curry, Bumper, Pitfall, Franklin Badge, and Golden Hammer


Groudon, Piplup, Meowth, Deoxys, and Munchlax


Battlefield, Delfino Plaza, Bridge of Eldin, Lylat Cruise, Yoshi's Island, Smashville, Rumble Falls, Skyworld, Castle Siege, WarioWare, Pokemon Stadium, Battleship Halberd, Shadow Moses Island, New Pork City, and PictoChat

Have a nice day! :-)

The Legend Of Zelda: The Movie (A Fan Film)

I Am making a Zelda movie with a budget of $224.81

Link............. LinkRulez765

Zelda........... Terri (Not on Gamespot)


Saria............ BE-A-UTIFUL

Squire........... Clutz333

King Of Hyrule........ My Grandpa

Shopkeeper......... My Cousin Brian

Village Maniac........ Aeon_Flux_786

Ganondorf........... JJJ13

Guards.......... My Dad, And Two Uncles

Merchant.......... My Aunt Linda

Epona........... Rex Our Dog

Ganondorf's Pet........ Mama Cat